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2011 Nissan Quest



  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Am i reading this correct on Edmunds incentives page that 2012 Quest has up to $6500 of incentives available for a leasing customer for an SL?

    $2750 customer cash
    $2000 leasing bonus
    $1750 dealer cash

    Would this dramatically reduce the lease monthly cost? It looks like a great time to be buying a Quest. If we had not purchased an Odyssey couple of weeks ago, we would definitely have considered this deal.
  • I would encourage anyone who has been dealing with Nissan regarding this stalling issue on a 2011 Quest to log onto Facebook and make some noise on the Nissan Quest page. You'll see my comments there, and a quick reply from their social media team who evidently would rather not have people complaining on FB about this issue!!! make some noise people. it's not right if they are fixing inventory vehicles before taking care of existing customers - as would appear to be the case with the folks here who are driving new cars off the lot with the issue having already been addressed. while some of us who bought 2011 vehicles last year wait...
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 22
    I was so ready to buy the Nissan Quest, but all the stalling/low gas/software problem is huge to me. Don't like the way they are handling this at all.

    I won't be getting another Honda because the interior noise drives me crazy. So I'll guess I'll get the boring Toyota Sienna.

    Nissan - you blew this customer away. And I LOVED it when I test drove it!
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Not sure if you have test driven the Odyssey but we just picked one up and there doesn't seem to be any excessive noise issue. It is not as quiet as say an LS460 but we test drove the Sienna as well and they were both the same as far as noise is concerned.
  • Upon notification from the dealer that the VIN was now on "the list" for repair, the vehicle went back in for the software upgrade today, only to find out that Nissan has not loaded the patch on the computer!

    Dealer master tech hooks up the computer, starts through the menu screens, gets to the 4th one and it is blank. He then calls Nissan who confirms that the patch is not yet ready - a month after the recall was initially issued. No problem, just another two hours wasted at the dealer - and the car still isn't fixed.

    Do they not realize that people's cars are stalling in traffic, on the highway? Someone is going to get killed due to this complacency. It is totally ridiculous at this point.

    I have opened a claim with Nissan Consumer Affairs and am going to start looking into my rights under the :lemon: law. Sick of this.
  • cbeers77cbeers77 Posts: 5
    According to my wife, luckily with the electric power steering, steering the vehicle is fine (like the car is running), but the brakes needed a bit more force.
  • cbeers77cbeers77 Posts: 5
    Sorry to hear that the re-programming didn't take. We had the computer re-programming performed and it updated fine. So it has been about one month since we had the recall (re-programming). The dealer told me that this should finally fix the problem. He said that when the fuel level got too low, the computer cut power to the fuel pump so as to keep it from burning out, but Nissan ran tests and found the pump wouldn't burn out even if left running so the re-programming is supposed to keep the pump running even if the tank goes to empty. So far we have had two cases where the fuel level went under a quarter of a tank and the low fuel light even came on and I purposely drove it down a steep hill each time. The good news is that the vehicle stayed running! So far so good. We haven't had it stall on us yet since the recall.
  • That's good news. After sitting at the dealer for 10 days, while they waited for the computer to handle the update correctly, the dealer was finally able to push the update to our Quest on April 13th. We picked it up that morning and drove 300 miles with the kids later that day. We didn't, however, test it out by letting it get below 1/4 tank.

    I am curious is anyone has heard of folks being compensated by Nissan Consumer affairs for their trouble related to this issue in the form of vouchers for future service. Anybody familiar with this?
  • bnels02066bnels02066 Posts: 9
    After about a year or trouble free operation, my wife calls me to tell me that the Quest just stalled out on her, with 1/4 tank of gas on a relatively steep downhill incline while she was waiting for traffic, pulling out of a driveway.

    Anybody heard of this issue recurring after having initially been "cured" due to the software update?
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