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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • gt_fangt_fan Posts: 159
    The reason that the Saab (or SAAB, as they would prefer you to spell it) costs more is partially due to to things that don't necessarily show up on comparison sheets. When I drove the 9-3, I found it to be smoother, quieter and much more at home at the Autobon speeds at which I am wont to travel. The seat heaters are nice and you'd have a hard time beating Saab's reputation for safety. I might have even bought one used, but I'd have still paid more, been without a warranty and ended up paying those ridiculous European-car maintenance and repair costs. I had enough of that with my Audi (finally sold for full asking price! My GT's now comfortably ensconced in the garage.). Not to mention that the 9-3 turned out to be too narrow in back to handle the third car seat for our upcoming family addition.
    Is the Saab really worth twice the price? Not in my book, unless you've got a LOT of money burning a hole in your pocket or you really like to spend a lot of your free time under your car.
  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    This seems to have fixed my buzzing door panels. I removed the rear screws that hold the door panels on, with the plastic washer. I put o rings behind each washer (big enough to sit on the door panel), and put it all together. After a mile of bumpy roads (and 30 degree temp) no noise! Hope this is the cure. Thanks for the help..... Hyundai City (NJ) didn't even try to tighten the screws!
  • centarforcentarfor Posts: 22
    Does anyone have pics of the Elantra GT with a wood dash?
  • apupekapupek Posts: 1
    I am seriously looking at purchasing the 2002 GT,
    and after reading all of the great reviews, can't wait to test drive one tomorrow!
    Got a question about the trip computer though- what all does it do for you?
  • centarforcentarfor Posts: 22
    Thanks for the help, I couldn't find what it would look like anywhere.
  • yardbirdyardbird Posts: 30
    The trip computer is an interesting, albeit minor ammenity (for me anyway). What does it do for me you ask? Nothing really. I mean I use the mpg readout and reset it during tank fill-ups (my mpg hardly varies from 30mpg). My range of miles has remained fairly consistant, so I don't depend on the computer (with 14.5 gallons of gas my safe range is @ 400). When it feels time to fill-up I fill-up...instinct rules!
    All in all, it's something to play around with, a "fun feature"...nothing more, nothing less.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    It is a good backup if your fuel gauge is inaccurate, a not uncommon problem.
  • centarforcentarfor Posts: 22
    Are a lot of people having problems with their fuel gauges???
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    (GLS) is that the tank doesn't always show full until I drive for about a mile. No big deal.
  • wmoseswmoses Posts: 212
    No problem with either the fuel gauge or the trip computer here.
  • centarforcentarfor Posts: 22
    I E-mailed the Edmunds editors and they said they will be doing a comparison test on the GT and all its competitors next month!
  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    Boy, we've been bugging the Edmunds' editors for a while to get them to do a comparison of the 5DHs. It'll be interesting to see the results.

    16,500 miles on my 2001.5 pewter base model and, except for a fussy fuel gage that only reads "full" after I've driven a few miles, I have no problems to report. Car is driven daily in unforgiving NJ commuter traffic and continues to shine. Still pulling between 25 and 27 mpg depending on my route to work.

    I'd previously reported a blown LF speaker. This turned out to be an error. The stereo now works fine. There was probably just a little grit that had been caught in the rotary volume/on-off knob which has now worked its way out. Viva la tuneage, dudes!

    Happy motoring.
  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    After a fill up the other day, and about a mile driving my guage and computer are working correctly. The door panels are quiet (since I added the o rings), and no other problems!
    So far with over 1200 miles this has been the most trouble free new car.... including a toyota!
  • wmoseswmoses Posts: 212
    gt_fan -- How did you make out with the oil drain valve?
    (This is also a test to see if this board is working ... so quiet for the last 2 days)
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Weekends do tend to be a little slower around here. Guess that's because you're all out having fun with your Elantra GT's.... ;-)

    Hatchbacks & Station Wagons Boards
  • gt_fangt_fan Posts: 159
    Yeah, I was planning to get that thing installed this weekend, but I got hit with a nasty bug of some sort. First time I've stayed home from work in years. Enough whining though, (my lovely and gracious wife isn't interested either) I'm on the mend and will hopefully do the dirty deed in the next few days.

