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Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



  • gailintxgailintx Posts: 3
    My 2010 Rogue's CVT went out in December 2011 while I was driving 75 mph on the tollway. I had it towed (on a cold rainy Sunday) to the dealership where I bought it. The next morning, it drove just fine for them. The could not find any codes in the computer indicating a problem. I refused to take it back until the found something. A week later they said they replaced some valve and seal and I was good to go. Fast forward to March 2012. Same problem, same speed, same roadway. My car has 36,000 miles on it at this point. Had it towed back to the dealership. The next day, thankfully this time, it duplicated the problem for them. They replaced the transmission. It still did not show any computer codes, by the way. The warranty for the CVT is 120,000 miles. I wish I wasn't so upside down in it so I could get rid of it!
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    I am glad you got the transmission replaced. I would keep the car now. The main problem with the car has been fixed.

    Enjoy the car. It is a very good vehicle.

  • nena_whitenena_white Posts: 1
    We just bought a Nissan rogue 2012 last month with 3400 miles on it. Im completely freaked out now to even drive it and were suppose to be going from Augusta ga area up to NC mountains this coming week in it. I havent had any issues yet but it sounds like its coming. Can you tell me anything else about the 2010 or should I just sit and be scared?

    Before we bought it, it was a fleet car for a company and then the dealership bought it at an auction where we got it. The reports for it are clear thus far. It now has 5000 a little over miles on it. Any tips help TY :/
  • captmillercaptmiller Posts: 1
    Nena, Please ignore the hot air you read. Many like to demonstrate their personal insecurities by telling stories where no one can confront them face to face with truth. I bought my 2009 with 25,000 miles and now have 30,000. Beautiful!! Although a bit expensive, you could have the transmission fluid changed to give you a little extra confidence. It is true that a very small fraction of these CVT transmissions had early life issues, 99 % are just fine. I have come to believe most trouble comes from young drivers who like to race, but will not admit it when sharing their personal grief.
  • testagmtestagm Posts: 7
    I am one of those who suffered loss of acceleration in the middle of an intersection. Very scary, and thank god I had the green arrow and wasn't struck by oncoming traffic! However, I would agree with captmiller when he says not to worry. If you have a 2012, I'm sure they have worked out the bugs of the 2010 that I still drive. I had my CVT replaced and the problem has not returned since. Drive happy!
    (By the way, I would disagree with the comment of assuming the people who had problems are young drivers who like to speed. I am not one of them, and the others who wrote in sounded like nice couples on long road trips like I was.)
  • kgbatlkgbatl Posts: 10
    I am a 40 year old mother o two small children who had a horribly dangerous experience on a road trip (see earlier post) I took my Rogue to two different dealerships, including one in the middle of our trip and both dealerships acknowledged that they were aware of issues but they could not replicate the problem so Nissan would do nothing. We are one car payment away from paying it off and will be trading it in as soon as we can. In the mean time, we refuse to take it on another long trip and after loving Nissan since I was in high school and owning a Nissan Altima and Maxima in the family, I refuse to buy another Nissan. I refuse to put my children in danger so Nissan just lost a lifetime customer.
  • jka3jka3 Posts: 1
    Madison, Wi Nissan dealer says they are booked for weeks replacing transmissions and to expect recall. my 08 rogue with 41k will not go from park to reverse.
  • rustywerrustywer Posts: 21
    So on a recent trip to Vegas, going up hill on a fairly cool night at 75 - 85 mph, the transmission drops into failsafe. This is the 2nd CVT in this vehicle to have problems. First one was replaced at approx 80,000 miles due to noise issues by a dealer in San Diego.

    Being in the Business and having some technical experience with diags, I want to make sure I can see what is going on. I consulted two dealers and One says "It's an overheating problems, and Nissan is working on a fix" (This was from a service advisor) - I contact the Service Manager and he calls the Factory Rep, and I get the Blond Salute (The "I DUNNO SHRUG")(Yes, I'm Blond also)

    I call a Buddy of Mine who is a service rep at a local dealer and he's at least willing to listen to me.

    Here's what I see with a Snap On Scanner while Looking at Transmission Data.

    (Quoting my email to my buddy the service rep)

    So I drove the hell out of the Rogue this weekend with the scanner on it. The Datum I pointed out to you seems to be an issue.

