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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2005 Maxima that I purchased brand new about a year ago. I have really enjoyed the car and the service that I have been receiving from the service area at the local dealership dispite the constant vibration I have been having. I have had all of my scheduled maintenance performed on the car with no problems. I have about 18K miles on the car and about a month ago all hell broke loose. My brake light and battery light came on and would not go off. The TCS off light, slip light, ABS light also came on and sporadically came off and on during driving. I have taken the car in several times to have the car worked on by Nissan technicians with no result. They have replaced several parts on the car that did not need to be replaced as the Nissan Engineers instructed the service technician to do so when trouble shooting. The gauge board was replaced and they said that this would fix the initial problems. Well it did not fix it. So I take it back in 1 day later and they keep the car a couple more days and then they say Oh the alternator has to be replaced. I'm thinking on a practically brand new car. Once that was replaced that fixed the battery and brake light problem. I went to pick up the car and the same day the TCS off light, Slip light, ABS light and the Brake light continued to come back on and remain on. So I take the car back to the shop the very next day and they have to keep the car about 3 more days and then they tell me the Control Amp has to be replaced in order to fix the problem. They perform the work and then I go to pick the car and not 5 minutes later after I leave the dealership/service area all the lights come back on. I immediately turn around so that I can show them the lights are back on. So now have my car, which they have stated, they need to keep for another week or so. As stated by the service advisor the technicians have been on the phone constantly with the Nissan Engineers and they state that now the Wiring Harness that needs to be replace in order to fix the problem. I am so frustrated that I literally pulling my hair out. So my next step I have to complain and voice my concerns with NissanUSA Consumer Relations and expressed that I purchased a brand new car with the expectations that I would not have all these problems. My thing is that my car will never be the same now that all of these major parts have been replaced and several parts, which did not even need to be replaced. I thinking about if I keep this car what other problems will I have later that are a result of the current problems I am having with the car after the manufactures warranty has expired. I advised them that I want the car I paid for and obviously it is not the one that has been in and out of the shop. I am pulling my hair about this because my car will never be the same and when it gets to the point that anything wiring has to be replaced I am seriously worried. So I asked that NissanUSA replace my car with a new car. Which I am awaiting for a response. I'm in NC so I may need to pursue the lemon law on this with the dealer. If anyone can provide me any advise or elaborate more I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you, :lemon:
  • My service engine light came on and I took it to Autozone to have them read the code. They said it was a Electronic Level Control (ELC) error and didn't know what the fix was for this. I don't have ELC on this car. Any suggestions?
  • This wording is wrong, may be electronically controlled engine mount? Each error has a code associated with it. I would go back and ask them to scan again and give you the actual code.
  • I've got a 1997 Nissan Maxima with 170,000 miles and I've loved it since the day I got it, but recently, I took the car on a cross country trip and encountered some problems along the way. About 200 miles or so into the trip, my check engine light came on and the car began to run a bit rough. I was able to limp it a few miles down the road to an Autozone where it was diagnosed that there was a misfire on the number 1 cylinder. I took off the coil pack (which came out in pieces... had to be replaced) and soon found that the spark plug inside was covered in oil as was the lower portion of the coil pack. The spark plug had broken somewhere in the middle, leaving the ceramic portion still firmly attached to the engine. When I finally removed the spark plug I had two pieces with a third piece lost into the engine. Here's what I had: the ceramic piece attached to the threading, the top metal piece that makes contact with the coil pack (which could easily be removed from the ceramic) and the tip of spark plug was lost. All that being said, I was able to replace the plug and coil pack and then get back on the road for another 800 miles without any problems, but now a month later, I was doing some routine maintenance (plugs, air filter, pcv valve, etc.) and I realized that there was again a large amount of oil on top of and surrounding the spark plug, but this time, the spark plug was intact. My question is why in the world is there a buildup of oil. The coilpack was submerged in oil and frankly, I'm surprised that the car is still running okay. Any ideas???
  • My 2000 Maxima SE (95K miles) has recently started to make a scraping noise when turning right in parking garages etc...
    I have been unable to find anything that may be hanging down for the wheel to rub against. Are there any known causes for this?
  • Go to and search for 'maxima oil in spark plug chamber'. Click on the first item in the list, it contains a pretty good description of what's going on.
  • I had the same problem on my 2005 Maxima and I had to have the alternator replaced as requested by the Nissan Engineers during trouble shooting steps with the technician at the dealership. So you may want to take it in to be sure.
  • I just purchased a 2006 Maxima SE, brand new. Driving home I felt a vibration in the steering wheel. It happens at various speeds and on various surfaces. I'm going in on Monday to the dealer to try and have the issue addressed. I was told that it could be that the wheels need to be balanced or the rack needs to be tightened. Does anyone think this will fix the problem? Are there other questions/issues I need to ask/raise while I'm there?
  • Wonder if this is a known problem (my car is a 95 SE).

