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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • I own an Altima 2003,3.5 SE and I had been searching the web several days, visiting many Nissan forums to resolve the noise from my car. I too am hearing this noise from the front engine compartment which sounds like the zoom on a camera.My service advisor has ordered the motor mount and will install it under warranty even though I am out of 36 months warranty. I was not convinced that a motor mount has any thing to do with the sound of a tiny motor. After all the mount is filled with liquid and they are not replacing any electric motors. Also
    my car runs very smooth and has only 15000 miles on it. Did you have any vibration issues and did you find how the motor mount was making that sound?
  • I am having some problems with my 1995 Nissan Maxima every great once in a while it sputters and dies. I also have the check engine light on 24/7 now it used to be every once in a while but now it stays on from start to stop. Now I am having problems that started today. I came out of a parking lot and it started to sputter but it never died, and it sounds like it is missing on a cylinder or something. We had a Nissan Pathfinder that sputtered forever and a day and it turned out that it was two bad fuel injectors to the cost of $400.00. Can anyone tell me what or if they had the similar problem. I am also getting noise like all you have been with the starting first time except mine is doing it all the time. :confuse:
  • Months ago I've taken my max to a dealership for a diagnostic (check engine light on & car starting to buck and run rough). After diagnostic, I was told my ignition coils were going bad and that all 6 would have to be replace. They said it will cost about $600+ and I say forget it for now. 9 months later, car starts to run rough again and check engine light appears. Now it won't stay on unless in drive and giving a little gas. The RPM drops from 500 RPM ( when in park) to O RMP and then turns off. AC helps to keep the idling up which keeps the car running a bit longer before turning off. Well I decide I had to replace the ignition coils, all 6. I replace all 6 with new spark plugs. Car still stalls after running. New diagnostic testing says it's now the O2 (Oxygen) Sensor going bad. Okay, O2 sensor is replaced, car still stalls after running for a little. The smell of gas is constant under the hood, air mass filter is checked and fine. You can see black smoke from exhaust and the car seems to be burning or dumping gas twice as much. I have to put in about $20 every 2-3 days because it's seems like it's burning rich.
    It's starting to look like it might be the car's CPU now but not 100% sure. Can any one help ? This is costing me an arm and a leg.
  • my car used to start & idle at approx 2000 rpm.
    Soon the car would start then suddenly idle low (almost turn off) and
    then go back to 1500-2000 rpm.
    Then some days later it would shut down after starting up - too low
    Today it started and immediately shut off - now it does not start. It
    cranks and battery seems fine.
  • I'm not sure what your instrument panel looks like, but it sounds like a bulb or a few bulbs have blown. I owned a 93 Mazda 626 in which the dash lights started to fade on one side. I got a haynes manual and pulled out that part of the dash, with the odometer and simply replaced the bulbs. I'm not sure your's is that simple but just a suggestion.
  • The transmission will not shift from 3rd to D. It was doing this intermittantly and then stopped shifting for a while. It then started to work again. Now I am down to 3rd gear with D. What could the problem be. I am not getting any warning lights.
  • Sorry about the transmission problem but do you also have the vibration that shakes the entire front end? As for Nissan and their Shift, it should be Shaft, that is what they are doing to their customers.
  • I had a similar experience with my 99 maxima under 30k miles. The symptom was more like loss of power and heavy vibrations - but the car will move. Cause - FAULTY IGNITION COIL. Since the dealer couldn't identify which of the 6 coils was faulty, they replaced all 6 under warranty
  • My '99 maxima when still under warranty had a similar problem. The dealership found that there was a faulty ignition coil - but couldn't identify which one. So on the first visit, they just reset the light and let me go. Twice again I went with the same problem - but they couldn't find the one. I escalated it to Nissan ( somebody in California). They co-ordinated the test with the local nissan dealer and finally replaced all the 6 coils !!!! This was 4 days before the expiration of warranty period.

