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Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions:(1995-2004 Models)



  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    Truckie - If it's the "Maint Req'd" light (the Check Engine Light is an entirely different light), it's reminding you that it's time for service. You can reset it yourself. Read your owners manual to learn how.

    Lychee - Your CEL/TCS lights situation is probably due to a plugged port in the Intake Manifold for the EGR valve. Honda has extended the warranty to 80,000 miles on this problem.

    Take it to a dealer. They should remove the manifold and bore out that port for you at no charge. If there's any question on this, contact your Honda District or Regional Rep. It's a known and somewhat common problem. Once rebored, it should last for a while.
  • Can someone tell me if the Digital Clock on the dashboard of a '00 EX is illuminated at night? My wife is sure that it should be and I don't remember if it was.

    If it should be illuminated, does anyone have an idea what the problem may be?
  • DTKWOKDTKWOK Posts: 131
    It would be nice if the thrid row seat could be split, but alas that's not the case. BTW, we typically only need either 4 seats or 6 seats, very rarely 5 seats. In many cases even with the third row seats up, there is still decent room in the back for storage. Don't know about "can't meet the demand of many North American families" as there are waiting lists for these things and who cares if it can't meet your neighbor's needs, as long as it meet YOURS, right?

    I don't see your correlation between limited numbers and perfection? If I asked you to design and build a car (qty 1), would you be able to build a perfect one? Probably not, also take into consideration that this is Honda's first attempt at a real minivan, so cut them a little slack.

    As for the Sedona, it's a nice van, but being fairly new to the states I would be a little hesitant on getting one. Also, the Sedona has smaller cargo/passenger room than the Odyssey. The Odyssey has proven 5 star crash ratings whereas the Sedona's has yet TBD.

    Sounds like you own a Nissan Quest or something similiar (i.e. rear bench sliding forward to the middle). Just a hunch.
  • First off, I'm surprised I will say this about a Honda, but the Odyssey is junk. Perhaps not compared to the market, but compared to other Honda products. We own a '98 Civic that has been bulletproof in reliability. We have a Honda motor on our pontoon boat, and we have replaced the Odyssey with an Accord. With the problems we have experienced (bad brakes, EGR problems that we argued with the dealer about and recently got a warranty extension notice after we sold it.) we could not wait to get rid of the thing. I personally know other Odyssey owners that have had the same problems, plus failed transmissions and other major issues. Maybe we are spoiled by past experience with Honda products, but the Ody just didn't cut it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I test drove a Sedona. It was OK, nothing special, may be competitive with the 2nd tier of vans. The lumbar support in the driver's seat was unbearable, lumpy as anything.

    Cargo room behind the 3rd seat is tiny. Engine was torquey but not very refined, but that's OK for the very low price they offer.

  • We purchased our Odyssey on 1 Sep 01, my wife loves it... I only get to drive it on weekends, if I'm lucky!! I have noticed that when the transmission shifts into overdrive that there is a low roaring noise coming from the transmission at a low speed, but when I get to about 50 mph the noise for the most part goes away... I have read in a couple of postings that it might just be the torque converter making that noise at the low speed and there is not a problem. When you back up very slow you will hear a klunking noise coming from the rear, not sure what is causing it, suspect that it just might be the brakes in the rear. The last thing I have noticed was that the Right Rear Tail Light cover has a crack in it at the top... it looks like it has come from closing the tailgate door. I think that the Tail Light cover was tighten to tight and the shutting of the tailgate door caused it to crack. Has anyone had this kind of problem? Tomorrow I will be taking our van to have its' first service done on it... our van only has 5500 miles on it but we want to get it done before the weather really gets cold here in TN. Again, we really like our Odyssey and have not experienced any problems that I have read about here. I did a lot of research before we brought our Odyssey and could not find anything else to match it.
  • skubesskubes Posts: 19
    My 99 LX lost it's clock backlight at 38,000. I've seen two other posts about it here that said that 1)you can't replace the bulb without pulling out half the dashboard, or 2) another post that said their dealer said the whole clock has to be replaced. I'm out of warranty, so no plans to spend the money and have the dash rearranged. We just live with it, just like the horrible squealing brakes.
  • I anxiously await to see what Honda comes up with in upgrading the Accord to compete with the new Camry and Altima. Will the engines (4 & 6 cyl.) put out more power? Will they come up with a 5 spd automatic as in the Odyssey? How much larger will it grow in size and weight? The 1998 Accord was a nice increase in size, but not in power. Does anyone have any info. or direction for me to search out these questions? I remember the news on the 1999 Odyssey did not break in the car magazines or anyplace else until the van showed up on the dealer lots. Thanks for your input. Happy Holidays!!!!!!
  • wdroswdros Posts: 6
    Finally, I was able to get the dealer to pay for labor to resurface the rotors and change the pads. I had to pay $54 for the pads. It took me going to another dealer and doing tons of research on Ody break problems before they agreed to pay for the work. It appears there is a TSB on resurfacing the rotors where Honda will pay for the labor. You have to ask for it though, otherwise it is going to cost you $250. FYI the van is 2001 LX with 16,000 miles, took delivery in Oct 00.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,958
    Here's a post about getting access to the clock to replace the backlight:
    auburn63 Oct 31, 2001 5:40pm

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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Honda is very good at keeping secrets. The 2003 Accord will probably be about half way between the current Accord and the Acura TL.