    When I use the key fob remote to open the doors, they often relock themselves a second later. It happens right after the second button push to open all four doors. I don't thonk it happens when I do a single push to open the driver's door. I do think it has happened when a door is slammed closed (after all four are unlocked).

    Anyone dealt with this before?
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    I saw some comments from people who had hood bras on late model Maximas and that caused vibrations on highway...
  • how do I fix windows that wont go down on a 95' Nissan Maxima....Its just the psnger side and 2back windows that are not working ......driver side works just fine.... what could be the problem?
  • how do i disconnect an after market alarm off of a 95' Maxima do i completely take it out!!! :confuse: :mad:
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    Hi, I know that 2000 Maxima doesn't have a replaceable transmission filter and it's supposedly a metal screen. The trans fluid can be drained just like oil through a single plug on the buttom of the pan. I saw that part stores carry a transmission filter kit for this car. Anyone knows if the transmission filter can/should be replaced or may be it could be cleaned if I remove the transmission pan?
  • I have 2005 Maxima. I bought it brand new and after some time it stared to get a vibration while driving over 65 mph. Nobody from service dept. knows what is causing this vibration. They have checked everything, wheels, steering, the whole suspension. I even had rims replaced lately hoping this would solve the problem. Had anyone have the same problem and knows what might cause the vibration? I am desperate since I have been trying to have this problem fixed for over 4 months already...
  • do you have steering wheel locks? take it off and you have no problem. i had the same problem for 2 years and nobody knew what was the problem.
  • You can only mess up the starter by doing that but it has to be over time. If you keep doing it. Once or twice is not a problem. Just try not to do it again or else the starter may go bad.
  • I've got an 04 SL and just in the last month, a vibration started. I had to drive to North Jersey for work. In the am, no problems. In the pm driving home at about 80 on the NJ turnpike, I started hearing/feeling a vibration sound. For about 30 minutes I had no idea where it was coming from. Finally, I noticed that my hood was the thing that was vibrating. I pulled over at the next rest stop and found that the hood was secure but on the driver's side of the grill, the hood had a larger gap than on the passenger side. I guess at higher speeds air is getting up under the hood causing it to vibrate. Since this happened, any time I get over 65 I have the same vibration. Unfortunately, the warranty period just ended. Any thoughts on how to fix?
  • niurouniurou Posts: 1
    I just got a 1995 nissan Maxima, the check light is on, so I asked a guy who works at Acura to check it with computer.
    There were three problem code, 1. P0115 Collant Temp Sensor Prob 2. P0325 Knock sensor Problem 3. TCM-ECM coummunication Line Prob. That guy told me the first and second prob was not a big issue, but the third prob he was not very sure. So does anyone here has that problem? How do you deal with it? Thanks a lot
  • dahuberdahuber Posts: 53
    You are right about the metal screen. When I changed the oil and filter on our 2001 Maxima, the metal screen looked really clean. I changed it anyway since I had the pan down, but you could just flush it under the sink and reinstall.

    I'll probably change the screen with every other trans fluid change in the future and save the $25 for something else.
  • mikel9mikel9 Posts: 5
    the same thing happened to me yesterday. i changed the battery and the lights were still on and then went out and came back on. i noticed on one of the terminals that there was a lot of corrosion could that be the problem? :confuse:
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