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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • bigtentbigtent Posts: 1
    This is the first time I've been to Edmunds, and in an odd way its almost gratifying to see that I'm not alone with my own speedometer problem. I own a '96 SE, 120k miles, which I'm now driving in Germany (fabulous long-haul car on the autobahns by the way). The speedo has been staying pegged at zero periodically over the last 40k+ miles. I replaced the speed sensor in an attempt to see if the cheap fix would do the didn't. I've heard the same $400 estimate for a new speedo unit, but am reluctant to spend that much when there's no certainty that the problem will go away permanently. The speedometer invariably works well at speeds in excess of 60 mph, so I can keep track of things on the highway. Of interest, the cruise control is good only at speeds less than about 95 mph; above that I guess Nissan rightfully figures the driver should be completely focused on the task of driving.

    If anyone has any additional insight into this speedometer thing, it sounds as if there are several of us who'd be happy to hear it.

  • kmcleankmclean Posts: 173
    Greetings from Seattle -

    My first post here - normally spend my time over on the Outback site - I must say they have many fewer complaints about their cars (I also have a 2000 Outback wagon).

    Paint - in my opinion, the paint on my 97 Maxima has been so-so in both chip resistance and overall scuff resistance. As it is the deep evergreen(?), it shows every chip and blemish quite noticeably.

    Question - took my Max (which only has 15K miles on it) to my local mechanic last year (2000) for a coolant change. He said to forget it, as it has the "permanent" (e.g., at least 5-year) type coolant from the factory. As I only currently put about 1-2K miles per year on the car, I let it go. However, based on what the owner's manual says, and my experience with other cars, I'm thinking of doing it myself this summer with the "good stuff" from Prestone (forget the exact descriptor). Opinions? Recommendations?

    Finally, the "service engine soon" light illuminated last week - I plan to take it to my mechanic and have him decode it. Sounds like I might expect the O2 sensor code. Do I understand that it's recommended to install a Bosch rather than the Nissan sensor?

    Thanks, all,

    Other than that, it's been a great car!


    Ken M.
  • cjosephcjoseph Posts: 1
    The shift lock on my 95 Nissan Maxima does not release to shift from part to drive. I have to play with the lock for a few minutes before it would release. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what maybe causing this problem.

    The problem seems to go away when the weather is warm or once the car has been driven about.
  • johnk324johnk324 Posts: 6
    I recently replaced the clutch in my 1988 Nissan Maxima. Does anyone know what type of oil goes in the manual transmission. 85-90? Dexron?
  • Hi,
    I'm looking for a new car. I was all set ,and

    rearing to go to get a 2001 Camry till someone

    told me that it was made cheaply,but still a

    reliable car,but I still want one, but was

    wondering if the Maxima has any problems with

    engines or it's quality of it's making such as

    door handles falling off,umcomfortable seats,

    glued on outdoor mirrors, e.t.c. I guess what I

    am tryin to say is that I want to know about the

    reliablity,and durablity,but still like the

    Camrys ,and they're still a reliable car,it's

    just those minor thingys .... :)

  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Who told you the Camrys are made cheaply? Have you actually test driven one? Both Toyota and Nissan are very reliable. If you like the Camry, I would recommend the LE or better instead of the bottom of the line CE. The interior materials of the CE I understand are not as nice, and maybe that's what the person meant by saying "made cheaply." In terms of integrity of body hardware, I don't think there's much difference between Nissan and Toyota. They will both hold up fine.

    Speaking from experience here - I owned a Camry LE for four-plus years and liked it very much. It had a minor problem of a taillight burning out too often. There must have been some peculiar wiring glitch on that particular car, I don't think that was a common problem at all. My current Maxima is my fourth Nissan product over the last 20 years. I like it better than the Camry because it seems sportier and more fun. Also the engine of the Maxima is widely considered to be one of the best around. But from a quality standpoint, you really can't go wrong with either one.
  • smurf5smurf5 Posts: 2
    2000 Nissan Maxima 3.0 v6 mileage: 20600. I purchased the car in October 1999. For the past several weeks of May 2001 into June 2001 I started noticing a light vibration through the steering wheel, gas pedal, and front seats. This is most noticeable at 60 mph+. I took to the dealer the first time and they indicated that the car need wheel alignment, and balancing which they did. That did not resolve the problems. The second time they replaced the rotors and told me that I need a new front tire. Did that and the problem still persists. By the way the car also vibrates when I put the foot on the brakes at over 60 mph+. The service kept said everything' has checked OK. But yet I still have the same problem. Can anyone help me, Please????????
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    This doesn't sound good. I would try another service department or an independent mechanic, if at all possible.
  • smurf5smurf5 Posts: 2
    thanks. I will try that and see what happens. I will post the results for others with the same problems.
  • mamapodmamapod Posts: 2
    To Lacy 1213: My maxima is Icelandic pearl and it shows every mark/chip. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've owned the car for months and have waxed it EVERY week. As far as I'm concerned, I am so disgustingly careful with that car that is should be perfect. In reading other people's comments about the paint, it appears that Nissan's paint jobs are not as good as they should be. Although I am very pleased with the car otherwise, I may not purchase one again. I definitely will never own a white car again.