  • Go directly to the zone manager and demand a replacement transmission. If you get the runaround then fax a letter to Honda America CEO in Torrance, CA.... It cost me $500 to fix a problem that is not recognized by Honda. I was originally quoted $3500 then $1800 and finally after much back and forth $500. I have a 2000 LX and the tranny first show signs at 42k... Get it fixed and do so asap.
  • I'm still under warranty so I will let my dealer fix the backlight. Thanks!
  • Just picked up my ggEX last night. Not as excited as when I picked up my 91 Accord SE 10 years ago-------sure hope this Ody will last me all these years without 1 single problem just like my 10-year-old Accord had done for me.

    After reading all these problems here about Ody, started thinking about getting a 7/75000 HondaCare warranty which Honda had quoted me $999.00(7/100000 is $1199.00) with $0 deductible. It seems like a good investment when every minor/major repair would easily cost thousands of dollars, and transmission is very expensive.

    Anybody had purchased HondaCare? Any advice on price?

    BTW, I wanted to install a Panasonic TV/DVD at Fry but was told that it would void the Honda Factory Warranty on "electrical" parts. Is it true? If it's true, why are there so many people using those aftermarket CD, radio, or security alarm? When I asked the electronic store about it, I was told it won't void any Honda warranty. Please advise if anybody knows the truth.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    If you do a search of Edmunds you will find a number of Honda Dealers around the country that are selling the 7/100K/0 Hondacare Warranty for around $900 or less. I live in Mich. and purchased mine from a dealer in upstate NY over the phone with my CC for 895. Had the paperwork from Honda in about 3 weeks. My dealer told me it was about 1400 (his cost) and no way could I get it cheaper. Not only did he lie but being I got it out of state I didn't have to pay any local sales tax. This seems to be another Honda product that some dealers are trying to rip us off on. On should you get it, my feelings are in 7 years you are bound to have something go wrong with any vehicle and at todays prices you should at least break even. Also remember the added benifits of a free rental car, and I believe trip protection if breakdown happens on a trip.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Anybody knows about anything about the aftermarket TV/DVD installation will void Honda warranty on "electrical" parts? All advice greatly appreciated.

    If that was the case there wouldn't be any aftermarket dealers selling anything around. Now if they install a product and do a bad job and it causes something else to short out than Honda would have a claim just on what happened and you would have to go back to installer for compensation.
  • First, my brief 99 Ody EX history: 45K miles, mostly trouble-free (minor problems with the doors, but that's about it). Until a week ago.

    The battery went dead, which I didn't consider unusual for 2.5 years into the car. We jumped the car, and it started, albeit sluggishly, for the next two days. The morning of the 3rd day, I replaced the battery with a Die Hard. I got in to start it, and noticed that the interior lights were dim. The ignition clicked, but nothing else. After sitting a few minutes, the car would turn over, but VERY slowly.

    The repair shop (a Honda specialist) ruled out: the alternator (said the battery light would have come on); the starter; and a current drain, which they tested for. They sent me home, but I noticed it still turned over more sluggishly than usual, and the electric doors closed more slowly than usual.

    Today (3 days after leaving the shop), the battery is dead again.

    Any suggestions, or has anyone had a similar problem?

    Merry Christmas to all! :)
  • Double checking running voltage output from alternator would be first place to look. A bad diode would cause lower than needed output under load. IE headlights on,a/c on/wipers on/rear window defogger on/radio on all at the same time will reveal if alternator is keeping up with demand. Die hards are not the best choice either, Interstate is a much better choice IMHO. You should have @ 13.5 volts with all these acc's running, if not alternator/regulator is defective.
    I'm thinking these are internally regulated
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Clarify for me: Do I run this check with the engine ON and these accessories on (excuse my ignorance)? And exactly how would I check the voltage (I have a voltmeter)?

    Also, all accessories -- lights, A/C, wipers -- work fine with the engine running. When the engine is off, the interior lights are dim, the auto doors close up slower, and the "turnover" of the engine at ignition is slower.

    I had suspected the regulator, also, but I hadn't considered the diode.

    Thanks again!
  • I've never really had good experiances with sears batteries. If your "Honda Guy" checked the alternater then I think it would be OK!!! Yes 13.5 V is standard on a 12 volt battery. Take your van to AutoZone or another place that offers free testing and have them "Load-Test" your system... You'll know for sure what the problem is.

    If you find it is the new DieHard, then take it back and go to Walmart and by a better battery with the same warranty for 1/2 the price...
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