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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    At least I know it's not my personal car's problem ('02 GXE). ;-)
  • ECN's are generally implemented ASAP to correct a known issue. They will need to be discussed, tested and then implemented. But that may mean working through current levels of inventory before the "upgrade" is fully implemented. Unless it is a catastrophic failure where they might expect to have a recall, then old inventory would get scrapped out. A lot of ECN's are minor issues to improve fit/finish of parts and assemblies. An auto is a complicated assembly of hundreds of thousands of parts and some things may get rushed just to make a product lauch date. Cheaper to fix it later than miss a launch (a major assembly factory can loose millions of dollars an hour if the line stops). Always better to give them a year to "work the bugs out". A given model year car built later durring a run (say a 2004 model built in july or Aug of 2004 rather than Dec of 2003) is more likely to have less of these issues.

    #1850 of 1871 luky92104 by ericu Mar 22, 2004 (9:56 pm)
    These ECN's (Engineering Change Notices)... Do they just collect all of them and improve the following year's model or do they affect the production of the current model?
  • ericuericu Posts: 16
    Thank you for the explaination on the ECN's. I am a current '04 max owner and I am very happy and problem free, which may be because I waited until Dec 03 to buy the 04 which came out in Feb 03.
  • thercktherck Posts: 5
    As I drove away from the dealer after picking up my new 2004 Maxima SL two weeks ago, I could hear a "bong" noise coming from the front end. The noise occurs whenever I ride over minor road joints, tar strips, a uniformly rough road surface, or the curb leading to my garage. On a generally rough road, the noise becomes a continuous reverberating sound like a steel drum. Great on a Caribbean island. Nerve-wracking on the way home from work. Large bumps don't seem to cause the noise, but maybe the thumping from the bump drowns the other sound out. And, the noise only comes from the front. I drove four other exact model cars before making the purchase, and never heard this sound.

    The dealer checked the noise out and decided it was from cracked front calipers, which they changed yesterday. Nice try, but not the answer. Other car geeks at work have suggested that the noise might be coming from defective (poorly cast) wheels or bad tires.

    Okay, has anyone else had this experience? Or any ideas as to the cause and possible fix?

    Thanks for any help.
  • heart2heart2 Posts: 38
    Only have 18500 miles on 2K Maxima and check engine lite on. Dealer replaced all six coils at their expense even though warranty expired. Common problem? In future, anyone know how to replace them? Would have cost me in excess of 600. They did charge me 79. to reset "computer to coils"
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Coils are about the MOST common problem on the 2000-2003 Maximas. Not sure about the 1999 and prior, or 2004's. Very well known issue in the Max chat board and enthusiast communities. Very well known by Nissan themselves, which is why even though you're out of warranty they fixed it anyway. I've got 64K on my 2000 Max so I figure pretty much anyday my light will come on. I've already had an 02 sensor go out (also very common), and my alternator was crap. I bought the Max for it's reliability reputation, but I think that rep has gone to the wayside since the 5th Gens. Carlos the cost-cutter Ghosn has done some great things financially to Nissan, but only to make them suffer on the quality side. Sad.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Don't forget the O2 Sensors, and Mass Airflow Sensors. These are all garbage. I know because
    I've had coils, O2, AND MAF replaced. Fortunately,
    I ONLY had to pay for the coils. Gee......that
    was only $500 hard earned bucks. Do I sound
    bitter? Damn straight.

    I've owned Nissans for 18 yrs, but I gotta tell ya, these 5th Gens. are crap.

    IMHO, you should not have to spend any money during the first 5 yrs./ 60,000 miles of vehicle
    ownership other than tires, batteries etc.

    BTW, did I mention that I had a new muffler replaced at 10,000 miles ( under warranty )
    and a new LR brake caliper because of uneven
    brake pad wear ( NOT under warranty ).

    At this very moment I'm sitting in my Nissan dealers service dept. as I write this. I feel like

    I want to sell the stupid thing, but it seems as though all the manufacturers are having problems.
    I'm not sure what I'd buy for reliability other
    than a Bradly Fighting Vehicle !!!

    Oops, how could I have forgotten the warped rotors........silly me !
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    I've got this beautifully maintained 2K Max.
    Anybody want to buy it ??????????????
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Back in 2002, I liked my 2k so much that I bought my wife a 2002 Max GLE. It is an absolutely beautiful car and the 3.5 engine is incredible.
    It completely transforms this car into a " Rocket Ship". less than 2 yrs. and
    13,000 miles I've had a Safety Recall under warranty for the Cam and Crank angle Sensors and
    the TSB for the rear window wind noise.

    I guess it could be worse The vehicle COULD have
    been involved in ALL 5 safety recalls.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    The latest Consumer Reports shows a downward trend in reliability of the Maxima over the last
    6 yrs.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Post #1877 a FRIED headlight PLUG at 25,000 mi.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Post #1877, a rear spoiler , center mounted
    LED stoplight that is totally inop. Just discovered this AM. You KNOW that sucker
    will be $200. Guess I'll go to the junkyard.

    Gosh, I have not been to a junkyard since I owned
    that old '57 Plymouth Savoy !!!
  • texas03texas03 Posts: 2
    I've got a 2003 Maxima. I have leaves blowing occasionally blowing out the ac vents and can hear them rattling around in there. Anybody ever heard of that before?
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Buy the cabin filter. Not sure if you need a kit or just the filter itself, as I have not been inspired enough to do this my own car yet. That will keep the leaves from coming all the way through the vent system, they will be caught on the filter. Change 1x a year.

  • csgmancsgman Posts: 5
    Hi all!
    I have a 02 SE and it is just about time to take it in for my 30K checkup - I would like to get all recalls, etc. fixed as expiditiously as possible - is there a list of TSB's on the Internet for this car that i can reference?

    Any and all help would be appreciated!

  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    Check the ownership (TAB) section on Edmunds and you will see a reference to "you, your vehicle, and technical service bulletin". This will give you a couple of places that you can check for TSB's, including the Edmunds site (lists the TSB's and a brief statement of what they are [not much detail here, just a summary])
  • texas03texas03 Posts: 2
    Are you talking about the microfilter? Or is there something else besides that? It comes with the microfilter which they replaced a couple of months ago. It's so weird to have an entire leaf blow out a vent into the seat next to you!
  • choosinuchoosinu Posts: 22
    Please give me tips. 2000 Max, 103K miles and light just came on and stayed on today, I drive 40 miles one way to work. Question can I continue to drive until weekend? When I take it into dealer how do they determine cause? What can I expect problem to be and what is reasonable cost? Is this something best handled by the dealer? I don't like them. I have had no service done at the dealer. My Max has been great, no problems. Brake pads and tires. I change oil every 3-5K and have always used 91+ Octane. I hate walking into any repair shop. I feel like I'm going to get a snow job because I am a female. So please arm me with knowledge before I go.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Stop into any AutoZone, have them read the stored diagnostic trouble codes (free), and post the codes for us.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Exactly, go to Autozone and get code pulled for free, takes them 1 minute literally. If the light is on solid it's not life threatening and you can go in at your convenience, if it's blinking on and off that's a more serious issue. I'll wager Oxygen sensor, bank 2. Or else bad coil(s). Any takers???
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