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2011 Nissan Quest



  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    My 2004 SL used to get 24.5mpg. I think the new transmission is not a good for mileage (?)

    So...I'm assuming you're in the new 2011 Quest with CVT?

    It would be nice to see more 2011 samples; it appears as though the Sienna owners "brag" about high 20's.
  • thegamperthegamper Posts: 9
    Sienna and Odyssey owners can brag all they want about mpg, I doubt its much better than the Quest in real world. But they can keep them, because the interiors on those minivans are just plain dumpy. Honda and Toyota have been riding their reputation with consumers for a while now, decontenting their vehicles relying on customer loyalty to keep them coming back paying more for less with each new generation of car. Its starting to show in Toyota and Honda quality and craftsmanship in my opionion. Whereas, Quest is the serious underdog with a lot to prove and the end result should sway a lot of unbiased customers. I still havent decided what to get, price will be a factor, but the Quest is my front runner. Love the styling. If I get one, I will call her "chunk"

    Coming off lease of Ford Flex Limited, another seriously underrated and fantastic vehicle btw.
  • ichisanichisan Posts: 2
    Been looking at the Quest for past 2 months and getting very close to pulling the trigger. Nissan dealership have much to be desire. Been all over OC dealerships and not one knows anything about the Quest. Drove the Quest(ELGrand) ten years ago on vacation in Japan. This van is made for road trip. Should I wait and see if Nissan will have a better incentive?

    Hit up and came back with $38.880.00 for LE with double moonroof. Looking for White/pearl with Gray interior. Not too many white LE in OC.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    Never been to't see how it came up with $38.8k.

    When I do a TMV for a LE Dual Moonroof I get $39,438 (central TX).

    The TMV shows an invoice of $39, what you're showing is about $1k under invoice...if true, seems pretty good to me.
  • ichisanichisan Posts: 2
    I just check with again and the price is $37.991.00 with the $ 750 incentive in OC CA. TrueCar rating is Great with this price. A $5519 from MSRP.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 224
    re: Sienna and Odyssey owners can brag all they want about mpg

    My 2002 Odyssey gets 19-25 mpg (imperial gallons) in the city and 30-34 and the odd time 37 mfg on the highway. On a trip 2 wks ago it got 34 from Guelph, ON to Alpena, MI return. It currently has 280mkms on it.

    2002 Honda Odyssey EX
    Previously owned-
    1992 Ford Taurus L 4 door 300 cu in long-stroke
    1982 Ford E150 Customized by Triple-E travel Van 351 cu ins V8
    1979 Mercury Zephyr 6 cylinder 4-door sedan
    1972 Datsun 510 4-door automatic
    1967 Plymount Valiant 2-door sedan large-v6
    1965 Morris 1100
    1963 Austin 850 mini
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 224
    re: CVT engineering.

    I would think the CVT is not set to 2-8 speeds as it is a variable transmission.

    For eons the DAF in Holland have been using CVTs. A vehcile in Germany called the Ro80 used it as well as using a rotory engine.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    heh...must be my location...I show a $39,904 from the AMX Auto Purchase Program
  • edm9394edm9394 Posts: 1
    I just bought A Nissan Quest SL, and added the Maintenance Plus service plan. At the time I signed the contract, I was told the new generation quest uses different motor oil, and cost $100+ for each oil change at 3 months or 3750 miles. Then, I called 5 different dealers today for a service quote, 3 of them told me it costs $80-100, but 2 of them said the new quest use the same motor oil just like the previous model, and only cost $20 dollars for the oil change. If that is true, I have to cancel the maintenance plus plan, anyone know how to cancel that? help please!
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    The cost of the oil aside, the frequency is NOT 3 months or 3750 miles. I can only believe this figure comes from dealers who are looking to make extra $$. Today's oil change interval based on mileage is close to three times that.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    I'd check the specs in the owners manual...see the exact type of oil required and call a couple places.

    I recall VW's have a specific type of oil required for their turbo's (certain type of synthetic).

