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Ford Expedition Air Ride Suspension



  • dhuarddhuard Posts: 1
    what was the 85 dollar fix?im having problems with mine and would like to know if you fixed yours and what was the problem?
  • fml_3080fml_3080 Posts: 1
    i recently had my 2000 expedition taken in to get my inspection done. after leaving the shop, i noticed my ck susp. light came on and the vehicle started to ride like a low rider...normal in the front but low and bouncy in the rear. i got out and saw the rear end sitting on the tires almost. i took it to a shop and they said if they guy inspecting it didnt turn off the switch then he must have messed something up because the switch is supposed to be off when raising the vehicle up. well the guy there thought it was a sensor and come to find out the air bag was ripped. is this possible because they didnt turn the switch off and it didnt let the bags move? i am confused about it and need a little help..thanks in advance!
  • sfggamersfggamer Posts: 1
    Woke up this morning to a low-riding Expedition. I wonder what result you had back in March regarding your suspension issues. Thanks!
  • nae1060nae1060 Posts: 1
    We converted my air ride suspension to coils over the weekend. Drives great. No problems. HOW DO YOU TURN OFF THE CHECK SUSP LIGHT? It's driving us crazy!!
  • airconmanairconman Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info slfranci. I took your advice and did the same. I have 286,000 miles on my '97 Exp EB 4WD and finally have had enough with the air ride system. It has cost a lot of money, time and angst over the years. I bought the Moog parts you referenced and some new shocks from Amazon. - total cost was about $300 which included expedited shipment and a pair of jack stands. I "rented" a spring compressor from Autozone. I am by no means an auto mechanic...I used all hand tools - no air driven tools. It took a good five hours, but this included replacing the shocks and a little user error which easily added an extra hour. Anyone that is at all auto savvy should have no problem doing this conversion.
    I appreciate your post - it gave me the confidence to tackle this. No more air ride head aches...John
  • 58pacer58pacer Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    Yes, there is an easy way, and you don't have to even get under the chassis to do it. Simply jack up one end of the truck until the tires (both front or both rears) are just touching the ground, but firmly enough to still leave some weight on the suspension. That last part is important. You don't want the wheels to be entirely off the ground. Some weight on wheels is necessary so the air springs don't become distorted. Do this with the air suspension switch in the "on" position. What you are doing is fooling the leveling system into deflating the air bags in an attempt to level the truck.

    If the engine's been off for more than about 40 minutes or so, you may need to start the engine, put your foot firmly on the brake, and shift in and out of gear a few times, just to get the air suspension to turn on again. When you stop the engine, you should hear the clicking of the solenoids and a gentle release of air from the air bags. This may cycle on and off for a few minutes with the truck parked and jacked up just as described.

    Come back in a few minutes, and gently press on the sides of the air bags with your fingers. You should find them nice and soft at this point. Don't let the suspension all the way down in this condition, or the bags may come loose from their footings and/or lose shape. Be sure to support the truck with jack stands if you intend to slide yourself under the chassis.

    When re-inflating the system, take the truck off of the jack stands and bring the jack down to where the truck is approximately level, then start the engine the same as when you deflated. The bags will now inflate to approximately normal level, and the jack can be removed. The system may continue some leveling adjustments to bring everything to a proper height.
  • I should clarify a couple of statements I made regarding the procedure for deflating the air springs on an Expedition.

    First of all, you should jack up the end of the truck on which you intend to deflate the air springs. So if you intend to deflate the rear air bags, you must jack up the rear of the truck, and correspondingly the front of the truck for the front air springs, if so equipped.

