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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    As the title says....after talking to my mechanic, it seems I should try to get a new lid weatherstrip and perhaps a new sealing rubber (gasket ?).....any one have any ideas ?....the last time, my mechanic reseated the outer rubber weatherstrip (I think) and it worked, but now once again leaks.....recent snow storm in the Northeast did the trick.....drip, drip, drip, etc.

    I have the original service manual, but it doesn't give part numbers.....haven't given up, bec I want to fix it so that I can sell's a low mileage lovely...

    Any one know an internet site that may have these parts ?

    Thanks for your time !
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Before replacing any parts, verify that the sunroof drain tube isn't blocked. Usually runs down inside the A or B body pillar and prevents standing water at the sunroof weatherstrip.
  • I have a 91 Maxima SE Manual- well maintained (350K miles - I know, time to get a new one!).

    Anyway. it is still going great except for an intermittent problem for
    the last couple years (which the dealer and numerous mechanics have
    attempted to fix). After every few hundred miles or so the engine would
    start to shudder, not continuously, but then it could happen every few
    miles. A couple of times it got so bad I had to stop and let it cool a
    bit (at least it would shudder all the way home). It could happen for a
    few days in a row, then goes away for another few hundred miles of
    driving (a week or two).

    The engine diagnostics on the ECCS keep reading that all is OK.

    I have replaced the wiring harness, computer, ignition cables, vacuum
    hoses, distributor, fuel pump, fuel injectors and tested with a new air
    flow meter, to little avail.

    Any suggestions would be well appreciated.
  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    Thanks for the idea; your idea is something I though about after looking at the S/Manual and the schematic...

    Also today went to Pep Boys and they told me the can't order either part.

    Also called Nissan S/Dept and got someone very knowledgable on the phone (parts dept told me there is no separate part number for top lid weatherstripping, so I would have to buy a whole new ~ $ 745.00 + tax + labor.....oh sure !)....

    Anyway, thought I'd pass along what S/Dept said so others can benefit....

    They said the sunroof is made to accept water and should let it exit out via 4 drain hoses connected to the interior base.....I can have a mechanic blow air up from the underside of the car to try to dislodge any blocks, but do not blow air from the top of the drain tube downward....I suggested this is probably bec the force of air will dislodge the tubes from the base....his response was that I was correct and the first one to have called about this problem and understood what the force of air will do..... to re connect will mean taking the whole thing apart and out of the Maxima, a tedious and expensive job....and also meaning the car would have to be left at the dealer at least a full day....

    He also agreed the mechanic can use a very thin wire and push it in from the top as this should not cause the tubes to loosen.....however, to be safe, I would have the mechanic first try it from the bottom up.

    I'll have to take the car in to the mechanic and have him try it.....

    Thanks again......
  • Maybe you guys can help me out. Nissan told me in December that they were looking at buying my lemon back, but now they want me to take them to formal arbitration instead.

    read all about it:

  • cbtechcbtech Posts: 3
    Changed starter 2 weeks ago. Roaring noise at cold start up is gone. Starter was not disengaging quick enough.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    There are 4 drain tubes for the sunroof, one at each corner's highly unlikely that that's the problem.
    What I ask you to do is this... When the sunroof is closed, there is a dran "pan" that slides into place. Let me just back-up a second. The sunroof is surrounded on 3 sides (front and both sides) by stationary drains. The rear portion of the sunroof uses a sliding "PAN" that is pulled into place when the sunroof closes, and is retracted or pushed back by the sunroof panel when you open it (meaning when you slide it back...not pop it up). There have been MANY instances where the small retractor clips that GRAP this drip PAN snap off...usually on one side only. What this does is it will no longer pull this pan into place when you close the sunroof (you may also hear a strange metallic noise while opening and closing the roof and/or while it's open and you hit a bump). Without this pan in place, when it rains, water will seep through the perimeter gasket (surrounds the glass part of the roof) and can go pretty much anywhere. The gasket around the glass is not in place to keep water's to keep out wind noise...thats why these drains are in place.
    IF this is your problem, there are 2 metal clips that have to be replaced, and are cheap...BUT.....your dealer will have to do the work because it requires dropping the entire headliner, and both sunroof support rails.