    Can't see anything but 5w30 for this...but who knows. I was just a Sears getting a battery...saw a "bulk" oil change...3 oil changes for $50 :)
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    edited July 2011
    I have a 2011 LE, with Service plan. The bill showed normal price: $20.00 from my dealer. I go in for 7K next week.

    Manual shows 5W-30, nothing special.
  • maui77maui77 Posts: 7
    My new Quest has the conversation mirror instead of the sunglasses holder. I personally think the mirror is a gimmick and is supposed to enable viewing of activity in the 2nd and 3rd rows. The wide angle reduces the lmage so much I really can tell much of anything with it. I would much rather have the sunglasses holder. Can the conversation mirror be replaced with the sunglasses holder in thr SL model?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    heh...those mirrors are like fun-house mirrors.

    I think you're supposed to be able to keep an eye on the kids...or something to that effect.

    I'd much rather prefer a telescoping rod with a rubber glove/sponge on the keep the kids inline :)

    There are a number of online nissan parts stores...but I'd first call your local Nissan Parts Department.
  • maui77maui77 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply. I already have spoken with two Nissan dealerships' parts and service departments and they pretty much gave me the "trainee salute". It looks too simple to not be able to swap the mirror out,...but maybe there haven't been enough inquisitions to NIssan. Looks like I'm stuck with the "funhouse". :confuse:
  • pg1008pg1008 Posts: 1
    We bought the 2011 Nissan Quest LE about 2 months back. Today when we were about to go out the van won't start, felt like the battery was discharged. The van had been sitting idle for 5-6 days, moreover I suspect that I might have left one of the interior lights on which must have discharged the battery.

    Since this vehicle does not have a regular key to turn on/off the engine, does anybody know how to jump start the vehicle? I also read in the owner's manual to depress the accelerator pedal and try starting the vehicle, but not sure if that's the correct route to take since the battery sounds pretty much discharged.
  • msebmseb Posts: 2
    I'm curious if the problem was actually a dead battery. We have had a problem with our 2011 Quest SL when we are parked on an incline, with the nose of the vehicle down, and have less than 1/3 a tank of gas. When we return to the car, we get a fuel indicator light and the gauge reads below E. It takes 3-5 minutes driving on level terrain before the indicators go back to how they were before we parked. One time, when I was parked on the side of a road with a particularly steep incline, the car died. AAA had to add 7 gallons of fuel before it would start again. The dealership replaced the fuel pump and fuel gauge assemblies, and we are still having the same problem. I am very curious about whether anyone else is experiencing similar problems, or whether anyone can guess what else might be causing this problem.
  • I had the exact same issue....gas was a bit lower than a 1/4 of a tank and we parked on a hill. The car started and stalled....was about to call road side but thought of rolling down the hill to flat ground to try again. Sure enough....once on flat ground the van started and we raced to a gas Lesson learned....cannot park the Quest on a sharp decline with less than 1/4 tank. Not exactly the best answer...but other than that the van is great.
  • Well, I've driven the Honda Ody, Toyota Sienna, and Nissan Quest. I'm leaning towards the Quest.

    I currently have a 2003 Honda EX-L and the interior noise drives me nuts. Also, had to get a new transmission at 83K, luckily I only had to pay 10%. (I had to put on the charm to make them pay for that, although, they know they have/had an issue with the transmissions.) So hard to trust Honda again. The new Honda is still noisy. The only thing that I really like about the new Honda is the audible back up system. It beeps when you are getting too close to an item. And I don't mind the thunderbolt - kinda like it.

    Toyota Sienna - quiet, but looks so boring. Also, lots of interior plastic.

    I like the Quest because it looks different than the other mini vans. Also very quiet. The conversation mirror (love it! Big help for a mom like me). The mirror is so much better than the useless one in the Toyota. And I like the keyless feature and just touching the button on the door handle to open the sliding doors.

    Deciding issues - We live 8 miles from the Honda dealer, almost 20 to the Nissan. Hopefully, Nissan will drop me off/pick me up for any maintance. I don't enjoy hanging out at the dealer. Not too keen on buying first year model years, might have to wait a year or two.
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