    When monitoring the ATF Temp readings, you can monitor both the Temp Sensor Voltage Reading and the ATF Temp in Degrees Fareheight. The Voltage readings Stay Between 2.0VDC and 0.6VDC which, according to the weighted values from mitchell Should be 68 Degrees and 230 degrees respectively. When I read temperature (Weighted Values) from Trans Data 2 the 2.0 volt reading is consistant with the 68 degree temp, but as the voltage drops the interpreted data shows that the trans is reading 275 Degrees at .6 volts. This will cause a failsafe mode if the TCM interprets this value as a condition that is above normal temp. When I read the temperature of the transmission with an infrared thermometer, it never gets close to the high temp reading that the interpretted datum shows.

    As the transmission heats up, the whine in the transmission returns and gets louder as the temperature climbs.

    I know that Nissan is aware of this heating issue and they are working on a "FIX".
    I am also getting an intermittent burning smell when going uphill in warmer outside temperatures.
    I know that this transmission, if it is heating up, will have excessive wear in the transmission drive belt due to the high temperatures.
    I know that the whine is not an acceptable condition for the transmission to have.
    Having the transmission drop into failsafe mode after 2+ hours of driving is unacceptable.

    With this transmission dropping out of warranty in less than 500 miles, we need to do something about it ASAP.

    (End of Email)

    So, here some more "Sauce for the Goose" - If this is a problem with Data Interpretation they should have been able to fix it by reprogramming (Or cause it, because part of the first Technical Service Bulletin they performed, did a reprogramming of theTCM) - OR - If the problem is heat related and the problems don't show up untill the transmission get a few thousand miles on them, they can let it fall out of warranty with an average of a one time transmission replacement for problem units prior to the extended 120,000 mile transmission warranty expiration.

    Either way, Nissan needs to step up. If you are getting a Whine, Burning Smell, Failsafe Mode (Normally with no check engine light in my case), a feeling of slipping under load - Be the Squeaky Wheel and demand an answer and a Transmission replacement as soon as it occurs. A whine is rubbing / slipping - that causes WEAR - that causes FRICTION /HEAT - THAT CAUSES FAILURE !

    Good luck, my fellow Rogue Owners!
  • rustywerrustywer Posts: 21
    So the Rogue went in to the Dealer Today. The Found that the transmission was overfilled with transmission fluid by 21 oz. (after I removed a Pint this weekend when I found it high also) They find a bulletin that states that there will be an Overheating and Failsafe issue if the Transmission is overfull. Apparently the Transmission has to be checked at 160 Degrees and the transmission fluid needs to be at the Hatched area of the Dipstick when checked at this temperature. They didn't find any sediment or residue in the fluid they removed.

    Now, I'm waiting on Nissan Consumer Support to get involved as I started a case file with them. At least the service ticket will have a mileage less than warranty expiration and I have recourse if this thing bites the bullet.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    edited June 2012
    I'm a bit surprised that it has a transmission dipstick at all. Those are getting to be a bit rare.

    The next question is who (if anyone) serviced the transmission last? Was it overfilled at the dealer when it was replaced at 80k?
  • rustywerrustywer Posts: 21
    The Factory Service Maintenance Interval is 60,000 Miles for Severe Service. The Transmission was last service by the Dealer who replaced the transmission. The Level has Been checked, but the Check procedure, as it was explained to me by the dealer, is not noted in any Mitchell or All Data service procedures that I could find.
    I'm seeing alot of conflicting things with Tech Bulletins, and the like. I have now 8 calls into Consumer Affairs, and have yet to be in contact with their Rep. They Promised a contact within 24 Hours, I did get one dropped call when I attempted to answer their call.