    Recently , I had to replace the rear oxygen sensors (2 of them) at 68k miles and y'day the catalytic convertor ( which is still under warranty 8yrs/80k miles)
  • If its, not the bulb and/or one side of the dash light cluster is lighted; it's basically the circuit board. I had the nissan dealership took a look at it. They thought it was the light dimmer switch at first, that wasnt it. Got a compensation for the circuit board which cost about $65. Turned out to be the circuit board. Hope this helps.
  • rln1rln1 Posts: 11
    Thanks, Aggiedog and Highroller, for the advice. It's gonna take me a while to get motivated to dig into the instrument panel. As four switches don't illuminate, it appears the problem is likely a circuit board. (The main instrument panel lights up fine.)
  • hey there .. a bank1 code means you O2 sensor needs to be replaced. I had that done too already. I hope this helps you out.
  • Sounds like ignition coils. They're easy to do it yourself and you can order them from just about any place. Dealership will over charge you by $30 per coil, 6 coils. Save a couple hundred dollars doing it yourself. Don't wait too long to fix it or you'll end up like me having to fix more than just the ignition coils. Replace the spark plugs too. good luck
  • Help Please! The car would intermitently start or not, I replaced cap,rotor & plugs figuring this would take care of it. After the replacement, I noticed if the ignition key was on I could here a what sounded like a vacume pump running this would go on for about 5 min. then stop. When the pump sound stopped the car would start. The sound came from the lower engine compartment on the drivers side. Does anyone have thoughts on this one. On occasion the car does start without problem. Thanks
  • My '95 did the same thing a couple of times. The first time it happened, I was convinced that the car would end up at the side of the road in flames! However it lasted less than a minute and did not recur for several weeks.

    I kept the car for about 3 years after this first occurred. It happened so infrequently that I never bothered to get it checked out (there were plenty of other more pressing concerns with that car!).

    Good luck.
  • For those of you having intermittent problems starting your car, please check the connectors on your car battery. If wiggling or moving the connectors on the battery allows the car to start, try either cleaning the cable connectors and contacts, or do what I did and completely replace the cable connectors to something a bit more sturdy as the stock positive connectors on my 89 Maxima cracked slightly after 130k miles to the point where I didn't even see it until I took it off completely. I had the same symptoms before, where the car wouldn't start after being left idle for a while in the summer, my guess is that the heat caused the metal to expand on the connectors not allow a current to flow.
  • Help Please! To all Maxima Experts, my 1987 Maxima Wagon have 189,000 miles. The car was working fine till last winter. The transmission would not shift and stay on 1st gear for 5 mins during summer or 10 mins in winter during driving. The car can only drive as fast as 30 miles per hour. The engine gets warm up after while, the transmission would shift to 2nd gear. After about another 5 mins, it shifts to 3rd and 4th gear fine. When the car is running fine, the transmission have no signs of slipping, grinding or any kind of problem. The car has been good to me. original A/C, alternator, engine. Paint work still looks great, no sign of peeling. I would be thankful for any kinds of advice or suggestion. JC
  • Got my car back from the dealership - they change the temperature sensor and also complained about the drive belt.
    Amazing how the parts total is almost $100 but the labor is $300!!!
    The check engine light still remains on!! What did they really fix?
  • Yesterday my Maxima almost stalled on the highway. Now takes 5 times to start. Went to Auto Zone and the pulled the code for the Camshaft position sensor. I call Nissan North America and there was a recall on that part. Good News! free!!

    I also asked about the transmission. 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty. Looks like the transmission will be fixed also.
  • Hey Guys,

    After seven long months, I finally bought everything my 95 Maxima GLE needed so that I could replace that Bose cd player. It stopped playing my cds and even the tape deck stopped working! I replaced it with an after market Pioneer flip face and even though its not a Bose, its way better than listening to the corny radio stations. Anyways, Im still able to keep my priceless Bose speakers, which is great, but my question for you guys is about my back speakers. They havent been playing since my Bose cd player went out seven months ago. I know I didnt burst them because I dont hear that scratchy sound in them. I dont hear anything when I have just the back speakers playing. Im guessing its a wring problem in the back trunk, and I have moved a lot of stuff in and out of my trunk. Im wondering If I snacted anything by accident. Anyways, with this new cd player, Im really missing my back speakers :( . Can someone please help me with this problem? TIA.
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