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Ford Expedition Air Ride Suspension



  • mabe one of your air pockets have a hole in it
  • My problem seems to have slowly progressed.At first I would have to wiggle the wire to the switch under the passenger front fender for it to kick on the pump and it would be fine.Now it will kick on the pump for about ten seconds and the rear raises maybe 1/4 inch and still looks like its sittin on the tires.....any suggestions pls?
  • This may work for some of you having air ride suspension problems. It has worked for me for the last few years on my '97 Exp EB. I had the compressor and relay go out multiple times. Every time one went, the other did too...when one burns out it burns the other out (or at least I was told). And every time I had repairs done (to the tune of $1000 plus each time) I wound up having one or the other part replaced a second or even a third time within a 30 day window. So clearly this is a messed up system. In desperation I pleaded with service guy at the dealer to fix it once and for all. His solution... turn off the system after the air bags are pumped up. There is a switch on the passenger side under the dash. The air bags will hold the air pretty well when the system is turned off - better than when the system is turned on. When you turn the system off, the check suspension light will come on and stay on (I just live with it). A couple of times a year I turn the system on when I am going to be driving around town. The compressor will usually come on within twenty minutes and pump up the airbags. When it is done I stop and turn the system off and I am good to go for another six months. I have been doing this for four years now and while it is not ideal, it works for me and I have not had to put more money into this terrible system. I have 250K miles on this car and other than the suspension it has been a pretty good vehicle. Hopes this helps others! :)
  • i have a 97 ford expedition sitting on its tires practically... i know alittle bit about the system but not enough to fix it.....but my question is im not getting no power to the compressor,so i went and got a new relay from the dealer and still no power,but the compressor works if i jump it with a jump pack.....can anybody help me figure this out..i know i had a leak from the sensor that was on the frame rail so i changed that as well.....just no power and a very uncomfortable ride for my pregnant wife...Please Help....
  • Possible short term patch - if you can jump the compressor and get the air bags to pump up, then turn off the suspension system. There is a switch under the dash on the passenger side to turn off the suspension system. You will get an instrument light that says "check suspension", which I ignore. The air bags should stay pumped for a while - I do this twice a year, so the rear bags stay pumped for six months. This way I do not burn out the relay or compressor. Hope this helps you - a little inconvenient but cheap, and it works for me - been doing it for four years.
  • yeah i know where the switch is....but even when i jumped the compressor it still didnt pump up....but im pretty sure the sensor which had a crack in it also had alot to do with the air leaking out.....but as soon as i get them pumped up i defin will turn the switch off.....
  • I own a 2000 eb expedition. my problem is the air bags deflating.when it is drove to work or anywhere it airs up but comp is constantly turning on and off. it can sit in driveway all night and stays up then all at once it drops to the ground until truck is started. now it seems it drops to the ground everytime truck is stopped for more than an hour.i know one airbag has a pinhole leak but something else is releasing the air all at once. i'm at my wits end. any ideas,suggestions? somekind of valve maybe?
  • az83az83 Posts: 1
    I been struggling with this darn air suspension also. After I had to drive from La. to San Diego on broken bags I replaced everything from sensors to bags. Now bothers me that every time I turn the truck of the driver side deflates a bit more than the passenger. Then self levels when car starts. That bugs the ish out of me and I don't now if the yahoos who installed it did it right or is there a leak. if I am parked level shouldn't the air bags on both sides deflate the same amount. Can any one clarify.
  • Replace the rear air bags with coil springs. You do not need the kit from strutmasters, go to your local car quest and get part number cch cc80841 and a new set of shocks. Just did mine and it was less than 150.00. It now rides great, and i never have to worry about the air ride again. It even tells you how to get rid of the check suspension light. Good luck!
  • i think my load level switch is going out and i'm looking for a set of bags. anyone know where to start looking for these items? are they expensive? thanks. :)
  • Im having the same problem. Is yours a 2wd or 4wd? cause when i call about that particular part number they say thats the 2wd spring and i have a 4wd EB.
  • I am experiencing the same problem. I went to ford and talked to them about all the replacement parts. I am a do it yourselfer and according to what I found the only way to match what you nend perfectly is the vin number. I also found out that a compressor from ford is $586, air springs are $283, a relay is $153. I myself can not afford to pay that much. So I went Arnott Inc. and talked with them about a replacement kit that was less that the compressor alone. I have heard that a conversion kit to springs is good to. The one that I thought would work the best was out of my price range so therefore I went this route hoping to get another Five years out of my 1998 Ford Expedition (EB) 4x4. So I got my parts and now have comensed to putting them in and ran into a problem that I hope I can get some help. The compressor came out easy and changed out easy. The airbags are the troublesome part. I got the bottom off and the retainer clip off and the selinod loose but touches the frame of the car. My next issue is to get the carter key out so that I can drop the air bag out and replace it with a new one. The airbags are new to me and therefore have not learned how to get them out.
  • I am need some pointers on where and how to remove the carter key holding the top of the airbag in on my expedition. I have dettached the botom and taken the retaining clip off the sileoind. According the instructions the selinoid should come right out but bottoms out at the back of the frame and I am guessing that I need to remove the cater key but do not no with what or how. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
  • My air susp on the back of my 98 eddie bauer 4wd exp has just crapped out. The check suspension light had been on and the compressor has been noisy for some time. Sat I backed out of the 2 ft of snow we have and shortly after I noticed its sittin basically on the rear end now. Rather than mess with finding a needle in a hay stack I am considering changing the system over to a conventional spring/strut system. The rear end is pretty strait forward but I assume you change the front over as well? Next question is where is a good place to get a air suspension replacement system from and how much hassle is the front to change over? Thanks
  • it took me some time to figure that thing out too but all I do is shimmy my hands to either side of the key and pull together. I also have long skinny fingers so maybe some needle nose pliers would work also?
  • I read several posts and someone claimed that car quest cch-cc80841 would replace the bags to coils. my questions are

    does the vehicle sit high or low? I prefer higher then lower
    when I called carquest they will not guarentee they will fit. Any solutions or ideas. Strutmaster is a rip off, there must be a better way
  • I have a 97 If you replace the rear bags with springs do you have to do the front at the same time or can the system be split ? Also I tow a lot and does this spring system affect towing load? FYI I live and tow at high altitude and find my Expedition performs much better on premium gas.
  • I'm a poor self fixer I need a good cheep manuel on ford truck suv is there such a thing
  • Chilton and Haynes both have them.
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