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Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions:(1995-2004 Models)



  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    The major issues in the Honda Odyssey have been worked through. The transmission was updated to a 5 speed starting in the 2002 model year. That was the primary source of problems on the 99 - 01 Ody. Again, another small group of 02/03 owners have experienced issues with oil leaking as well (as did I), however, it is usually the result of an aluminum crush gasket not being replaced at Oil Change time (a good reason to use a Honda dealer to get the oil changed - they guarantee to do this).

    Even better - now that the 04 Sienna is out (as well as the 04 Quest) pricing pressue and slumping sales are providing price relief to potential Ody buyers (some have purchased for invoice - I DID!).

    Good Luck with whatever you choose!
  • lfikelfike Posts: 38
    Welcome back Momstruck1.
    L:ook at it this way Mariann. Millions of people own Odysseys and you see just a few posts here concerning problems. I have never had a problem that was not fixed by a Honda dealer...though I cannot say the same for Chrysler. I am sure there are others that will say visa versa. Anyway...glad to see you back here.
    PS...wife says to tell ya that she will never give up here Odyssey! (never is a long time).
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    idea and back to a mini van is a big jump. We will see I have 2 years to play around with all my ideas. I can jump in earlier but need to see the new quest and if honda re-designs.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Glad to see you are still around. I thought you had given up on the idea of a minivan and decided to stick with your TB (haha no chance on that I know). Anyway, long time to hear.
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    I checked the tourque setting and it was over 110ft/lbs. I set it back to what the mfg. states as 80ft/lbs. The dealer was the last to tourque them when I had the tires rotated about three months ago. They always tell you to retourque them after 30 days. Its an alloy wheel thing.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Re-torque wheel after 30 days, it's not an alloy whel thing. It's to verify that wheel lugs don't lose its torque value. It should be checked no matter whether its steel or alloy wheel.

    If your wheel lugs were torqued to 100 ft/;bs its way over torqued by your dealer. If a lug was torqued to 80 ft/lbs, torque will not go to 100 ft/lbs by driving your cars. You should tell them if you are sure its 100 ft/lbs. How did you know it was torqued to 110 ft/lbs? Did you try to untorque your wheel lugs with 80 ft/lbs setting?


  • jenrossojenrosso Posts: 1
    We are having problems with the driver's side power window on our 2003 Odyssey. When the car was about 8 months old, I pushed the button to lower the window just a crack. It lowered all the way, and would not go back up. The dealer replaced the power window control device, but guess what? Less than a week later, the same thing happened. We are headed back to the dealer a second time now, for the same problem. We earlier had the passenger side window worked on, because it made a grinding noise when going up. Now that window works fine, but we are stuck with a driver's side window that is permanently open until we get it replaced (again). Has anyone experienced a similar problem? What was the solution?
  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    dchopp - interesting that the dealer did that to your lugs... Due to family emergency, we had the Ody on the road much earlier than planned. Had to have the oil changed at a Jiffy Lube in Ottawa, IL (long story). After 3000 miles it started to leak oil so I brought it to my Servicing dealer. The dealer pointed out that the aluminum crush gasket had not been replaced and the oil plug was under torqued. If the dealer is turning the lugs to 30lbs OVER where they should be, that sould be addressed with the dealer...

    Jenrosso - work with the servicing dealer... My guess is that the power motor may be causing an overload to the electronics - thus "blowing" out the sensors used to automatically send the window up/down. Be polite but firm with the dealer until the situation is resolved.

    Good Luck!
  • pete109pete109 Posts: 1
    Anybody have a '99 Odyssey transmission problems?

    Ours has had all recommended maintenance, including required servicing at 90K miles (including new timing belt and new transmission fluid). We also had purchased an extended Warranty (extends warranty out to 100K miles).

    Now, at 114K miles, our check engine went on and the transmission will slip or clunk into gear going from a slow speed and accelerating
    gently (engine would rev, then the transmission would take hold, go CLUNK!, and van would be in gear). Our Honda dealer's service says that it's a complete transmission failure and we need to pay $5,050 for a new transmission. The dealer says the problem is out of their hands. Honda Customer Service says it's beyond warranty and they won't cover any repairs or replacement (even partial).

