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Chrysler PT Cruiser Warning Lights and Trouble Codes



  • CodeP0113 has something to do with the Intake temperature sensor being to high, I just Googled it & have no idea what this means. More than anything when those icons start blinking no one and I mean not one at Chrysler knows what it is or as even heard of it & a mechanic cannot diagnose it.
  • This problem occured rarely on my 2006 non turbo PT Cruiser. Maybe 6-8 times over the course of a year. My daughter recently borrowed the vehicle using the spare key. She had almost continuous problems with the dash going on and off and the car cut off while she was driving. I went to pick up the car and get it home so I could check it out. It worked perfectly. I used a different key.

    My keychain has many keys on it and with nothing else to go on I thought the weight of the key chain might play into the problem. I tried the spare key again-all the problems returned. On further investigation, the spare key inserted with one side facing forward caused problems every time but the spare key inserted the other way works fine.
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