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2005 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Understandable question!
    Christina is a GM Customer Service Representative, and she can be reached at

    GM Customer Service
  • holdn5holdn5 Posts: 10
    So this will be my last post on this thread, I wanted to update to let you all know what the final outcome was because quite frankly, I'm done being upset over the situation.

    We ended up paying $550ish to have the heater core replaced and that was with GM discount and the dealer taking some additional money off.

    After getting a follow up email from "Christina" the GM rep from this site, I was put in contact with another GM customer service rep that looked futher into our case. Her "research" results were as follows:

    - The engine was replaced because it was a prodcution flaw and only for that reason.

    - Any work that a GM dealer did on the vehicle up until now was "good willed," which I find funny because it was all done while under warranty, thus nothing was GOOD WILLED. GM owed that to us.

    - She was extremely sorry that the first dearler that we took the vehicle to didn't "dig deep enough" to uncover the problem while it was under warranty, but that's not GM's fault, thus they won't cover any additional costs for replacing the heater core.

    I do want to point out that the last dealer and service manager that we dealt with was fabulous and if we were going to purchase another GM vehicle, it would definitely be from him.

    That being said, when driving this weekend it was warmer out and I was hot so I turned on the air and guess what........IT DOESN'T WORK.
    GM can kiss my backside and can kiss the $30-35K that we're planning to spend on purchasing a new vehicle in the next six months good bye.

    As I've said in previous posts, we've always been GM people and have owned multiple GM vehicles, but after being treated the way we have with this vehicle, I'm done and if I'm done, then my husband is done as well and I can guarantee that!
  • My 05 Equinox just locked itself!!! With the key inside! Any ideas how do get in??? I have a spare ignition key but no "opener" I'd be greatful for any ideas! Thanks!
  • call a locksmith and get the door opened. Make sure he checks the key (the ignition key will work in the door, as long as it hasn't corroded, which it likely has). Once he gets it working again, use that key every week at least once to keep the lock functional.
  • Bought my Great American Chevrolet Equinox ,Great car body.. it had 50,000 miles ran great looked nice with the exception of the paint coming off the consule, at 53,000 troubles started..smell of antifreeze in car, oily film on windshield(heater coil) Vibrations in front end (break roters and calipers) car over heating (miss diagnosed by dealer as bad thermostat even though I asked a check of head gasket) (resurfaced heads and replaced head gaskets) now transmission clunks when starting to drive. What did the dealership say when I asked them if they had any of these troubles ..Oh no! these problems are unique to my car. When I mentioned this site..oh their just a few people that would complain even if the lighter not working was the problem.....Offer to help with costs, none coming..Did I mention I never go more than 10 miles over the speed limit? Chevrolet Representitives Have no more integrity than Ford or Congress ..I have the feeling I live in a mushroom house...
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    i know how you feel , as i said many times on this site, it;s in the dexcool they use as a coolant, and it puts cracks in the block, and heads, and since this car was made when the government did there buy outs, gm does not have to do a recall, or say anything. it will cost alot to fix, and if you do trade it in on something else, i did , i;am now will own onlt toyota..
  • jsaarijsaari Posts: 2
    Engine stalls when at a stop sign and going down the road at 55, the check engine lt. comes on and it takes 3 or 4 tries cranking it over for it to start and when it does start the check eng. lt. isn't on. I brought in a chev. dealer and they couldn't find any thing wrong because the check engine lt. wasn't on and no codes showed up. I brought it to a different mechanic and he said the same thing accept he cleaned the throttle body. There is 60,000 miles on the ......
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I'm sorry to hear that your Equinox stalled on you. Has this happened again? There are times when our dealerships need to be able to duplicate the problem in order to diagnose.

    GM Customer Service
  • wendy_wwendy_w Posts: 5
    I am having a similar problem!! Except, luckily for me, the car doesn't stall while driving (knock on wood). It just doesn't seem to catch when turning the key to start it. I have to give it gas to get it to start properly. Otherwise when I turn the key it just stalls. My check engine light came on as well and when I took it to get inspected - same thing about no codes! He put in some injector fluid but the problem has continued... I wish I knew what it was and how it could be fixed? Let me know if you find out anything about what is the cause of this problem.
  • jsaarijsaari Posts: 2
    Yes it has almost every time I drive it, if the dealer needs to duplicate the problem who is going to pay for 1,2,or 3 hours labor it takes theme to do this?
  • My mechanic is at his wits end. We put car in garage to fix problem with temperature spiking, when traveling temperature gauge goes to normal and at stop lights - it begins to spike. We have replaced the thermostat, water pump and radiator. He says head gaskets are still in good shape. Does anyone have any other suggestions? It continues to do the same and he has placed a call to Chevy dealer service manager.
  • holdn5holdn5 Posts: 10
    Sounds exactly like what ours was doing, to a T. I think we replaced the thermostat like 4 times. You can go back and read my drama on here, but what our mechanic ended up finding was that there is or was a problem with the engine block from the get go. Every other GM dealer we brought it to failed to figure this out. They were initially going to replace the gaskets, but then realized in doing so, we'd end up right where we started since the gaskets weren't the problem, it was the engine. They ended up putting in a brand new engine.

    Honestly, we were having identical problems (over a 3-4 year span). I'm not sure what the actual diagnosis was or how they figured it out, but I do know it was a faulty engine block from the get go.
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, sorry to hear about the car, but i had the same problem, that is why i sold it, the dex cool they use, causes the head to crack all over, i had one checked with dye, and it was loaded with cracks, gm don;t have to recall any of these, becuase it was during the time the government had gm, under the buy out, it will cost you around a few thousand to if, and thats not saying something else won;t be wrong too, good luck,
  • thanks for your response, I think the car is going to be a trade-in. :(
  • I have lost hope for my equinox... My story is above in a couple of segments , but with diagnostic time, money for repairs and continued break down of parts the short story is I have paid for a car for the last year and have not driven it enough to even warrant an oil change.. 72000 miles when I bought it and now sitting at a shop waiting for a drive train at 74000 miles.... Makes me sick!!!! New transmission, transmission modulator, shocks.... Head gasket.. Chipped stero and heating issues that have not been resolved. I feel like I need to drive the dang thing on a pillow with "fragile, easily broken." it makes me cry.
  • My equinox did something similar and it ended up being the transmission. It did not always do it, but seemed to be affected more in the rain. Heard it happened to someone else after a car wash ... My car had a little over 72000 miles. It is sickening huh? My thoughts are with you... :lemon:
  • my equinox is now history, traded it in...
  • Good for you.. Mine is going too, once it gets out of the shop. I'm buying a bicycle hahaha :)
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, sorry for all the problems you sre having, i know how you feel i was in the same boat two yrs ago. i did alot of checking and had some friends who build engines for race cars check, and it all came back to the dexcool they use as a coolant. it turns to something thick like mud, it cracks the heads, and i seen one that had a dye check, and there were alot of cracks, and from there anyplace the coolant run through could have a problem, like the heater etc, you can also check on comsumer type in car and year, and see more info from people, as for me was was alway and gm guy, i now own a toyota.. good luck
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 84
    For owners of the older Equinox, suggest you check your maintenance schedule for required frequency of coolant system flushing and dexcool replacement.
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