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2011 Audi A4



  • I am having EXACTLY the same issue. I have a 2009 with 60,000 miles. I would seriously suggest taking it in for an oil consumption test. My dealership said they were going to run the consumption test and one of 3-outcomes would occur (assuming it were to take more oil etc.).

    1) replace one of the seals
    2) replace all of the seals
    3) replace the engine

    They said they have done about 10 "replace all of the seals, but never an engine.

    In terms of the transmission, I told them EXACTLY the same thing as you did and they test drove it and said it was fine. I disagree, but I have no idea how to prove it to them. I have the same clunk. I have also noticed some slippage in the transmission, particularly right after going over a speed bump (even slowly).

    I am not sure how to get them to acknowledge the issue, but I did buy the warranty right before I hit 50,000 miles on my car.
  • I just turned in my '09 A4 2.0T. It was using about 4 quarts between 10,000 mile changes. Everything seemed to run fine, but it burned a quart every 2,500 miles or so.

    Dealer suggested I come in for some tests and possible "cure" but I had a 36 month 55,000 mile lease. Turned it in at 53,000. Loved the car. Worried about the oil consumption -- when I went to a gas station I no longer would say fill it up, I would say, "fill it up. . .with OIL!"
  • Hi,

    I really request some recommendations on this deal that I plan on closing.

    2011 Audi A4 Premium Plus - Pre-certified
    9,000 miles
    B&O - wood trim - Nav

    The dealer has quoted $38,000 and is not willing to reduce any more than $500. I would appreciate any advices. After reading all the oil comsumption issues and other problems, I am skeptical whether to make this huge investment or not.

    I am a student and this is a huge for me, however, I love the A4.

  • Update on the Oil consumption

    So I just finished with my oil consumption issue and I have to say that while I dislike the fact that the cars seem to have issues, I am pleased with how the Audi dealership handled the whole situation.

    The long and the short of it is it is a known problem. So known that they covered the tests and repairs under my factory warranty (even though I was at 62,000 miles - 12,000 over the 50,000 warranty).

    What they do is they give you a fresh oil change, then have you come back after about 650 - 800 miles. They determine how much oil burned and determine what the next steps are. In my case it was a bit more severe. The repairs range from changing a piston ring, to a new engine (from what the dealer told me they have never actually had to replace an engine). In my case they had to replace all of the piston rings and pistons. In discussions apparently the pistons were manufactured slightly out of spec and were too small, thus letting oil through.

    None the less, they replaced everything, and I suppose in anywhere from 2 - 5,000 miles I will know if it worked. My measurement was that it was burning 0.48Q/1000 miles.

    Crossing my fingers that it will work, but one thing I am pleased with is the level of service I received to investigate and work to resolve the issue.
  • kb26kb26 Posts: 1
    Quick question. I have also been having an oil consumption issue and then earlier this month, my transmission was having issue (i.e., pistons rocking the car). Our Audi service (via the dealership) found the filter to the transmission and felt that was the issue. However three weeks after that repair, I'm starting to get the same transmission issue. Yes - I'm following up with service, but I am more curious around the piston issue mentioned above. Aside from losing oil quickly, did you have any signs that there were problems with the transmission while driving?
  • I have also been having an oil consumption issue with my 2010 A4 which is using a full quart of oil in 475-680 miles at 12,00 miles. They have had the car 3 times now and have replaced the separator valve and seal twice. I mentioned the piston rings may have to be replaced and the service adviser said he had never heard of that taking care of the problem. Any advise as to how to approach the dealership or Audi USA to get this issue fixed once and for all? I also have a problem with excessive carbon splattering out of the exhaust pipe on start up and black exhaust on acceleration. Anyone have any experience with this problem?
  • When I was talking with the dealer he made it sound like the two were interrelated really. Basically in my discussions he said if the exhaust tips were really black that was from oil burning. So, while I am not a mechanic, I presume that if you fix the consumption issue that will also go away.

    From what I know the dealerships vary a lot on how they handle this situation. If it were me I would ask them to call Audi in Germany and discuss doing an oil consumption test. If they resist, I would simply insist on them at least calling Germany to discuss the issue and further inform them of your intentions of beginning proceedings on the lemon law if they don't become more proactive in solving the problem.

    In my case the problem was a lot more serious than the separated valve.

    Anyway. those are my two cents. Where are you from? I am in Houston so there are multiple Audi dealerships here.
  • Hi markcincinnati,

    Can you please share your results after oil consumption test part 2? I am in the same boat. Apppreciate your response.

  • cuso1cuso1 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the tip about the oil consumption test. My 2011 A4 has 19500 miles on it and I had the 15k service done at the dealer. The Add Oil light came on today and the service manager told me this is normal, to add a quart and that I got more than the normal mileage out of it before it needed oil. Is this accurate?
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