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2011 Nissan Quest



  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 224
    How well will the CVT in this 2011 Quest standup against other Japanese/Koren/European/American historic ATs?
  • ourhouseourhouse Posts: 4
    Sorry, but that is what this thing looks like. first I didn't care so much for the exterior of the Odyssey, but it sure grows on you. We still haven't made our decision yet, but we are leaning to the Honda.
  • Nissan has a long history of engineering and manufacturing Constant Variable Transmissions (CVT) for their vehicles. I believe the early to mid '90s is when they first started using them in their vehicles outside of the US. It appears every single US-market Nissan model (except US-made trucks and SUVs) comes solely with, or has an option for, a CVT transmission. Durability-wise, I think the CVT has proven itself in the Murano, Maxima, Altima, Sentra, Versa, Cube and Rogue (and now Juke). It has been the only transmission available in the Murano and Rogue since their introductions to the US in 2003 and 2008, respectively. Later, CVTs became the sole transmission available in the Maxima and Altimas. The majority of Sentras have it, as well as many of the Cubes, Versas and Jukes. In fact, in Japan, the V35 Nissan Skyline (aka Infiniti G35) came equipped with an 8-speed CVT back in the mid-2000s. I have heretofore not heard of any glaring, recurring massive problems with Nissan's CVTs. And I'm sure Nissan would take care any engineering or durability problems expeditiously.

    Nissan was even considering installing a 9-speed CVT in the mighty GT-R in its early engineering stages. I guess that's how much Nissan believes in this type of transmission.

    Nissan seems to be the company with the highest degree of dedication to the CVT and its apparent benefits in efficiency.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    How can there be a CVT with a specific gear count (8/9 speed in your example)? That looks like a marketing gimmick to me as CVT has infinite gears. Why not then have a CVT with 100 gears? That will surely be better than 8 or 9 speed. :)

    I do agree with your general thought on Nissan's investment in CVT.
  • Yes, I understand your point. However, Nissan has been dabbling in the "variable speed" CVTs for sometime now. I remember reading a US car magazine road test a couple of years ago, wherein the author praised Nissan's ability to create the appearance of shifting gears via the steering wheel shift paddles on a CVT-equipped model. I forget whether it was the Maxima, Sentra or Rogue. Whatever the case may be, he was delighted at the ultra-smooth transitions.

    Check out these links about the Nissan's Extroid CVTs and the JDM V35 Nissan Skyline 350 GT-8 (aka Infiniti G35), which was equipped with Nissan's 8-speed Extroid CVT, back in 2002: l

    Hope this helps!
  • modumodu Posts: 1
    Is there any information on the constant humming of this vans engine? I just got this MINIVAN YESTERDAY and this humming is odd, constant and a little loud, it also has a weird almost burnt smell every time I start it....

    Any clues? Should I take it back to the dealer? There is no cooling off period as I bought it in California....
  • :confuse: Okay, this is a long one:

    I have a 2006 Nissan Quest 3.5 SE that was purchased new in Jan. of 06. The original Nissan battery gave out this month (March 2011) and I purchased a new 800cc battery (Exide brand) from Strauss Auto here in New York City. The battery was installed, but the indicator light was still coming on, so the mechanics tested the electrical system and found I needed a new alternator. So that was installed along with the new battery. This was last week.

    Even with the new battery and alternator though, the battery indicator light was still coming on (and the brake light too). This would happen after starting the van up in the morning. About 20 to 30 minutes later those lights would go out. I figured maybe something was going on with the indicators being off. Then last Friday (3/23) about 30 minutes into driving in the morning, I had lost acceleration. The battery and brake indicators were still on, but the engine was still running – I just had no acceleration.

    After pulling over (using the van’s inertia) I let the engine stay on. After about 15 minutes the battery and brake lights went off and I had acceleration again. I went to a nearby garage where they tested the NEW battery, and they said it was a weak charge – basically saying this supposedly “new” battery was bad.

    After putting in their own battery, the charge was stronger. I took the Strauss battery back to the store where they tested it (out of the vehicle) and claimed it was a good battery. I put the Strauss/Exide battery back in and again; this time no battery or brake light comes on.

    Only after sitting for a few hours or overnight do those lights come on again. I then took it to another Strauss store – this one with a garage (the first Strauss store had none) – where they tested the battery and claimed it was good. So now I’m wondering what’s going on? Is it the battery or something else?

    Fast forward to today where on my way home, the van stalls again; engine still running, but no acceleration. I keep the engine on. I call my insurance for roadside assistance. While waiting I try to accelerate – the engine would rev-up, but no acceleration. When the tow truck arrived, the mechanic had me put it in reverse. THEN it decides to accelerate. The difference is though that the “Service Engine Soon” light now comes on. The mechanic told me that it’s either the battery, or there could be an electrical short somewhere that’s draining the battery while everything is supposedly “off” (I do make sure everything is indeed off – lights, heat, radio – EVERYTHING)

    I’m going to take the vehicle to the Nissan dealership and have them look at it (at more expense because the dealership in Manhattan is VERY expensive for service), but I want to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, if anyone here has any idea as to what’s going on with my van, let me know. Is it the battery that’s defective, or is there a power short somewhere in the electrical system? Or is it something else?
  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 111
    This is the 2011 Nissan Quest thread. You may get a better response if you start a new thread.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    I just bought the 2011 LE (Black Amythest) - no moon roof for 37,700 (incl destination). What are people paying in NJ/ NY
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    news reporter driven 2011 nissan body got mpg better than 12-15 so people need to be careful about mpg rating since not tested by goverment yet....

    but we can hear from recent purchase.... quest_N.htm

    second test was done in arizona republic news paper...same trouble...cannot go more than 13-15mpg in city and highway

  • ucfphi225ucfphi225 Posts: 18
    I just went on about a 225 round trip and tracked my mileage. Keeping in mind this was a camping trip; I had had a tent, chairs, etc strapped to the roof and the entire rear cargo area (behind the 2nd row) full with coolers and bags, all of which kills gas mileage.