    On a healthier note, my GT just passed 4,000 miles, still averaging better than 30mpg lifetime. I recently performed my patented "Old Denver Highway Test" on the car to test the chassis and suspension.

    The Old Denver Highway is a stretch of very rough two-lane concrete slab (circa 1930-40's?) that runs between the small towns of Palmer Lake and Larkspur. Back before they put in the interstate, it was the main route between Denver and Colorado Springs. Since then, maintenance on it has been minimal and much of the surface is still original. The slabs have settled in different directions over the decades and at highway speeds you get thrown around pretty good as you fly from one to the other. It's an excellent test of a vehicles chassis rigidity and suspension.

    I used to have a '94 Old Cutlass Supreme with the 200hp engine and high performance suspension. On smooth roads it stuck like glue and was one of the best handling cars I've owned, with those big 235/60-16 Michelins. But when I tried to hustle that thing down the Test section it was like herding cats. I think the wheels were off the ground more often than they were on, the bump stops at the bottom of the suspension travel were getting beaten to death, the chassis was twisting back and forth like it was made of rubber and I thought the dash was going to end up in my lap. Not good.

    My '95 Audi 90 Quattro was a whole different story. With a very stiff chassis and well-sorted suspension designed for sometimes-less-than-optimum European roads, it stuck like glue and soaked up the abuse with hardly a whimper. The car always felt like it was in complete control of the road and was, as usual, quiet as a tomb inside. Audi has been the master at wheel control for a long time and it showed with that car.

    I was expecting the Hyundai to perform more like the Olds than the Audi during the test. It's a bigger car than the Audi, but weighs 600-700 lbs less, so you would assume it would give up a lot in chassis rigidity and suspension sophistication. I'm pleased to report that the Hyundai was very nearly the Audi's equal. There was little or no discernible chassis flex and no rattles. While more jolt got through to the drivers seat than with the Audi, the GT stayed firmly planted on its line, with none of the constant correction needed at that speed with the Olds. Granted, I wouldn't choose to drive that stretch of road everyday, but the GT gave me the feeling that if I needed to, it could handle it.
  • wmoseswmoses Posts: 212
    Hahahah ... I love the subject line, Mark! :-)

    Nice post on your experience on the "Old Denver Highway Test". The ride is certainly one of the GT's strong suits.
  • After 3 months of looking for a 5 spd GT I'll be taking delivery of a silver 5 spd with option package 11 (moonroof, ABS, TCS) from Ed Voyles, Hyundai in N Atlanta. I'll post cost details on the "how much did you pay board" after I've written the check. Voyles did a trade with a dealership in Henderson NC for this car, so it already has 190 miles on the clock. Pinstripes and mudguards are included (whoopee!).
    5spd GTs seem rarer than hen's teeth in car crazy GA. If I had to negotiate an Atlanta commute (the most miles in the nation on average) I'd probably have popped for an auto, but a 5spd will work nicely on the country roads of rural GA.
    The only question I have left is what to do with my 1981 diesel Rabbit. I think I'll keep it, as it seemed to annoy the inlaws no end!
  • gt_fangt_fan Posts: 159
    Annoying the inlaws is a good enough reason to keep it, in my book.

