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Chevrolet Cruze Lease Questions

Ask your Cruze lease questions here!

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  • moe35moe35 Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    Is there currently any lease support on the Cruze? If so, I would appreciate Money Factor and Residual for 36 months and 12K per year.

  • Hello moe35. General Motors is indeed providing lease support on the new Cruze right now. Its current program is scheduled to run through the end of today November 1st. Ally's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Cruze LS with 12,000 miles per year are 1.35% and 55%, respectively.

    GM is scheduled to introduce its new November programs some time tomorrow.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • i quote from local dealer the detail about cruze yesterday,

    "$200 a month with approx.
    $3500 total due at signing (including tax, title and license)."

    The price is way too high for me ,with that i can get a 2011 camry!
    anybody have lease information want to share?
  • LTZ Lease Rate (Apx. $24k) Quoted by CA dealer:

    $2000 down (includes registration, taxes, etc.)
    15k miles/yr
    36 mo
    2% interest rate.

  • CapeCodCapeCod Posts: 117
    Current Cruze deal for current owners...
    39 month $159 $899 down...
    How would the payments change if I took another $2000 off thru GM card ?
    Then subtracted another $2000 with a trade in ????
    What if I bumped it up to 15000 miles a year?
    In general are 39 month lease a plus or minus vs. 36 month leases?
  • About to accept this negotiated deal in NJ.

    24 month, 12K lease for a Chevy Cruze 1LT with Driver Convenience Package (Driver 6-way power seat adjuster with manual recliner; Rear Parking Assist; Remote vehicle starter system) and Connectivity Plus Package (Cruise control; Bluetooth for phone; USB port located in center console; Steering wheel-mounted audio controls; Leather-wrapped shift knob; Leather-wrapped steering wheel).

    MSRP: 18,995
    RV % : 67%
    RV: $12,727
    Net Cap: $17,617
    MF: .00028

    0 Down
    Total Monthly Payment (incl taxes): $229
    Inception Fee: $595 bank fee + $229 first month

    Sound about right?
  • It sounds good but I wanted to add that GM just sent a mailing out advertising 1000 off the the capitilized cost reduction amount . They also have 1ooo off for owner loyalty but you can't combine the 2. the capitilized reduction is until 2/28/11 . I don't own a Chevy so I don't know why i was chosen to receive the mailing . 1-866-944-4004 is the number to inquire. Also who is going to hold your lease Ally? I like the lease end residual value percentage your getting did you negotiate it? Since the model is new and have no resell data I wonder how they arrive at that percentage of depriciation.
  • Thanks for your inputs.

    First they quoted me a lease with GM Financial, and said that's the new company they're encouraging lease deals with. Quoted 206 per month including taxes with 595 (bank fee) + first month's down. I ran some numbers and figured this was way too good to be true. They'd need to go about $1000 below invoice to offer this deal.

    When they started processing the deal must've figured they're getting rogered. Came back and said "Just wanted to be transparent with you, GM Fiancial doesn't offer Gap protection on their leases". We recommend going with Ally (GMAC).

    Basically couldn't offer the 206 a month deal (I wasn't surprised) and bumped up to 234 a month (which, if you do the math with the numbers above is whereabouts it should've been).

    Since then, I've been able to negotiate keeping the same price (234 all inclusive a month) while getting them to deliver the color of my choice - granite black.

    The owner loyalty is already applied to my cap reduction - which is why they're able to sell this at below invoice. Am sure they're still making money off me otherwise they wouldn't sell me the car, but feels like its a win win. Am happy with the car and the deal. Hope to be closing tomorrow.
  • Thandamilk they are making money they are paid a fee from the leasing company and selling the car to the leasing company and making money there as well. This is the deal they claim they can give me on the flyer I received. 17920 list on the LS with automatic, by your post my $1ooo off certificate should cover tax and licsense and more, no security deposit but $899 down I conclude this must be the aqusition fee. 39 months 39000 miles all for the price of 159 a month. I don't know how they can advertise that payment, crunch those numbers. Best of luck on your transaction. I also found a a web site that sells an online lease contract and worksheet. Its at and I think it was 19.95 here is what they post it contains
    Our Lease Kit includes a sample lease contract with easy to understand explanations, an itemized contract checklist, Lease Inspector calculator, and payment worksheets to help you make sure your contract is correct before you sign. If you go with it let me know if it was worth it also let me know how your transaction goes.
  • Thanks for the heads up ireland1.

