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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Stepping from our ZX3 into the GT, we noticed the same thing - the Elantra doesn't have the ride quality or steering feel of the Focus, but Hyundai sure gives you a lot of "toys" for the price... take your pick. I also noticed the leather smell - an hour after driving the demo, my clothes still reeked of leather, and it wasn't a pleasant smell. I'd take a nice, simple, sturdy cloth interior any day - or perforated leatherette, like Audi offers on the A4.

    Warped rotors? Join the club. Just bite the bullet and get some higher quality aftermarket rotors from EBC or Brembo, and you'll solve that problem.
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    OK. I'm now at 960 miles after 9 days of ownership of my GT 5-speed with moonroof.

    So far, here is my synopsis:

    (1) I don't notice the bad-smelling A/C stuff other people have talked about. Then again, my sinuses are not the best in the world. . .

    (2) The CD/sound system, in my opinion, is pretty awesome.

    (3) The A/C get cold faster than any other car I have ever owned.

    (4) The car is beginning to pull VERY slightly to the left. I've checked all tire pressure and all were set to about 31psi by dealer (so, no overinflation for me). I'll wait before I make a trip to the dealer to have it fixed (probably minor mis-alignment issue).

    (5) The only real bothersome problem I am having is that when I take a fairly sharp curve to the right, I hear an intermittent clicking sound from the front left wheel well area. This sound doesn't happen in right turns/curves, only when turning to the left. I don't know if this is a front-end/suspension issue or what. I may wait to get it checked. I wonder if this might be realted to the slight mis-alignment issue, since th car pulls slightly to the left and this clicking sound only happens when I make sharp left turns. Strange one... Anyone have any ideas?

    Overall, this is a great car for the money.


    I'd seriously look at the Elantra GT. I myself traded in my 1998 Escort Wagon and was pretty "upside-down" with respect to payoff on the Escort. My Hyundai dealer worked with me on increasing the selling price on the GT to compensate for the negative equity in my trade.

    To answer your questions:
    (1) I never noticed anything like this with my GT.
    (2) The handling and steering might still be considered a little soft, but this simply makes the car more comfortable on long trips - better than the stiff sport-economy ride in my wife's 1999 Protege ES for sure. There is less road feedback to the driver, but the car still corners and handles very well, in my opinion.
    (3) No wheel covers on the GT! Alloys are standard and not part of a package on the GT.

    Good luck!
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I think the two conditions (noise and pull) might be related, but only an inspection will tell. Is the clicking mostly noticeable only at low speeds? If so, you might have a damaged or defective CV joint. I'd also suggest checking all the lug nuts with a torque wrench to make sure you don't have a loose wheel - I've seen it happen on new cars. Other than that, I'd snoop around to see if there is a piece of trim or wheel well lining getting in the way during turns. Good luck!
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    Boy, a defective CV after only 900 miles would be a bummer. I think I'll suggest that as a possibility to the dealer. They darn well better buy the whole left-side axle and replace it, as I don't trust the idea of them trying to rebuild one of the CV joints.

    We'll see! Thanks for your comments.
  • focusmatt2focusmatt2 Posts: 106
    I was reading a BBC Top Gear article about the new Elantra... before this generation model it was called the "Lantra". Apparently there is a 1.8 engine offered that's far better than the 2.0. It has less horsepower, but the gear ratios are better. That's what i dislike about the elantra.

    And I know the handling can be foresaken, but people don't believe me when I tell them how great the handling is on the Focus. The ZX3 it's different than the sedan, actually, it has a sportier suspension and 16" tires (on my version). They're Z-rated tires and I've managed to turn 90 degrees left at 40 mph and still stay on the pavement. That's beemer territory.

    But I'd be willing to foresake that at the right price. I have seen a few used Sonatas for sale with V6, with about 20K on the clock. I'd much prefer that when it comes down to it...I've driven the Sonata and it is a very wonderful well-screwed car.
  • coastroadcoastroad Posts: 8
    I bought a pewter 5-sp Elantra GT a month ago, and have managed to accumulate 2000 miles. My commute is 80% freeway, and I recorded my first three fill-ups at 27.5 mpg, 30.0 mpg, and 34.5 mpg., in that order. The car now seems to be consistent at 33-34 mpg for my commute.

    For those of you who have heard a persistent clicking noise at low speed (sounds like it could be behind the dash), it was the right, front strut tower bearing in my car. The dealer was aware of this problem and reassembled the bearing assembly, which usually fixes the problem. In my case, it lessened the noise, but it comes and goes. the dealer said their fix from now on would be to replace the bearing and they have ordered the parts.

    I changed my own oil at 2000 miles with Mobil 1 synthetic. I am curious to see if there is any affect on mpg. The oil change was easy - everything accessible.