    Welcome aboard!
  • 5port5port Posts: 395

    Yes, interesting post about your cars. I would like to add my test for chassis rigidity. Drive your car on a diagonal up a fairly steep commercial driveway apron. When I did this in my 94 Civic Si the body would creak and groan. The GT does this in complete silence. No wonder the suspension works so well...its mounted to a VERY rigid platform.
  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    that should make them Very happy!
  • yardbirdyardbird Posts: 30
    centarfor- I've yammed quite a bit over many posts on the quirky nature between my fuel gauge and trip computer readings(after fill-ups)...see my post #1720 (among several others I can't seem to locate now). No reason to go over all that again unless you got a specific question or observation. In the scheme of things it's a minor inconvienence.
  • rwr1708rwr1708 Posts: 34
    I finally picked up my new Black, 5-spd GT, pkg 11, this past Saturday. I love that car! Better yet my Mom's coming to visit for Easter, so I can show her my new GT and gloat about how I could've bought two of mine for the price of her Passat. This is going to be a fun couple of days!

    I wanted to thank everyone for all the advice which helped me choose this car. Thanks!
  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    Has anyone seen or installed a hood deflector on their GT. I have a black 2002 GT, which is hard enough to keep clean, but I drive a lot threw bug infested corn fields, so it sure would help there! I was wondering how the hood deflector would look. I saw a picture of one on a silver GT...didn't look to bad, but I'm not sure yet.
    Congrats to rwr1708 on your new car!
  • gt_fangt_fan Posts: 159
    joffice - I thought about putting a hood deflector on mine, but then had the dealer apply that clear plastic adhesive bra instead. The only way you can tell it's there is the telltale line across the hood where it ends. It should stop the sandblasting and most of the smaller rock chips that accumulate with time, but bug guts are another thing altogether. Around here, bug strikes are very rare, but in farm country a good deflector might be a necessity.

    Question - What's the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when he smacks head-on into your windshield?

    Answer - His butt! (Sorry if everyone's heard that like a million times.)

    rwr1708 - nice choice on the GT. That's exactly the color and equipment I was shopping for, but couldn't find. I'm starting to really like the Carbon Blue though. Good luck with yours!
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    A few weeks ago me and my friend ( ages 21 and 22) went to test drive a GT auto and when we asked if we could take it on the highway to test its acceleration, ride and noise at higher speeds, he said we had to stay on a predetermined route set by the county( Bucks, PA). Did anyone else get this response when they test drove the car, otherwise the salesman was nice and let my friend drive it twice around the route. We were quite impressed especially with the price. They were prepared to sell him it at invoice but we needed to get financing first. Also did any of your salesman try to put in with the price a "dealer prep" package around $1200 that included needless things like door edge guards and pin striping. He took it off after a little while though. Continue with the informative posts and hopefully I can share my friends purchase story soon.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    I have a 1991 Sonata and when I fill up it does take about a mile to get to full. I don't think the slowness of the gauge is a problem, I just think that is how it is designed.
  • storkdudestorkdude Omaha, NE. Formerly Tokyo, Japan/ Dayton, OH/ Wash, DC, Minot, ND, etc. etc.Posts: 26
    Is anybody aware of any aftermarket super/turbo chargers for the GT? It would be nice to have great gobs of low-end torque.
  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    The first time I went to the dealer just to test drive the GT. No predetermined route (Burlington, NJ). The next time I came back the salesman let me have the car all morning. I'm 31. Maybe that had something to do with it.
    On my first visit I told the salesman I wanted to see a car without the preferred package ($980 worth of junk I can get at Wal*Mart for $25). He dropped that right away.. telling me they use that for "leverage" in most sales. A few days later he gave me the car for the morning! My wife (who I picked up on my drive) and I kept using the "we'll have to see what the other Hyundai dealers can do" line, and it worked GREAT! I ended up driving home a loaded black GT.... everything, but the sunroof deflector. Even got them to drop the DMV fees, and the preferred customer plan (which should be included anyway). Final price was 15300k (with the spoiler, and 3 oil changes).
    ps. it also helped having a folder with internet paper work on this and other cars. plus some hand written quotes from other places (real or not)
    GOOD LUCK! Let me know if you cross the river for a car. My salesman was pretty easy going, and I might be able to get a free tank of gas if you get a car from him :)
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