    I have a request into the supervisor now.
  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    I'm a Service Advisor at a very busy Nissan dealership. I'm pretty amazed by this thread, having dealt with very few CVT problems on the Rogue. We write up over 100 cars a day and I cannot remember a problem with one of these in recent memory.
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    Nissan needs to admit they have a problem. Instead of fixing it you extend the warranty for 10 years or 120,000 miles. Each time there is a failure of a transmission, you put a human life at risk. I will keep my Nissan until the transmission is bad. I have only 4500 miles on a 2011 rogue and I have had two minor incidents.
  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    I don't work for Nissan. Nissan PAYS Dealers to service their vehicles. I work for the dealer. And please.... "a human life at risk"? I would say the risk caused to human life is 5 million times greater everytime you make a cell phone call whilst driving.
  • rustywerrustywer Posts: 21
    So what you are saying is that the Postings here are pretty much fabricated? Let me Qualify myself. I have 2+ years of formal instruction in Automotive Mechanics, I have 20 years of Electrical Technical Experience with Computer Controlled Mechanical Devices (U.S. Navy Weapons Control Systems), I have been back in the Automotive Industry as a Technical Service Consultant, Manager of Various Franchise and Independant Auto Facilities, have attended and Taken Diagnostic Strategy Training through 3 or 4 different entities, and know you imply that I don't have a clue as to what happens (or should I say Paranoid)
    The age old mentality that if it doesn't produce the Symptom then it isn't Broke, is the exact mentality by the "DEALERS" that saves tham money by allowing problems to exhist in warranty covered vehicles that ultimately fail normally outside of the warranty period (And we know customer pay is more $$ in your pocket)
    I have had Whinning, Burning Smells, Intermittent Slippage, Screaching Sounds from two different transmissions in my Vehicle. Now this one dropped into failsafe mode, with no check engine light, no transmission control or engine control malfunction codes, no freeze frame datum, and 4 people riding in a vehicle that is locked into a single ratio setting of the transmission, with traffic going at 70+ mile per hour, at night, and I can get more than 40 to 45 mph so I can get off at the next rest area in 7 or 8 miles, and you tell me that Me and My Passengers are SAFE in this vehicle.
    I'm glad your not in Quality control and Hopefully your not making the decisions on my warranty service.
    I currently run an independent facility that prides itself on running every reported symptom to ground, with the best efforts of 100 years of automotive technical service that we have in the shop. We may not be able to duplicate it, nor fix it at times, but we never make Blatent Statements like the one you just made.
    Your "OPINION" is Noted, But Just like Opinions, Everyone has a Sphincter, and more than a few of them STINK>
  • rustywerrustywer Posts: 21
    OK, so the South Western Region Guy calls me back today. "After speaking with the Service Manager, we have determined that we cannot duplicate the problem" "Since we have the Record of your reported symptoms, we should be able to cover this under the Warranty Extension or on a Goodwill service if a True Faulure Occurs."
    So, they are not admitting there is a pattern of failure, and if I can get it to act up in front of them, they will "More Than Likely" cover the repairs.
    OK, so it Trade in Time, and Bye Bye Nissan.

    I hear Edsel may be making a comeback :surprise:
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    Any time you knowingly let a mechanical problem continue without addressing the cure, you incur a liability for hurting or killing a human being. I think it is about time a class action suit is filed against Nissian for neglecting a known danger in their cars.

    The problem with the CVT also affects the entire engine. The 120,000 mile, 10 year warranty should cover all related moving parts.
  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    edited June 2012
    I'm not saying they are "fabricated", per se. I've been in the automotive repair field for 37 years, as a tech, Svc. Manager & Parts & Service Director. I deal with cars 10 hours a day and the people who own them. Are some of them goofballs? Sure. Most, however are not. If you're seeking to validate an issue by its' preponderance of internet occurances, I urge you to type "alien abductions" into your search engine.

    As far as dealers "white-washing" the "truth" in order to avoid costly repairs... nothing could be further from the truth. As I stated above, Nissan PAYS US to fix their cars. In the case of replacing a CVT transmission, they pay us over $3K. However, before I can spend their money, I have to offer them proof that there IS a problem. If I cannot duplicate a concern, real or not, I cannot get Nissan to pay for a repair.

  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    Who is the "you" you keep referring to when addressing me?
  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    "I have had Whinning, Burning Smells, Intermittent Slippage, Screaching Sounds from two different transmissions in my Vehicle. Now this one dropped into failsafe mode, with no check engine light, no transmission control or engine control malfunction codes, no freeze frame datum, and 4 people riding in a vehicle that is locked into a single ratio setting of the transmission, with traffic going at 70+ mile per hour, at night, and I can get more than 40 to 45 mph so I can get off at the next rest area in 7 or 8 miles, and you tell me that Me and My Passengers are SAFE in this vehicle. "

    I would have to say, that if this is true, AND you have had this happen with "two different transmissions in the car", that the problem is NOT in the transmission but in the transmission control module. But of course, this is an unsubstantiated guess, just like you're asking Nissan to make.
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