    I am use to luxury cars, which is an unfair comparison to the GT, However I believe the Elantra was definitely worth the money and a good commuter car - fun, well equipped, and fairly quiet for a compact.
  • Just joined the club. I have a pewter GT with auto trans, moonroof, floor mats and mud guards. I started to read this club's messages from the beginning and haven't finished yet, so I hope I am not repeating anything. I have a rattle at the front of the sunroof, pushing up on the headliner stops it. Anybody else have this problem? If so, how can I fix it myself (my dealer is about 1 hour away from where I live)? Also , I bought an air deflector from the parts department where I bought my car from, but I can't get it to fit. Only the j hook on one side will fit, the other side is too far away from where it should be. I noticed the deflector is the same width as the moonroof itself, on other cars with the same kind of deflector, it is alot wider than the moonroof. Does the GT have a bigger (wider) moonroof than the GLS? Anybody have a GT with a factory deflector and is it alot wider than the moonroof? Sorry for the long read and all the questions. I love my GT and couldn't wait to buy it. It amazes me every time I drive it, excellent value and so many features. Thanks.
  • therhinotherhino Posts: 21
    You both got the color GT I wanted!...I live in Florida and my only choices were two black ones and one cranberry. I'm starting to like the cranberry in a way, I just hope it holds up better than red usually does. I still haven't seen any cobalt blue ones around, or any other GT's on the road for that matter.
    I have the moonroof too, but no deflector so can't answer that question,( no rattles either ).
    By the way, to protect my alloy wheels from being stolen I checked out getting locking lug nuts from Hyundai (about $25 for four), then found a set at Discount Auto Parts for $10. To save anyone the trouble, they are 12mm x 1.50 acorn shaped (Gorilla Guard # 61631N)
    Take it easy, thanks to silver_bullet for the answer to the AC dilemma...
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    That was an interesting comment about the sunroof wind deflector not seeming to fit properly, as I have had a similar problem with my mud flaps. I tried to install one of the rear-wheel mud flaps (directions were hard to follow and the photograph looked like a 10th generation photocopy). There were only 3 holes per mudflap, but I couldn't get all three to line-up at once. One of the holes did not seem to be in the right place. I called the dealer and they verified the proper part number. The dealer also said that the part number for mud flaps was the same for both the GT and GLS. That made me wonder if the GT wheel-well is actually slightly different, but they didn't catch it.

    Anyone else had problems with the mud flaps (and the wind deflector)?

  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    rhino: thanks for the tip about the locking lugnuts. I may invest in a set for my GT. Do they look odd once they are on the car?

    pgh_elantra_gt: the "pgh" in your username wouldn't signify "Pittsburgh", would it? I grew up there but relocated to NJ in 1992. I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Steel City and I still follow all the mighty Black & Gold sports teams. Looking forward to the Steelers season -- Cowher Power!! Nice to have a Pittsburgher in the thread.

    I find it interesting that some GT owners are having problems getting Hyundai-spec parts to fit their cars. Could it be that the GT and GLS are not so similar after all? I've had my GT for over a month now and I keep noticing small differences between the two:

    -- The GT front grille insert (sloped bottom) is slightly different from the GLS (straight);
    -- I think the front and rear seats are shaped differently in the GT and not just leather-covered; and
    -- front (obvious) & rear fascias are different on the GT.

    Any other subtle differences?
  • You wouldn't happen to be near Ft. Myers, would you? I'm in Central Fla. near Tampa, and I can't find a dealer with a 5 speed Pewter GT with moonroof and ABS. Wondering if you, or anyone else has heard when Hyundai expects to begin shipping these in higher quantity, or if I should just go locally and place an order for one....
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    I would recommend that you ask a dealer/salesperson at one Hyundia dealership to see if they can locate the exact car you want on another dealer's lot. If this dealer seems unwilling to make the effort, go on to the next Hyundai dealer and let them know about your experience at the previous dealer and see if they can locate a car for you.

    I used this ploy. Although I ended up buying at the original local dealer, the other dealer (about 50 miles away) found the exact car I wanted by checking around. Give the dealer a few days and they'll likely find what you want.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Interestingly enough, this afternoon I was able to locate the exact car I want -- only about 50 miles away. Worth the drive to me so that I can possibly get it this weekend... I'll post if I end up getting the car. Sure am going to miss my Saab though....
  • uryourworduryourword Posts: 12
    We love our GT! There is one recurring problem: The cd player often refuses to eject. Error 2 shows up on the display briefly. When this happens, I can't listen to the cd either! Very frustrating. With a little tinkering it eventually ejects. Anyone else have this problem? Oh and we got our first "ding", on the hood. I wanted to kill somebody, but I've gotten over it. The first dent is the WORST!
  • I bought mud flaps from my dealer's parts department and had no trouble fitting the rear ones. They did seem to fit easier if I put the inner most bolt in first and then the others. I think the rear flaps were specific to the GT (5 door) on the paperwork that was in the package. The front flaps had both sedan and 5 door listed together. As for the air deflector problem, I am going to the dealer on Monday. The parts manager called Hyundai and they said to install a deflector for the Sonata. I hope this one fits correctly. Keep you posted.
  • Yes, I am from Pittsburgh. I still haven't seen any other GT's on the road around here yet.
  • saileanusaileanu Posts: 5
    and NOT just the airbags failing - look at the whole thing - it's "Marginal" even if the airbags were working right!

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You must not have looked at the results yourself. What is so "marginal" about the whole thing? The structure was rated good, just like the Honda Civic. The only problem was the airbag. Sorry, look at the test again. You were mistaken. If the airbag had performed properly, the car would have been rated acceptable. Anyone else getting tired of people pretending to think they know how a car performs when all they look at are a few red dots and refuse to see the whole picture? I know I am.
  • pedennisonpedennison Posts: 21
    I remember a couple of people writing posts about the missing remote hatch release on the GT. I received a letter in the mail today from HMA that says the following:

    "HMA determined that an error was made on some 2001 Elantra GT Monroney price labels. The Monroney label, as was posted on the window of your vehicle, indicated that your 2001 Hyundai Elantra GT is equipped with a "remote hatch release". The Elantra GT is not equipped with this mechanism. We regret this error and wish to compensate you $100.00 for an inconvenience this may have caused."

    It asks for a signature and says HMA will send the check in 2-4 weeks. While it isn't a $500 dollar rebate, I'll take it. I knew there wasn't a remote hatch release when I bought it. For those who have bought your GT in the last few weeks, is the remote hatch release still on the sticker?
  • craynericrayneri Posts: 15
    I read your link, the Honda Civic destroyed the Elantra in safety. The Hyundai is a better deal out the door, but the money you save should be spent on helmets.
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