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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Just went over 4,000 miles and had the oil changed. Pleased to report that the oil level was just below full. Had the fuel gauge stopped reading "full" and only registered 7/8s or less with a full tank. If this happens to you, make sure to go to the dealer with as little fuel in the tank as possible in case they have to drop it. Other than that, nothing appeared wrong. No shimmies, no pulls, no squeaks, no defects. My right passenger shoulder belt buckle rattles against the door post sometimes, but I think I can remedy that by getting some felt stick on strips at Home Depot and just applying one where the contact is made. They even come in dark gray. Hope it stays this trouble free for a long time...the service shop (Fairfax, VA) was great....even acted happy to see me. Now the $100 dollar missing remote hatch release check is in the mail. What else could you want?
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    That's encouraging news, mpgman.

    I, too, have a slight rattle with the passenger-side front belt and had thought about putting some Velcro (fuzzy side) behind it. But, it only rattles a little, during bumps and such, so it's not a big concern to me (at least for now).

    Fortunately, I haven't had any fuel gauge problems - it reads "full" when full and it only has about 2-3 gallons of gas left in the tank when the light comes on.

    My only current problems are:

    (1) slight pull to the left
    (2) some intermittent clicking from front left wheel well during some sharp turns
    (3) still can't get those darned mud flaps to align properly with the fender holes and dealer swears they are the proper part number. I might insist the dealer install them and let him have all the fun...

    My biggest problem is that I work so darned much that it is hard for me to get to the dealer. Are they supposed to get me a free rental car for every time I bring it in until I hit 60,000 miles?

    I feel pretty good overall about the quality of the GT, especially in light of the fact that I hear some other econo-owners have had some more serious troubles with cars such as the Focus and Golf.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Not sure about the free rental car. When I bought mine, they offered me the 10/100 total blanket for $995 but I passed. That included the use of a free rental for covered repairs. A dealer in Tom's River, NJ allegedly has 40 loaner cars and you can check one out for service calls. Most other dealers don't want to hassle with the extra liability and insurance issues. Enterprise Car Rental often has real cheap one or two rates if you specify your car is the shop for repairs. They may ask for the repair shop address to verify. I got the flaps as part of the deal so the dealer installed them and they look OK. Beats the $289 many Honda dealers charge, doesn't it? Other than wishing the stereo also had a cassette player, this car has all I need. I think the driver seat adjustment range and the lumbar support are excellent.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    That's one or two day rental rates....

    Look at the warranty information to check for rental cars....some times it calls for them having to keep the car overnight to complete the repairs.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Generally, the dealer will only offer a rental if your car has to stay overnight. It is not part of the Hyundai warranty, but a dealer offered service to make customers happy. If its just a routine visit that will only take a day at the most, the dealer will usually only offer a ride to work and back at best. I got a rental Chevy Cavalier from Enterprise when my 00 Accent had to stay overnight to replace the water pump. The dealer must have a special deal with Enterprise because there is a little office right next door that is attached to the collision repair center.
  • mirax2mirax2 Posts: 3
    got to test drive the GT. I live up here in Canada. I saw my first one last Saturday and I got to drive a 5-spd on Monday. I Love the way the GT looks like a baby SAAB! Here in CAN we have 2 packages one base w/o leather and the other one w/leather, ABS and moon roof.

    Are there any Canadians out there who have purchased one yet? On top of the MSRP the dealer added a $125 Metallic paint fee, and a $395 Admin/Theft protection fee. Are these charges legit?
    Oh yeah....Also there was a $895 Freight and PDI charge.
    There was no Window sticker for any of the Hyundai I just took his word for it that the MSRP of the vehicle was $20495 + FRT &fees for the 5-spd with the leather, ABS and Moonroof. Should the Hyundai vehicles here in CAN have window stickers?
    I currently have a Focus ZX3 and I am used to full disclosure and info on the company website etc...
    Any help would be great!
    Many Thanks

    BTW this board has been very helpful and informative so far and I am happy to finally have something to say instead of just being a lurker :)

  • azzi1azzi1 Posts: 3
    mpgman at post 655 mentioned a $100 refund from Hyundai. How did you go about getting it. I bought my GT 7-9 and love it. I thought I was nuts though when I was looking for the hatch release and could not find it. I had a 99 elantra before and it was right next to the fuel door release.
    Not that I need the hatch release, but I sure would love the $100 since no $500 rebate was offered. Do you have an address or email address?
    I love my GT. I have 1400 miles and alot of people looking at my saab like car.
  • Still having problems getting the rear mud flaps to fit? I bought mine from the Hyundai parts department and they fit perfectly. I finally found my paperwork that came with the flaps and it lists the GT (5 door) separate from the GLS (4 door). The part number for the GT's rear flaps is 08460-2D600. Hope this helps. I put mine on myself and found it easier to put the inner most bolt in first.
    Also, I got my letter about the remote hatch release today.
  • Anybody else have a window sticker that states a change in the suspension? On the sticker under "High Value Features", it states Sport-Tuned Suspension, but over to the right under "Optional Features" it states Comfort Suspension N/C. I have a very low serial # GT and have noticed that the current dealer stock of GT's does not say Comfort Suspension anymore. Does that mean I basically have a GLS suspension?
    It doesn't matter because I think it handles great. Just curious to know if anybody else noticed this.
  • Just turned 400 miles on my GT, and I notice a bit of "wander" on the highway. At first I thought that it was the wind, but since then I've confirmed that it's not. Tire pressure from the dealer was set to 40lbs, but I fixed that the day I bought it. Is this something that would be covered under my warranty if I take it to a local dealer? It doesn't seem like it would be, although I just bought the car....
    Thanks to ElantraGTguy for info about the cargo net -- let me know how much the anchors are and how they install....
    I'm still on my first tank of gas, and so far my computer indicates that I'm getting around 26mpg. Heard that this will probably improve as I continue to break the car in....
    Also, regarding breakin -- the manual says not to exceed 4k RPM, or go over 55mph for 1200 miles. I can handle not exceeding 4k RPM, but 55mph??? Just can't do that...
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212