    In comparison to the deal you're quoting, the car I'm looking at is a Black 1LT with Driver Convenience and Connectivity Packages installed. List is 19,190, invoice and sell price is 17,789 (with those options installed).

    I've built an excel lease calculator which is fairly accurate, and it does show their numbers to be off by about $5 a month based on what they're quoting as the RV, MF, Cap Cost and MSRP and the $235 a month figure. This is something I'll be working out with them when I go in tomorrow.
  • Hey thandmilk if I may what is your RV MF and cap cost? Does Ally charge the same bank fee you quoted earlier 595. This forum is great and so are you to share!
  • All numbers below for a 24 month lease on the Cruze 1LT with driver convenience and connectivity packages installed.

    RV: 67%
    MF: 0.00028 (for tier 1, 720+ score)
    Cap cost: 17,789

    Only fee I'm paying is 595 bank and plates.
  • do you mind sharing which dealer you are working with?
    also, when you say list price of 19,190, that's after rebate, right?
    Asking, because, this car shows 20,190 MSRP and invoice of 19,621 ..

  • A reporters seeks to interview a recent car buyer who opted for an Elantra or Cruze after considering Corolla. Please email by Monday, February 14, 2011 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your decision.
    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I am dealing with 4 dealers via internet only one gave me a quote.This is on an LS which has to be manual transmission and stock as a they came in at 14990 which includes the 1000 off. My other source for pricng has been build a car on the Chevy website which I assume is national but since ISP knows where I am maybe its regional. I am in st louis. You got me intersted in the 1 LT now since you can add more features to it. Here is the run down base MSRP 18895 thats with 720 destination fee plus your options convience pkg 685 conectivity pkg 525 black paint 195 I would recommend 100 for spare tire and 80 for carpeted floor mats . Thats 20300 without my suggestions minus 1000 rebate 19300. I like your sell price which I hope to negotiate down to, hopefully. As I typed hopefully the phone rang and it was LOU FUSZ adealer here, listento this BS. I outlined my deal offered above 159 a month for 39 months for a LS AUTO . I added 9000 miles to the lease 15000 a year for total 45000 they cmae back at 18100 minus rebate 1000 discount 470 final price 16630. Now insted of 899 down they want 2650 down and 210 a month which is 3736 extra but that includes tax which is around 550. 6362884554 is cell if you want to talk
  • my question was for thandamilk as I'm in NJ and looking into LT model
  • Ireland, the numbers from my deal were with Englewood Auto Group. They're on 386 Grand Ave in Englewood, NJ. Nice bunch of people, easy to work with. Check in with Mike if you end up heading there.

    Update from my end is that the deal fell through because it turns out owner loyalty doesn't apply in my case. I have a 2011 Malibu but the lease is through my employer and GM won't honor that (justifiably). What is slightly disappointing is tha they knew about this but brought it up last minute. In all fairness to them, the sales rep who was originally tagged to me and had this information was let go / left their dealership while I was working out my deal with them over the past week and apparently this information wasn't shared with the dealership management.

    Anyhow, that leaves me with a well negotiated deal that I can't get! Not willing to pay $280 or so a month for the Cruze on a 24 month lease- which is where its at without the owner loyalty.

    Can anyone else confirm what rebates/discounts are being offered other than owner loyalty for the 2011 Cruze? mentions a $1250 customer cash back but I haven't been able to verify that with any dealers, nor on Chevy's own website.
  • Just leased a 2011 Chevy Cruze LTZ - fully loaded - navigation, pioneer audio, sunroof, etc -
    MSRP $26,280

    Got GM Loyalty for $1,000 - Put no money down. ((did a pull ahead on 2008 Chevy Malibu Lease))

    39 month / 12,000 miles per year lease (39,000 miles)

    Paying $350/month -- would have been $328 but then dealer hit me with - do you want GAP INSURANCE -- so I added it.

  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 74
    Gap insurance on a Lease? I've never heard of such a thing.......
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