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Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions:(1995-2004 Models)



  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    that's not a lot of miles. How often do you drive it?

    Mine's got 83K miles and except for a new tranny its been pretty good.
  • So, I trade in my beloved WRX for an Odyssey to appease the wife. Go full tilt. Get the Touring with everything...figure why not? Went with Honda based on prior experience and reputation. Whoops.

    Less than a few hundred miles in I notice what I can best describe as the tranny slipping. Particularly during gradual acceleration from 35-50mph and while cruising and encountering slight grades. It was almost like it couldn't make up its mind as to whether or not to downshift or remain in OD. It feels like you are driving on a perpetual rumble strip.

    I go to the dealer. Service manager goes for a spin. I ride shotty. He's not even on the freeway and he notices it. You can not only feel through the throttle but also the seat of your pants. He also points out wind noise due to a bad seal(s).

    Diagnosis? New tranny and new windshield seals. Shocking to me. I bought this for its vaunted reliability and I need a new trans inside of first 90 days...WTF?!

    Dealership with nice, thorough and accomodating. Told me they see "...lots..." of these. Apparently attributable to a bad run of trannies from one vendor. Per the dealership they haven't seen any issues with the replacement trannies they are using.

  • I have a 2002 Odyssey which I bought new. I had problems this :) very hot summer with squeaks, but they went away on their own after 2 months. I currently have 136,000 kilometers (82,870 miles). There has never been a problem with acceleration or idling. What all vehicles need is to be taken, at least, once a week, on a short, 50 mile, highway trip, pushing the accelerator to the floor and using passing gear to get the 'carbon' out of the engine. Think of this weekly journey as a Forum-I trip around the track. My dealer told me I had the right idea and "do not baby the Odyssey; it's meant' to be driven hard". Oh, I had the transmission recall '2nd gear oiler device', but I still have the original transmission.
  • Hi, the 2001 Honda is $11500 with 83k miles on it (EX). The other is an 2002 Honda EX with 38k miles on it and it is $16500.

    From what I can tell they are both "good" buys, but was wondering what someone else thought.

    I know the engine and transmission was changed in 2002 to 240 HP and 5 spd. transmission. The Side Air Bag was added in 2002 (but it appears to be only for the driver and passenger, nothing for the back rows.) The NHTSA gives the same rating for safety for both vehicles (does SAB not add something?)

    The recalls on the 2002 are for the transmission and engine coolant, and I can find no recalls at all for the 2001.

    The cabin size is the same. In fact, aside from the engine's horsepower, they appear to be identical vehicles.

    How does the transmission hold up in these kind of vehicles? My Accord has 157K miles on it.

    Thanks for helping me. :)

    Still, 38,000 miles is good. I just wanted to get some opinions.
  • I have a 1998 Honda Odyssey with under 45,000 miles and am the original owner of this van.
    When I got in it this morning and turned on ignition, nothing happened not even a click. I assumed the battery was bad and took it to auto store, and they checked the battery and it showed bad, so I bought new one. I replaced it and there was no corrosion on cables, but still the car does not crank. The dash lights come on and the headlights burn bright, but when you turn ignition to crank, nothing happens, not even click. I returned to auto store, and they said I need to check starter, but why would starter with so low mileage be bad, and I do not trust them very much after them selling me battery which I did not need. This car does have Viper alarm system, which I had installed, and works fine. Anything else, I could check? thanks
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    The vehicle is 8 years old so it could be the starter. However, I would follow up on the electrical side of things. I have had several vehicles where there was plenty of juice to run the accessories (lights etc.) but not enough to make the starter even click. I would suspect the connections to the battery. Do whatever you can to assure a good connection. Clean them with sandpaper, make sure that they are not loose. Also, your new battery will probably need a charge now. If you don't have a charger, after you have cleaned and connected the terminals to the best of you ability, hook up jumper cables use and try to start the van. This helps to charge the battery and connecting the jumper cables directly to the cables from the van will guarantee pretty good electrical current to the starter irrespective of the condition of the connections to the battery. If you do all of this and you still don't get a click out of the starter, you probably need a new starter. If it turns even a little bit, you need more current.
    Good luck
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,601
    Highly unlikely it's your starter. On Hondas they rarely go bad even after a lot of miles.

