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Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



  • carboy21carboy21 Posts: 652
    CVT belt slipping. No wonder they call CVT as rubber band transmission like those in the snowmobile and childrens racing cars


    I would never buy a CVT car irrespective of high MPG it would give.
  • I also have a 2013 Rogue. I took it to my mechanic for the 15,000 mile. They found a leak in the rear oil seal, I took it to the dealer knowing that the underlying cause was either the CVT or the head gaskets. They are now replacing the CVT. 18,500 miles. Just a shame to buy this inferior of a product.
  • August 16, 2015. While driving on the Illinois tollway at a steady speed, the RPM's on our 2010 Rogue (84k miles) inexplicably jump way over the 4,000 mark. I let up on the gas and when I press down again I get no acceleration. I eventually have the pedal to the floor and still no acceleration. I was luckily able to maintain my speed and get to the right where I exited the tollway. 
    Upon parking, I detect a burning smell. When I try to drive, if I press too hard in the gas pedal, it revs high but goes nowhere. I have to press gently and slowly build my speed. 
    I make it to the closest transmission repair shop but it's Sunday and everything is closed. The next day they check it and tell me $5,000 repair/replacement is needed, that fluid is burnt. I researched and found that Nissan extended the warranty so I take it to the closest dealer. A day later they tell me the fluid level was too high. The trans had been flushed in January and we drove from Chicago to Florida and back with no problem. Now, 8 months later it's suddenly an issue.  
    I contacted Nissan customer service prior to visiting the dealer and the car was eligible for the extended warranty as it was within the time/mileage constraints. However, at the dealer I'm told that the fluid problem is not covered as part of the warranty. 
    After paying $450 to get the fluid corrected, we are afraid to drive the vehicle  after reading some
    of the stories here. The service manager said they could put a cooler on the trans, which he said Nissan recommends, at a cost of $1200. They even put it on my invoice that a trans cooler was needed if a lot of highway or hilly, high temperature driving was done. 
    Obviously Nissan knows there is a problem with the trans since they extended the warranty AND say that a cooler is needed for the above described conditions. 
    We are going to look at other vehicles and get rid of the Rogue because we are not willing to gamble with our lives or the life of our 3 year old son. I wonder if there have been any fatal crashes as a result of this problem that have gone undiscovered because the driver that experienced the CVT fail didn't live to tell what went wrong prior to the crash. 

    Spoke to a few mechanics. All of their opinions are that CVT is junk. Went to look at other cars, Jeep being one, and found some Jeeps use JATCO cvt transmissions. JATCO owned by Nissan/Mitsubishi. Will not be buying.
    Meanwhile, my consumer complaint went the next step up the ladder to Nissan. However, the regional rep told me Nissan will not cover my costs for repair. I argued it was a widespread problem that Nissan knew about since they extended the warrantee and must have been an overheating problem, not an excess fluid problem, based on my breakdown on a hot day and the fact that the dealer recommended a cooler be installed. Why else would a cooler be needed if it wasn't an overheating problem? Rep said it was Nissan's final decision, they weren't covering anything. When I asked to speak to someone higher, she refused, saying there was nobody else, the decision was final. She did say that I could report the matter to NHTSA. I told her it had already been done. What arrogance! The Rogue is gone. Like I said earlier, we are not willing to gamble with our lives.

  • carboy21carboy21 Posts: 652
    When I argued here against CVT in this forum, there were some members here who tried to intimidate me .
  • I've spoken to those who like it and those who don't. I didn't have any real like or dislike for it until I broke down. Then I started researching and it appears there is a true problem with some of the CVT's Nissan is using. My complaint is not about personal preference, it's about safety and Nissan's refusal to recall an apparently unsafe product or honor the warranty they issued because of the problem.
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