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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    I have a 2006 Maxima SL with 54k miles (same car as potential suspension issues posting a few posts back).

    Now in the last few days, it feels like my transmission is "slipping" when giving a bit of gas while coasting in traffic. I'll be coasting through rush hour traffic and just need to give the gas a little tap to keep moving, and the whole car "jerks". Feels like the auto trans isn't catching the gear right away, but I'm far from a gear-head.

    Could this be as simple as the auto tranny fluid needing replaced? Anything other ideas?
  • meister4Umeister4U Posts: 7

    There are a few things it could be...Oxygen sensor and/or knock sensor. I experienced this one...sounds like your problem. This could cause the car to sputter and worst case completely stall eventually. Or, it could be as simple as a fuel filter, or needing a tune-up.

    If you have an AutoZone nearby, they have a decoder to your check your engine when your engine light comes on that can pinpoint parts problems so you know what parts to buy, like fuel injectors, filters, etc. You may just need a tune up. I would try that before I went to a mechanic and start spending a ton of money.

    Other obvious possibilities are the kind of gas you are using..could be water in your gas.
  • cogitojazzcogitojazz Posts: 13
    Greetings from OH. I have an 03 Maxima SE 6 speed, 101K, periodically check engine light comes on. Service Tech says it could be clogged O2 sensor. Light goes off, light comes on. Using Sunoco or BP high octane. Getting great mileage, around 400 miles a tank and car is very well cared for - NO problems. He says don't worry - so I worry. Thinking of trading. Suggestions? Much appreciated!
  • have a 2006 nissan maxima,wife hit a bump and now none of the gages work,they lite up but dont work,air also no longer works,have looked at all the fuses. and dismantled the lower dash and glove box,but still at a loss.
  • I have a 65K car and after sitting for 3 days went to start it and fired up with what sounded like top end noise, shut it off re started and no top end noise but nay have spun over a little longer than normal but my question is @ 900 rpm either going up or coming down with accelerator there is what sounds like a chirp coming from engine area more noticeable under side than above, doesnt matter AC on or off, Thought maybe an idle or tension er but wouldn't that make a sound throughout the rpms, Any ideas would be Appreciated..
  • Does not sound like a big prob;em. Try spraying with silicone spray on all the belts and pullys...when the motor is running and you can hear if it stops the problem.
  • Did you evry get that "bad Valve" looked at I have a 02 maxima with what souds like very similar sounds under the hood almost a chirp @ 900 rpm accl. or decel. Any new updates on your issues??
  • Thanks for the reply and will get back to you with "Good News" , i hope it is this eazy, oh and the car does have original belts 65K...
  • Have 2000 maxima and Check Engine Warning lights been on for 10K miles as well and finally driving rough. Had friend check computer codes, indicated bend 1 issue and a 2nd one dealing with catalytic converter. AS we peered where these items are noticed that the maxima has 2 or 3 catalytic converters, one next to engine block? and the 2 in line before the muffler. At bend 1 is an O2 sensor and just before and after the 1st cat are 2 more O2 sensors with the 4th o2 sensor next to cat on engine block. Happened right after I put high test gas (91 octane) in it!?
    Well see what it is?
  • rcmaxrcmax Posts: 11
    Guys, it would be a good idea to share the complete repair history of our cars just to get an idea of where Maxima stands in terms of onwership costs and reliability. Forget JD Powers, let us owners speak.

    Mine is a 97 max with 160K miles and had the following repairs till now.
    1) All four brake rotor resurfacing - once
    2) All four New brake rotors- once
    3) Rear brake calipers - three sets
    4) Front brake calipers - one set
    5) New CV joint - once
    6) New alternator - once
    7) New radiator - once
    8) Oxygen sensor - once
    9) Knock sensor - once
    10) PCV valve - once
    11) Mufflers - twice
    12) Exhaust pipes - twice
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    I'd go back to church if that's all I'll be spending on my Mini Cooper in the next 160,000 miles. :P

    Those all seem "normal" repairs to me for 160K, except for the rear calipers---that's just not right, 3Xs.


  • I have a 1996 Maxim a GLE with 144k on it – all original suspension. Back end has been swimming around a bit, especially when I hit a pot hole. I know I need to replace the front/rear shocks, no brainer. But a mechanic described another piece that distributes the weight between the front and back of the car. He said that should get replaced as well and the part costs a couple hundred bucks.
    Here’s the problem, he can’t remember the name of the part. He thinks it might be called a “rear suspension crossbeam” or “rear control arm”. (I know what you are thinking, find a new mechanic!) I googled rear suspension and don’t see anything like what he described. Anyone else have any ideas?
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    I think he meant 3 front and 1 rear since max is FWD
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    I have a 2006 Maxima with 55k miles. The back of the car is looking to be running low compared to the front of the car (rear suspension sagging?) and I'm starting to think about having someone take a look at the rear suspension.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to good places to take it? I'm new to my area and don't know any good local mechanics, so it's probably going to be some national chain.
  • rcmaxrcmax Posts: 11
    I meant 3 rear calipers. Even I am surprised how rear ones got bad that quick, either bad workmanship or bad parts.
  • I've had pretty good sucess with the Firestone chain. I haven't had them do suspension work, but they seem pretty good on other work (brakes, radiator, transmission). Also, if you have their credit card they offer 0% interest for 90 days on repairs.
  • mfrmfr Posts: 1
    I've got a 1992 Nissan Maxima that I just put in a new window motor. After I got done with it I tried to start the car but absolutely nothing, no sounds, no lights, no power to anything, a completely dead electrical systems. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, MFR
  • Did you disconnect the battery to install? Or did you install in with the battery connected,You may have blown a fuse. Box is: one under the hood and another under the dash. You want the one that says power accessories or power windows,
    Make sure your battery connections are right, tight and clean.
    Let me know how you make out.
  • ediazediaz Posts: 1
    My washer fluid light won't go out. Fill it up, stays on. I can see what I believe is the sensor through a little hole just behind the right front bumper, but it doesn't look real easy to get at. Solutions?
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