    Most recently I brought the car in to Freestone(big mistake) for an oil change and tire rotation. When I picked up the car, there was a red stick substance all over the hood and up to the roof. They denied doing it of course. I quickly used a spray bottle I keep in my trunk with mostly water and a bit of car detergent, and then waxed it. I thought it all came off but apparently there was some under the bra that I didn't see . I now have several red spots stained across my hood and can't get them off. I have tried wax, skin so soft, and bug & tar remover but nothing worked. Any suggestions as to how to remove it and what it could have been?
  • iluvmaxiluvmax Posts: 33
    My y2k gle with had 32000 miles when I noticed vibration when hitting the front brakes. I took it Wood bury Nissan and told them I thought the rotors were warped. Sure enough they were and they replaced them and the brakes under warranty. I have 38800 now and no vibration.

    Try wd40 it will take off anything and not harm the clear coat
  • socal007socal007 Posts: 23
    Anyone have problems w/ the CD player ??
    Mine quit playing...
    Any experiences w/ removal of unit for repair ??

    Paint quality has been an issue from day 1..
    Hood shocks went out shortly after warranty...
    Neither Dealer (Lew Webbs, Irvine CA) nor area Rep would even go 50% on replacement costs..
    Very poor PR
  • edwardh5edwardh5 Posts: 130
    I have a 99 I 30 with the 6 disc under seat cd changer.
    It skips and stops a lot.
  • bobblebobble Posts: 1
    I encountered pretty much the same problem with a Nissan of a different stripe: 1996 Sentra GXE. It was showing the same symptoms; vibration at highway and above speeds. I replaced both front tires, but the problem persisted. After making many guesses with the people at the tire shop, I finally broke down and replaced the rear tires also. The vibrations went away the next time I drove it at freeway speeds (65+). If nothing else, you buy something that you will need soon anyway.
  • rcp2rcp2 Posts: 1
    Anyone with a relatively new vehicle have this problem? I have about 4K miles on a 2001 max, and when I'm driving on a rough road, I get a metallic "clank" coming from from the back end when I hit a bump. The dealer can't find anything loose or wrong (go figure). I thought someone else might have seen this.
  • htn123htn123 Posts: 15
    Yes, I have the same exact problem.
    Mine is 2000 Maxima SE, around 5K miles, I started hearing a large "clank" in the rear when I went over a speed bump. I took it to the dealer and he checked it also and could not find a thing wrong with it!!!.
    But now I have about 20K on my car and that "clank" has seems to disappeared. Not sure what it was.
  • boarhog2boarhog2 Posts: 2
    I had a 93 maxima, started to see metal in my oil at 100k, found out that nissan had problems with variable timing on the DOHC V6 I had. Nissan knew about the problem in 94. My mechanic showed me the service bullitan for the fix. Nissan never issued a recall. Would cost $2000 dollars to fix. Plus I had clutch repaired at dealer, took back four times never got it right. Sun roof never worked right, cables were not insatlled correctly that would have cost me $1000. Sorry Nissan, you had your chance never again.
  • flyinlowflyinlow Posts: 62
    I have a 2000 SE with Sherwood green paint with several bad places from bird droppings. I bought the car new in Jan 01 and it was built in Jan 00, so it had sat on the dealer's lot a long time. The worst place, on the roof, was like Joan's: 'crackled' clear coat. Joan, is your car green?

    It was raining when I bought the car, so I didn't see the damage until I washed it later. Nissan denied responsibility, and the dealer talked me out of getting it repainted at their expense. The service mgr actually took me to his favored body shop where the guy looked at my car and advised not to repaint. He said that although the damage was through the clear coat, the green was intact and would never get any worse. I don't totally buy that, but I know from past experience that a re-paint won't ever totally match the original. Even if it did, it would not age the same as the OEM paint/clear coat. So I gritted my teeth and decided to live with it. HOWEVER: since then, and since fanatical cleaning and waxing with Meguiar's, I have had at least one small bird-bomb leave a smudge in the clear coat. The crap was on the car a few hours at most before I cleaned it.

    I definitely suspect a sub-par clearcoat job. You can bet I will keep track of all such areas during the warranty period and complain again to Nissan if the clear coat crackles anywhere else. I'll make 'em repaint the whole darn car!
  • jbanerjeejbanerjee Posts: 6
    After hearing all these stories about problems starting the car and hesitating transmissions, I'm not sure I want to purchase a 2001 Maxima SE. Any advice? Should I buy a Jetta instead and save some money?

  • wg45678wg45678 Posts: 55
    Seems to me you ought to escalate the issue. There is no reason that your clearcoat should be 'crackled' except defective paint. I'd expect that it won't be long before the clearcoat starts peeling off the underlaying paint. If nothing else, see a couple of other shops (besides the dealer's shill) and find out what they think about the problem.
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