    My last Honda product (a 1994 Acura Integra) went nearly 200,000 miles with the original transmission (until I traded it in for a new
    Civic this year).

    IMHO, 114K highway miles on a 1999 Odyssey should
    not require a $5,000 repair bill to keep the car safe. (I.E. apparently the transmission can stop working at any time, potentially stranding anyone in my family who is driving the vehicle).

    If anyone has any similar problems or advice with how to get resolution with this matter, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    It might help to read prior posts, lots of these same issues. Our 99 failed at 76,000. Dealer said pay up 5500, I said I knew about tranny isb's and recalls. THEN he said call corporate. They picked up all but the labor..500, which I thought was reasonable. Got the tranny done by Honda, with a 3 yr warranty. They paid for the rental too, after asking twice. But you have to be persistant. Ours was done last September. It is a shame that the dealers are not more helpful in the beginning. Good luck to you.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    The difference between cdfwife and pete109 is 28,000 miles. Also pete109 vehicle is over 100k miles which seems to be the cutoff for coverage by any manufacturer for transmissions.

    But I would still be persistent about this and try to get Honda to cover some of it. Esp. since the maintanence schedule was followed and we are talking aout $5500.

    pete109: You may also want to call some independent garages that specialize in Hondas to see how much they would charge for replacing the transmission. If you do have to pay for this repair, it will be cheaper if you get it done there.
  • jpottawajpottawa Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey EX with 48,000 km on it. WE drove to Alaska last summer and on numerous occasions was able to check the accuracy of the odometer against the highway marker. THe Odyssey is abot 2% inaccurate. For every 5 km of actual driving distance, the odometer reads 5.1 km. Given that my Ody has 48,000 km on it, the actual distance driven is 47040. Has anyone else had similar experience.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Thought I might run this by just in case anyone was interested.

    Both my brother and I purchased our Ody this past March. The weekend of July 4th they took a holiday week to Martha's Vineyard. Anyway, one morning they were shocked to find out that the rear windshield was shattered into pieces. No not vandalism.

    They drove home several days later to NJ with the window taped up. Honda dealer did not even have to think about it. They came right out and said yes there was a defect and they will fix it for nothing.

    Either Honda knows that there is a problem, or this is a normal thing with rear windshield.

    I have a 93 2door Integra, with the hatch being slammed and it has never been broken. I hope I just didn't jinx it now.
  • odysbmw5odysbmw5 Posts: 9
    I have been shocked by the Odyssey's poor MPG. I bought the Odyssey in May and with 6000 miles already on it I am still getting only 20MPG on HIGHWAYS! Am I doing something wrong? My average fuel bill has gone up by 50% compared to my old 94Grand Caravan!
  • glasschimeglasschime Posts: 13
    I have an 03' Odyssey purchased in Sep 02'. My driver's window makes a creaking noise when it goes up or down. Haven't taken it in yet. I will probably wait until it stops working entirely before I bite the bullet and take it in. I like the car, but am disappointed that a brand new (expensive) vehicle has this kind of problem right out of the gate.

    Hope your dealer gets this straighted out. I'd call Honda directly in the meantime and see if they can't put a little pressure on your dealer to fix this once and for all.

    Good luck
  • glasschimeglasschime Posts: 13
    Consumer Reports lied!

    I also, am only getting 20 miles per gallon on the highway in my 03' Odyssey.

    I wish someone would come out with a hybrid minivan.
  • dave2003dave2003 Posts: 17
    would weigh half as much, have half the power and be half as safe as the Odyssey. You do get something for the lower MPG. For me, I'll take the heavier weight (and therefore the extra safety). BTW, we consistently get 20 to 23 MPG in mixed city/highway driving.

    Oh, as far as Consumer Reports (or anyone else) not speaking the truth: YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.
  • doncasdoncas Posts: 11
    We purchased our 2003 Odyssey in Fall 2002. Our fuel mileage was somewhat lower than I expected but has steadily increased to approximately 24 mpg on highway trips. My wife gets approximately 18 mpg in suburban driving conditions. We have 12,000 miles on the odometer.
  • doncasdoncas Posts: 11
    Be careful when you assume the vehicles odometer is inaccurate. The incorrect odometer readings could be the result of inaccurate highway markers.
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