    I averaged about 30 MPH as most of the driving was on the highway at about 80 MPH and I finished just over 17 MPG. Obviously not what was advertised, but that's with cheap gas, stuff on the roof and a full load.

    The first 500-1000 miles I definitely did not get great mileage, but I've put about 2500 on my Quest now and it's doing much better.
  • Sounds like a hater to me, probably drives a toyota. First off the government (EPA) has tested MPG and put it on the window sticker.

    I bought my Quest SL with DVD player for invoice over the weekend. So far I have gotten 19.5 MPG mixed driving. I drove the Odyssey, but prefered the nissan. I love the suv style flop down seats, and dont miss the little bit of space I give up. What sealed the deal was the one touch power doors.

    If you need more proof of goof mpg check below
  • I have a 2 month old 2011 Nissan Quest SL that has recently started experience problems with the doors. I cannot open the sliding doors or rear door by pressing the buttons on the handles. I also cannot open these doors from the inside by pressing the buttons. The only way I can open them is by using the key fob. Anyone have suggestions?

    So far, everything else is great with this car expect Gas Mileage is about 16-17 City.
  • jakevsnakejakevsnake Posts: 14
    I recently bought a new 20011 Quest SL model with DVD package and I must say this is the nicest vehicle I have owned yet. I bought the 2004 Quest when it first came out and I thought it was different and interesting for its time but this Quest is far superior in build quality and comfort. The ride is so smooth and the CVT is very nice. Its unusual if you never have driven a car with this kind of transmission but its a pleasant experience. I have heard a couple of people mention about a humming noise from the engine but so far I have not noticed anything unusual about the engine or the transmission other than the lack of "shifting" you get with a AT.

    I purchased my van in Chesapeake, VA for $34,800 out the door with all taxes/tags/etc paid for. The price was $1800 or so BELOW invoice. I cannot help but feel I got a great deal on this van and I am very happy with it so far. We have about 1000 miles on it so far. One thing I notice is this van seems to have a much tighter turn radius than I remember on my 2004 model. I cant help but think that this might be the result of Japanese manufacturing and the need for such maneuverability on narrow Japanese roads. This is modeled after the El Grand so it would make sense. Having lived in Japan for almost 9+ yrs I really appreciate the quality Nissan seems to have put into this vehicle. I do not understand why so few people have purchased this van. It is NOT the 2004-2009 model and people should seriously go and take a look at it. I looked at the Honda and the Sienna and they both left me wanting more. The interior of the Quest is far superior to anything Honda or Toyota has to offer.

    The true reliability will show over time but I am confident that Nissan has put out a much more refined product that is built to last. As for gas mileage, I averaged almost 23MPG on a trip to Canada. This is at least as good as my 2004 if not better. I have limited city driving to compare it fairly but it seemed like I had around 17MPG in lots of stop and go before we left. If you are on the fence about getting one of these I think you owe it to yourself to check this one out.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 224
    What's with the power sliding doors? My 2002 Odyssey has this power feature, with touch buttons on the far left dash. If sitting in the passenger seat just pull a leaver and release or do the same outside on the door handle. You must not hold on to these levers. It would be the same on the newest Odysseys. The hidden sliding rail feature is most likely a Chrysler pattened feature and cannot be used by others in it's current design. I like that the Nissan is made in Japan; although Canada could do just as well. You might need a domestic supply of parts; not be out and have to wait for Japan to ship them.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    edited June 2011
    "...I have a 2 month old 2011 Nissan Quest SL that has recently started experience problems with the doors. I cannot open the sliding doors or rear door by pressing the buttons on the handles. I also cannot open these doors from the inside by pressing the buttons. The only way I can open them is by using the key fob. Anyone have suggestions?..."

    Might be a silly solution, but perhaps there is a "sliding door on/off" switch that you turned OFF by mistake?
  • Not silly at all, that was the problem. We figured it out the next day. LOL...
  • holdem1holdem1 Posts: 1
    A new national rebate for the Quest started yesterday. It is $750 cash back or 0% 36 months / 0.9% 60 month.
  • I actually liked the boxy Flex. Looked retro, and was quite nice inside, but I missed my mini-van doors and interior space. Lots of people asked me about my Flex when I owned it before I bought a Quest. (Before that I had an '06 Odyssey, then before that an '01 Murano) To each his own, I guess!
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    Just did a 2,100 mile trip.

    Got between 21.5 and 23 MPG. Mostly 22. My 2004 SL used to get 24.5mpg. I think the new transmission is not a good for mileage (?)

    The Nav is good, but when I pull off the highway there were a lot of towns (not small towns) that had no info on roads (Emporia NC for example), on the plus side I did find that it was very helpful in finding places to eat much quicker then my old garmin, and adding as a waypoint was very easy.

    Wierd thing. Once I got to my hotel in Fl it would play an "intro music" each day, unless I set another destination. Never did that for any other place I go in NJ.
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