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Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



  • juankjuank Posts: 1
    I have a Nissan rouge 2008 with 58k, I always did the service and maintenance in the Nissan dealer , I felt the noise and vibration in the car but in the dealer said that's a normal for this car, so I never take a lot attention , but one week ago I went to the dealer to replace the pads breaks and after that I felt a click when I pull the car in drive it made a click, so I was thinking that something happens with the breaks, then I went today to the dealer for check the noise and they told me that the transmition has to replaced it because the case has a malfunction problem. I can't believe that a car with good maintenance and only 58k have this kind of problems.
    I don't recommend to buy this car, I was reading a lot of reviews about all the problems that rouge has. :sick:
  • The repairs should be covered...yes, inconvenient.
  • I have had an issue with my air conditioner and now the CVT on my 2008. Calling the Nissan Headquaters in like calling adeaf person and waiting for a response. I did get a response on the air conditioner problem but a refusal to repair and a rude customer service person also came with the call. Let me not forget to mention that the customer representative claimed to be at a higher level than those in the call center. I asked for a letter stating that the air would not be repaired and he told me that there would not be a letter sent and the only notice I would get would be what he is telling me over the phone. How frustrating! After this episode my CVT (transmission) went out. To the credit of the dealership (Gastonia Nissan) the CVT was replaced. There are still some concern over the new CVT, but as of this writing they are trying to work out the kinks. Koodos to Gastonia for doing their best to rectify the problem.

    For those of you with transmission take to the dealer for a replacement...otherwise you are risking your life. the car will accelerate to more than 70 miles an hour without warning. Be safe and get it done!
  • Does anyone know if the CVT problem has been fixed with the 2012 Rogue's? Really like the look and feel wanted to buy until I saw this discussion.
  • Yes I would VERY MUCH like to know if the issue has been rectified with the 2012 model going forward.

    I am glad that I stumbled onto this discussion thread as I have been researching the vehicle before purchasing.

    Now I'm worried for my friend whom owns a JUKE with the same CVT transmission!
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    What model years are covered under the extended cvt warrant? I have a 2011 Rogue
    Will appreciate input. Thanks
  • You can go right to the Nissan web site and there is a Tab just for that particular warranty. FYI...we just bought a 2008 Rogue and have had absolutely "zero" issues with the trans. It has 61K miles. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, but with the warranty, I'm not all that worried about it. It's like anything else, most of the time there are only a few with problems. If you factor in all of the units sold with this trans, it's really not that many who have problems...It's just that the internet has a way of amplifying isolated "glitches"...Good Luck.
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    Thank you very much. I concur with your thoughts about the internet effect. I had a 2005 Sentra before w/o any problems. I've never had a CVT transmission before. My Rogue has 1000 miles on it w/o any problems.

    Thanks again, Jim
  • I was going to buy a Rogue today for they have 1500 of cash back by tomorrow. I thought I have time tonight to see more users review before I buy it. Now I have to think about it. Thanks for everybody's sharing of the experience with Rogue.
  • I have the car for a year. No issues found so far! Getting the same mpg as it should be, 22 - city / 24 - mountain / 27- hwy. With the AC turns on, it drops about 2 mpg.
  • Jim,

    I just bought a 2009 Rogue and decided, after the fact, to look at maintenance issues. Woops! I found this discussion group today. My car is used with 25,000 miles. What has your experience been since last August? My dealer offered a seven year 120K warranty which I took. I drove the Rogue to Charleston, SC last weekend without incident.

  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    I have 3000 miles on the car and have had no problems. Were planning a long trip over Easter and in July to the Smokies.

    There is engine drone from time to time, but that is normal with a cvt. I get 24mpg in town and 27-29 on the road.

    The extended warranty with your vehicle is a good thing. You never know.

    Jim in St. Louis.
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    I have 3000 miles on the car and have had no problems. Were planning a long trip over Easter and in June to the Smokies.

    There is engine drone from time to time, but that is normal with a cvt. I get 24mpg in town and 27-29 on the road.

    The extended warranty with your vehicle is a good thing. You never know.

    Jim in St. Louis.
  • testagmtestagm Posts: 7
    I have taken a couple of long car trips since I had the replacement CVT put in and so far, so good! I will be putting about 900 miles on this week for a road trip, so we'll see. I'm hoping that the new CVT has fixed the problem.
  • Jim, Thanks for the note. You will love the Smokies this time of year. Creeks are full and waterfalls beautiful. Also the parking lots are not packed yet. I talked at length with our Nissan service manager, today, about the CVT reliability. He was not aware of a big problem with them. He was given a Rogue to drive to work from Sevierville (50 miles one way) two years ago and loves it.

    Oak Ridge
  • dougc56dougc56 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Rogue and without warning the power steering went out I almost went off the road but keep the car in the road. Got it back to the dealer and found out my certified car was not under warranty for this problem and it would cost 1000 to repair. i have filed a complaint with nissan. I cannot drive the car. and it has set for a week because I cannot pay for repair. I have a friend as an attorney and plan on a lawsuit. I hope Nissan goes Bankrupt for selling JUNK!!!
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    I would contact the district manager for nissan. Also, does your certification exclude the power steering in writing? Also, contact the state attorney general for your state and complain, and file a complaint with the BBB.

    Good luck, Jim
  • kotoberekotobere Posts: 1
    I have rogue 2008 purchased as second hand (in Ghana). It has recently developed a problem of abrupt reduction in speed when in motion. What are the causes of such problem
  • My first look, see would be the transmission fluid level and type. Standard transmission fluid is red, and Rogue fluid is not. Usually quick change oil service will not know about the requirement.
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    You should also taste the fluid. Bad fluid has burnt taste. Do not swallow. If the fluid is bad haVe it power flushed, do no just drained and replace. Use a qualified mechanic, and use Nissan transmission fluid.

    Check if the car has a recall on the transmission. You may be covered.

    Please advise as to what happens.

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