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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • my maxima was leaking oil out of the filter unexpectedly and i didnt kno it till the car stalled and didnt start again what are my odds please help
  • I bought a used 2000 Nissan Maxima today. After PA state inspection and county emissions inspection, I drove it home. Less than 15 miles. 3 miles away from dealership, the check engine light came on . I went home, called and waiting to see if it is just a sensor thing. THEN I went to take my little girl somewhere this afternoon, now the check engine light, SLIP light and TCS light are ALL ON and the car is vibrating. I know these are old messages, but seriously. Of course, I called the dealership and told him I had a transmission problem. Is this the coil? Is this a spark plug issue? I'm not throwing money into this car. This is why I just got out of the last one....
  • You can get the codes checked and virtually any auto parts store, so there's no reason to guess. As far as not wanting to put any money into the car, it's an 11-year old car buddy. You get what you get.
  • I have had this happen in my 2000 infiniti I30
    it was oxygen sensors and Pre Cat ~$1500.00
  • I have had to have 1 strut replaced. The dealer response seemed to indicate that this was a very common problem.
  • Hello All
    I have an 1997 Nissan Maxima with 248000 miles on it that has just started having problems starting after the car has reached opp temp. If you shut the car off and restart after a few mins its just fine. If you leave it set over 45min to an hour it will not restart till the car has cooled all the way off.
    I just replaced plugs, map sensor, knock sensor and fuel filter. there are no check engine codes at the moment. i have no idea of what could be wrong now. any one have any idea or has had simm. problems
    thanks andrew
  • Hey,

    I have a 02' Maxima with AT with a hot engine restart problem. Did your issue ever got resolve? I'm very interested with the fix.

  • I have 33000 miles on my Maxima and was told that my transmission needs to be replaced. I noticed a whiney sound as the car increased speed. Very noticable in the 30 to 40 MPH range. I also had both wheel bearings replaced in the last month. I love the car but I hope I'm not in for a lot of problems. Anyone else have these problems? BTW the dealer has been excellent at helping me.
  • I had the same problem and all the test were just like urs my brother in law works on cars he told me the 2000 maxima had some kind of silenoid in the starter that starts to go bad and that's why sometimes u get just cranking but still wont start it happened to me twice at a gas station after I went for gas and second time for cigarettes so I believed him change my starter and had no problem since and this was a year ago even the cranking sounds stronger since. So don't know if this helps but it definitely helped me
  • Yeah sounds like your oil pump might not be sending the right amount of pressure I would change it instead of the sprockets
  • junito1junito1 Posts: 3
    edited January 2012
    I had this problem before change fuel pump same problem. changed my fuel pressure regulator and problem went away. Helped me u should check this out
  • I have had the same issues. 2 engines both at 86k miles. At 175k. The same issues appeared again. Car exclusively maintained by Nissan service. First engine was good willed but the second d o a. Very disappointed. I spent thousands on maintaince and should get more than 90k from a high tech engine. Took car to a good street mechanic who discovered a bad PVC valve. Why couldn't Nissan figure this basic problem. Also had 3 catalytic converters replaced in this car. Oil caused that problem. The particles from the cat most likely got sucked into the engine. Who knows at this point. Trying to salvage the engine with stop smoke to possibly seal rings or cylinders.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    My check engine light just came on this weekend. Had it checked out at Advance Auto Parts and they said that it read "Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold" and that the bank 1 02 sensor needed to be replaced.

    I'm trading the car in within the next 4 weeks and really don't want to lay out the cash for the repairs. Is there any way to reset the error code? Anyone have any idea what this would likely cost to repair? Any other recommedations?
  • caugncaugn Posts: 30
    The O2 sensor just screws into the exhaust like a spark plug and then has a wire harness that plugs into the back side. It's a 15 minute repair. I'm not sure what the cost of the part is, just check with Advance or Autozone. I replaced mine a couple of years ago and I think they were like $70 each if I remember right.
  • x24akisx24akis Posts: 1
    did you have the problem fix? I am having the same problem I could have written it myself. The mechanic replaced the circit board and its still doing the same thing, he cant figure it out.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 924
    Related to the oil change? No. We had a very loud engine sound recently also. Eventually became loud all the time. Turned out was a broken radiator fan. I have an '01 GLE.
  • As far as a grinding noise that is not right, The oil all firestone service centers use in Kendall so its very good, the high mileage oil has additives to swell seals and slow leaks, other than that its the same good old kendall oil, at alot of places like fast lubes they offer high mileage oil and new car formula, its the same oil they pump it from the same tank, the kendall stuff is actually two different formulas, or at least it comes in seperate barrels as far as the actual composition i cant say.

    Is the noise actually a grinding? or is is a knock and a tick. those nissan V6s are notoriously loud, And after long periods of neglect not changing oil and so on they do become noisy after a change the sludge is actually deadening noise it was already doing it it just wasnt obvious. but thats only a tick or a knock. it sounds like if it is the engine and it goes away after the revs build its a oil pressure issue or lack of at startup, another symptom of neglect. alot of times gunk can keep oil up in the engine and prevent circulation. Ive seen quite a few engines only have a quart come out of the pan and the top end will be swimming in oil. not good. if there is an actual metal on metal grind that is something different, I suggest you open the hood have someone start the engine and listen If there is a tempo or a rythym to the noise like tap tap tap tap tap or anything repeating at interval its valvetrain noise or a low end knock, If its a growl like brakes that are metal on metal take the car back to the Firestone and make someone come out and point out the sound. An oil change alone will not cause a problem unless there was something done wrong or the engine was so beyond the pale the gunk was actually glueing it together. One example of that was a customer brought in a Toyota pickup V6 with 65k on it for the first oil change, Pulling the plug resulted in nothing coming out and the dipstick was almost cemented in the tube, after a waiver was signed I pulled the pan to try and clean it and a thick semi solid goo was all that was left of the oil, After the flush and change the motor siezed. But that is the absolute worst case scenario.
    Having Worked At a firestone For over 5 years and at a fastlube for 5 years before that I can tell you they must look at the car and it has to be free if you have a complaint about the service.
  • Wondering if you ever got a response and found out the smoking problem? I am worried my air bag could deploy at any time, and my kids drive the car. I believe it is coming from out of the white wire connection at the left hand side, top of the steering column. I have removed the shroud and when it was smoking today I thought it was coming from there so I rubbed my finger underneath the white housing for that wire harness and it was slightly black and smelled of burnt plastic. I have no idea what that wire connection is. I do not want to simply pull them out because of the air bag.
  • My 2005 Nissan Maxima wouldn't start but I got a friend to jump me off and it started right up. A couple days later my car was completely dead and a jump wouldn't do anything. I figured it was the battery so I went and got a new one but my cables won't fit the new one because the original battery just had a screw to hook up to. Do they make an adapter for this, or does it definitely sound like my battery is the problem?
  • anne99anne99 Posts: 11
    I may purchase a used Nissan Maxima 2012. It has 24K miles.

    Does anyone have significant reasons why this is not a good car to purchase? If so, please let me know. Thank you

    Happy New Year
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