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Torn between TDI vs Quattro purchase. Help!

lairlair Posts: 4
After WAAAY too much research, have narrowed my choice to two cars...but am torn on the trade-offs.

Car 1: 2009 2.0 Quattro priced in $27,500 range. Premium package and sunroof. I'm actually not a sunroof fan because I don't like the mesh options that don't allow me to totally block out the sun (and surprisingly I have found no aftermarket solid screens), but I can learn to live with it. I can't remember when I have last opened the one on my RX. Handles great and gets 23 mpg.

Car 2: New 2011 TDI. Premium Plus, Convenience package. Would order without sunroof. Priced in $32,000 range. Gets 35mpg.

My driving is probably only 7000/yr, so TDI economics are mainly the feel good over having an efficient car. I do normal around town driving...will the Quattro ever "kick in"? Will I notice the lack of Quattro with the TDI? TDI seemed to have lots of nice pickup and performance as well, but maybe a bit less than Quattro.

In three years, one will be out of warranty. At this time, which would I "lose" more money on if I trade in or sell?
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