    I have a strong dislke for aftermarket alarm systems and I suspect that could be the problem.
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    I did not realize that you have an alarm. This should have a starter kill circuit which will kill the starter. A blown fuse or a malfunction in the alarm could be disabling your vehicle. You did have a bad battery though.
    Let us know when you get it fixed.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I would check to make sure that the 2002 wasn't one of the first ones to roll off the line.

    The main differences between the 01 and 02 (besides mileage) are the 4 wheel disc brakes on the 2002, side airbags, cupholders on the sides of the second row bucket seats, grocery bag hooks on the back of the third row, a different alloy wheel design, and the bigger engine and transmission.

    The Side Airbags simply add a little peace of mind, IMO.
  • Is it normal for the engine mounts on my 2003 Odyssey to break with only 45,000 miles? I do live in a city.
  • How do I know if it is one of the first to "roll off the line"? What do I check? Thanks.
  • Stay faaaaaaaaaaar away from HONDA, I know I will get rid of my 05 Odyssey what a piece oh junk... I am planning to trade it in for a Toyota...
  • Yep, never ever again HONDA, lessons learned... I tried to go with Lemmon Law with all the issues I had, but I will trade my 05 Ody in for a Toyota Sienna since my health is more important that getting stressed out about it...
  • I will probably purchase it tomorrow. There seems to be arguments on both sides of the car "thing." Many satisfied customers though and it is still highly rated by CR and other places. I'm tired of researching (but thanks). I have just seen both sides. I hope I don't get a lemon. Going with the 2002 EX Sport Van 38k miles. 16,977.
  • I see some as EX and some as EX Sport van. What's the difference? I can't find the information on it anywhere. Thanks.
  • I really spoke prematurely a minute ago. Sorry. Everywhere I look I see folks with transmission problems (for most all years). I can find no transmission problems reported by consumers for the Toyota Sienna 2004 (year it got big enough inside to consider). I am going to test drive it, but I've really got bad vibes off these vehicles now. Yeah, I said bad vibes. I make many decisions on those. Thanks for your help.
  • hsonghsong Posts: 11
    With only 1900 miles, my car got these serviced:
    1. air bag tightening (noise),
    2. windshield noise, yesterday,
    3. WOOOOM (high freqency) noise, technican took a look yesterday. The fix did not seem to work.

    The WOOOOM noice is very annoying. It happens around 35-40mph, especially bad at speed of 60-65mph. The noice seems to come from engine. It does that at both
    acceleration and deceleration.

    Anyone talking or having the same problem? :sick:
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    I am not sure of the production numbers, but I believe that Honda sold several hundred thousand Odysseys each year. Dissatisfied people complain, satisfied people stay quiet. the early 90's Dodge Minivans were notorious for their bad transmissions, but I had one that went 170, 000 miles and was still running fine. Some of it is luck of the draw, some of it is how and where you drive and some of it is maintenance. It would be really enlightening to see some hard numbers on this type of information. It is all statistics and percentages until it affects you and then it is 100%.
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    My 05 Odyssey EX-L with NAV and RES, has been mostly trouble-free (14,500 miles) till date.

    Couple of issues:
    a) Grating sound from the brakes at low speeds - dealer changed the pads and turned the rotors - fixed.
    b) Whistling sound from the windshield. Dealer has ordered a part to fix it.

    Nothing else...till date.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Check the assembly date. If it was built before 2002, I'd be a little more cautious. That year was the first year of the new 5 speed automatic and the big boost in horsepower and torque.

    The date should be on the driver's door pillar on a sticker with all sorts of information. Where it was built. When was it built. Etc.

    Like from my door pillar sticker, I know that mine was built 12/01 in Alliston, Ontario.

    Good luck, and so far mine's been OK, save a few things, but still, sometimes its luck of the draw.
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