    Secondly, when re-inflating it would be useful to lower the truck to a little lower than level on the end you intend to re-inflate, rather than approximately level as I originally wrote. That will prompt the system to raise the truck by re-inflating the bags.
  • I have the same problem did you ever figure out how to fix it?

    thanks for any info.
  • ricks2524ricks2524 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I have a 4x4 2004 Expedition with a problem in the air suspension. I'll try to expalin it as best I can. The vehicle passenger side front will lower completely down. The truck leans like it has a flat tire. The compressor runs as normal ,a few seconds in the morning, but doesnt pump up the passenger front side. If I put the the vehicle in 4WL, it will pump everything back to normal and will stay that way until driven. I don't think it has a leak because the compress don't run more than a few seconds like always and the fact that the bags seem to hold air until I drive it.
  • hi i have the same problem on my 1998 expedition did you find the problem thanks
  • either take the light bulb out like I did or take the fuse for the air ride out
  • airconmanairconman Posts: 13
    So, 01fordeb, it has been a year since you did the conversion. How is your EB Exp riding? Do the monroe coils keep the back end up nicely? Do you ever haul a healthy load and do the coils handle it well? I did the conversion with the moog coils and have to say it is better than dealing with the air suspension problems, but the moog coils are marginal in my opinion. The back end sags, especially with any kind of load. I want to replace the coils with something beefier and eliminate the sag. Assuming you are still positive on the conversion, can you tell me what model monroe coils you have?
  • airconmanairconman Posts: 13
    Okay, 9 months after converting my '97 Exp to the moog coils in the rear I am finding the truck sags too much in the back. Has anyone had a better experience with different coils? and if so, with what brand and model? I am happy to not be dealing with air bag system problems but I want a better load handling coil than the moog coils I have on now...
    Thanks for any help!

  • hi i have problem with my 98 expedition air suspension,i will try to describe it as possible..

    # when i start the truck the compressor kicks in and work prefect the front and rear air shock works to its level then compressor stops..i barely hear the compressor again when the truck is moving or running i guess its a good sign....

    # then notice when i turn off the engine i heard couple clicking sound coming from the rear and my rear end starts to go down about 1 to 2 inches then stops.. IS THIS NORMAL???

    #then after whole day off not running the rear end drops and rear driver side sits on the tire and the rear passenger aside almost sits on the tire..IS THIS NORMAL JUST FOR COUPLE OF HOURS THE REAR END DROP??? IF NOT HOW LONG WOULD IT LAST UNTIL THE REAR END DROPS?

    #then i turn off the switch still the rear end drops,so there must be something wrong with it....

    #Where can i start looking for for the problem? need help...ty
  • jrod12jrod12 Posts: 1
    I just put the monroe 90010 coil spring conversion kit on my 98 expedition after my air springs failed. I found that the back end sits up about 1 to 2 inches higher than the front and am looking for a solution. Did your moog springs keep the back end up on yours at first before it started to sag? I also hooked a heavy camper trailer to the back of my expedition and it only sagged about 2 inches
  • My 2006 Expo Air Suspension is down on all 4 bags...Can you tell me what part was fixed/replaced on yours....

    I checked for leaks and my Motor Compressor will work when I bypass the relay---

    Thank you
    Baton Rouge LA
  • My 2003 Expedition Air Suspension Module (ASM) had all 4 air bags deflated about 1 year ago.. the only thing the dealer did was reprogram the ASM.. The dealer had no clue as to why...
    Everything worked well until this week. Ironically the same thing has happened--- All four Bags have deflated. I can activate the compressor/motor by jumping the relay and checked the air lines going to the solenoids--- I found no leaks...
    I would like to manually inflate the bags to check the bags as well as Keep this EXPO from riding like a Bronco Horse.
    I am not sure how to best activate the solenoids at each bag--- I know I can disconnect the ASM connector from each Solenoid and apply 12 volts across the coil to activate each solenoid---
    While I think it could be the ASM needs reprograming AGAIN...I am reluctant to take it to the dealer without making other component checks ----
    IF anyone has pulled the Motor/ compressor relay off and checked the voltage at the relay connector/wires I would appreciate your Voltage Readings---- The readings I got were the Following: At the 2 large connections that go to the Motor/compressor I get 12 volts on 1 and zero volts or groundd on the other. The 2 smaller connector/wires ,which activate the relay by the ASM, get 12 Volts on one and the other which i think goes back to the ASM reads about 3 volts.

    All your suggestion, information, or references to help me will be greatly appreciated.

    Charles Pace
    Baton Rouge, LA
  • does someone have the instructions on how to replace my front air shocks?
  • What year and Model -- Is it a 4x4 or rear wheel drive only ?

    Are you getting rid of the Air Suspension 0r changing out the Air lift bags?
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