    I don't know about Canada, but there should not be a metallic paint fee with US-sold models for sure. Admin-theft protection sounds very fishy to me, but, then again, things might be different in Canada. I would definitely check with Hyundai directly about this to be sure the dealer isn't trying to scam you. As far as the freight (destination) charge goes, it is $495 in the US, but could be more in Canada. Nonetheless, I would check the freight charges when pricing new cars here at Edmunds to be sure of the Canadian destination charge.

    Congrats on getting your GT! It's a great car!


    THANKS for that part number info! I went to check the part number on my rear mudflaps and it is not the same. The part they gave me is 08460-2D510. No wonder I couldn't get the rear ones to fit! I can't wait to call the dealer now after I was already told that I had the right part number!

    My GT also had the "Comfort Suspension" listed at no charge on the window sticker. My serial number isn't real low, so maybe it changed after my car's production run or something.

    mpgman and lingtonge18:

    Thanks for the info. I called the dealer later for clarification on the "free rental car" issue and they told me that once a needed repair is inspected and deemed to be covered under the warranty that they will issue a free rental car. So, I guess I have a pretty good dealer, since this is supposedly not part of the warranty.
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    I wouldn't worry as much about the top speed limit during the break-in period. Keeping the rpms under 4,000 is much more important.

    Also, make sure you don't use the cruise to maintain a constant highway speed either during the break-in period. You need to vary your cruising speed every few minutes or so.

    Congrats on your purchase!
  • Hello all,
    My wife and I bought a Pewter 5-speed with pkg 2 last weekend at Famous Ed's Hyundai in El Monte, CA.(I10 at Santa Anita) and received friendly service and a good price. As of last weekend they also had the following GTs:
    1 Pewter auto pkg 1
    1 Red auto pkg 1
    2 Blue auto pkg 1
    1 Blue auto pkg 2
    1 Blue manual pkg 1
    1 Black didn't see up close

    We've only put a few miles on our new car so far but haven't experienced any problems...Nice car and a good value in our opinion to those of you who are still considering this car.
  • What should the tire pressure be on this car?
    The mud flaps that were installed on my GT (as part of the deal) had shades of gray spots on them. After seeing two more sets, they were the same, so I told them to remove them. I got (7) free oil changes and my rotors are covered for 3 yrs/36k instead. Other than my radio needing to be replaced, I've had my GT since May 31st, have driven it 1600 miles, and I love this car!

    There is a statement regarding free loaner cars on the Hyundai website.

    Congrats to all the new GT buyers!!
  • I thought it was impossible to get abs in SoCal. How much did you pay for your pkg 2?!
  • We paid 15156.00 with floor mats and the advertising fee and freight, not including sales tax and registration. That is 200.00 over invoice. The advertising fee as they explained it to me is charged to them by Hyundai on each car and adds to the overall dealer cost of the vehicle...So we paid the fee and took the car and ran so to speak. I also thought it was going to be next to impossible to find an Elantra GT with ABS and traction control because we originally wanted to buy an Elantra GLS with the same and couldn't find one in CA. Well, eventually we did find one but it was white(my wife doesn't like white) and an automatic(neither of us like automatics in small/sporty cars). So we held off purchasing a car and was still looking at other vehicles when the GT came out. The traction control is on by default by the way and the off button is by the emergency flashers.
    Ed Dominguez, the owner of Famous Ed's, said they don't have any say in what cars they get when. So I guess it turned out to be a serendipitous experience for us since we were leaning towards a Honda Accord EX 5-speed but hadn't been able to find the color my wife liked best yet.
  • Finally, I got an air deflector that fits my GT. Hyundai said to install one for the Sonata. I did and it fits perfectly. Now all I need is a rear spoiler.
  • mattwamattwa Posts: 16
    The rear latch problem could lead to some other problems, as I found out last night. If the
    seat is upright and the seat belt receptacle is caught under the seat cushion *and* the rear seat doesn't release because of the latch problem, then you may face a situation where one of your rear seat passengers doesn't have a seatbelt. I was able to fish the seat belt piece out from between the seat cushions but it wasn't easy. I can see now why those plastic prongs are included to latch the receptacles before the seat is released. Just something to be aware of.
  • If you are not a member, you will have to sign up to view it, but it's free. As a new GT owner, I particularly liked this piece: "It doesn't take a sharp pencil to realize that the GT is a bargain." And they even forgot to mention that it has traction control when you get the ABS option!


  • alaskapb -- I am so jealous that you say you found a dealer with the car in blue with auto and package 2 (7)! No one here has them in blue, no less with ABS! I just bought one in red, and while it's nice in red, I would have preferred blue. Did you look at it? Does it look as nice in person as it does in the brochure?

    BTW does anyone know why the stickers say package 2 but the brochures and other stuff say package 7 for the ABS/TC? It's rather confusing.

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