    The way to double check if this IS the problem is this.....with the sunroof in the "POP-UP" position, look from the inside at the rear portion of the sunroof. there should be a pan thats about 2 1/2 inches in width, and spans the side to side length of the sunroof. Now close the roof, and slowly slide it will see this pan go back with the rear edge of the glass....and return when you fully clse it again.
    If it doesn't fully go back into place or, is missing...that's you problem.

    I hope this helps....I've found many of this same problem on Maximas from 95 thru 99, and on Pathfinders as well. Good luck.

  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    I can fully understand the problem as i was a owner of a 95 Maxima GLE. I bought the car in 98 with 144k kms on it. The car was serviced regularly at the dealership by the previous owner( I have the records). I continued to do so but i encountered several problems.

    Changed O2 sensor thee times (everytime after the warranty)
    Changed temperature sensor
    Changed alternator which cost an arm and a leg.
    numerous other issues
    every winter the brakes freeze up if the temp falls below -10c and have to wait till the car warms up.

    Every 3 months the oil and required maintenance was done and after 2+ yrs i was forced to trade the car at 176k. I had a Datsun about 10+ yrs ago which was a reliable vehicle. The quality & reliability has really gone down. This will be my last nissan!!!
  • itsgtitsgt Posts: 3
    What size rims/patters would I have to get for my 1997 nissan maxima.

    I'm looking to invest in chrome rims for my maxima...and wanted to know the proper size/ bolt patters i need.

  • kinwynkinwyn Posts: 1
    I have a '96 Maxima GLE which I've had since new. 195000 km. on it (120000 mi.) and it still runs like a charm. Twice over the years the "Service Engine Soon" light has come on, and both times was resolved by the dealer's service dept. changing a sensor related to the Emission Control System. There was no other problem that needed fixing, but this sensor is apparently very sensitive. Of course it could signal other problems also, so it is wise to have it checked.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    I can understand you're view but...Nissans are up there with the best as far as reliability now a days. That's not to say that there aren't there are with any make or model. As for the've got water in the lines..a simple brake fluid flush would cure that for the O2 sensors, read below...

    Kin...Nissans O2 sensors are known to last a short time. Next time, if there is a next time, they go bad, change over to BOSCH O2 sensors...they'll last damn near forever.

  • I bought a Maxima 92 GXE and found the idle speed is not stable ( from 700-900 rpm) up and down, also the engine shaking a little.

    I changed the spark plugs and flushed the feul system. but it does not help. Does anyone can help me out? Thanks,
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    Have your TPS checked. They've been known to go bad. That can do the same thing.

  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    Thanks for the reply. Here's what I did, as of today 1/29/01.

    Gave my mechanic the sunroof diagrams from the thick 1990 Maxima service manual, which I bght 10 yrs ago !....although he subscribes to a CD rom service so he can get specs if he has to on any vehicle.....

    He took out ceiling liner and entire assembly....yep, he did...I saw it in his shop....and found a small pile of accumulated dirt...yes the channel which resulted in a blockage thereby causing rainwater, etc. to overflow, go underside and drip, drip, drip into the car from the latest Northeast showstorm and soak the carpet behind the front passenger seat....picked up the car today and sunroof works ok....

    1/30/01 is supposed to be wet all day.....guess I'll see if he was right.....charged me for 3.5 hours of work.....which I think is reasonable.....

    Here comes the rain......(actually the song goes..."here comes the sun..." by the Beatles...)...

  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    TPS is Throttle Position Sensor.
  • At 37,000 miles, I noticed a drip under my car. I was told it was a seal leak on the rack (rack and pinion). Of course, this just missed getting fixed under the 36,000 warranty, even though it is something that shouldn't occur on such a young car. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    It's not common for the rack to go 37k...the dealer should cover it under warranty. Nissan will usually go up to about 40k, sometimes higher, on something major like that that should never have gone bad. Insist that the dealer cover it...if they'll get it covered.

  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    Well, I left it outside all day Tuesday in the leaks ! that I could find !....

    Thanks for the help...
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Glad to hear your problem has been resolved. My next suggestion was to move to Aridzona. :-)
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