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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    Just heard back from our regional distribution manager.... The Elantra GT IS in production in Korea right now!!!! It will be a 2001 model and ETA is still mid to late June. Be aware that quantities at first will be limited. Last I heard,the whole Central Region(midwest) will be getting only 300 units in the first batch. That has to be divided up among appox. 130 dealers. Bob
  • vellyvelly Posts: 8

    Do you know what the numbers look like for the Northeast?

  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    velly-I don't have any contacts in the Eastern Region of Hyundai,but I'll try to find out and post here. Bob
  • I live in Tampa Fl. Any ideas when it will hit the southeast? Thanks, Rick
  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    If the GT is like the other models,they should hit the whole country about the same time. Bob
  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    Just heard back from my contacts at Hyundai. Here are the breakdowns on the initial orders: Central-300.....Eastern-640.....Southern....335 and Western-300.So,as I've said,if you have to have one of the first ones, I would visit your favorite Hyundai dealer asap. Bob
  • I checked it out with Brandon Hyundai yesterday- Expecting the dealership to receive them by June 6. I didn't put one on hold. I'd much rather deal with them when it arrives. Any idea of the cargo space? I have to see if I can fit the dog in the back w/the seat folded.

    Now, if only they made a Sonata 5-door. That would be the ultimate hatchback.

  • liljonsonliljonson Posts: 109
    i just came back from the auto show and i trutly have to tell you if it comes out like it did in the auto show, there is no way i'm getting it, not great in real life to me, it didn't have everything like in the pics and nobody was at the hyundai area to help me.
  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    Lijonson - sounds like you had the same auto show experience that I did. Did it seem to you that Hyundai was willing to show the car but unwilling to talk about it? I can't figure out why...

    Nobuynissan - June 6? That's encouraging. I'm in NJ (E.Coast) so I'll contact a dealer soon about availability. Maybe those Hyundai reps at the auto show didn't know what they were talking about. You should be able to fit your dog in with the seat folded (unless you're going to let him drive). It's my estimate that the GT will have at least as much cargo space as the Kia Spectra.

    BTW, if the GT never materializes I think we might just go with the GLS. What the heck, it's a neat car -- I'll just buy a bike/ski rack for the roof!!

  • pheopheo Posts: 10
    Actually, the GT was the first hyundai I saw there. It was on a platform near the xg's and santa fe's. It was not with the other elantras. I assume the one they have is a base model since it doesn't have everything like the guy said a couple of posts ago. It didn't have leather seats and the spoiler, and the interior seemed just like a plain elantra. It did have the purple guages, though. I personally think that the elantra gt and mazda protege 5 will be killed by toyota matrix and pontiac vibe. Cjaccetta, the gt has already been materialized since it's been on sale in Europe and Korea for months.
  • liljonsonliljonson Posts: 109
    why did they stick the hyundai,mitsubishi,suburu stuff down stairs??? i thought those were the coolest cars, especially the hyundai lz450, my brother personally doesn't like hyundais but does respect them alot and he actually said that was the best looking car in the show.
  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    Hyundai, Kia, Mitsu, Subaru were all downstairs at the NYIAS in 2000, too. Yeah, it was kind of a bummer b/c their cars were cool, but at least they were all near one another. Pity poor Daewoo -- they were in another wing altogether!

    Pheo, Lijonson -- did you hear any "buzz" about the GT while you were at the show? I overheard some favorable comments from passerby. It also seemed like a lot of the people hanging around the Hyundai area were current or former Hyundai owners.
  • liljonsonliljonson Posts: 109
    lol yea i never heard anybody say "wheres deawoo?". i'm pretty sure nobody was really upset that they were all alone.
  • bill_1bill_1 Posts: 97
    Pheo... I don't know if I would be too sure that the Hyundai GT will be killed off by the Toyota/Pontiac twins. While they may be a big success, they are not necessarily direct competitiors with the GT. For one thing they are Wagons, and thus cater to a slightly different market. In addition they will probably be a bit pricier when equipped to the same level as the GT. Also I expect that many will prefer the GTs Engine; it has a fair bit more torque than either of the 1.8s that will make it into the Matrix and Vibe.
  • john1250john1250 Posts: 3
    Pricing for the Elantra GT is now available at Kelly Blue book (KBB.COM). The MSRP for the manual is 13,999 and for auto 14,799. Option package 7 (AS/moon roof) adds 1175. Added from the GLS are 4 wheel discs, "Euro" suspension, fog lamps, "leather surfaced" seats, alloys and CD player. Exclusive new colors are Cobalt Blue and Cardinal Red. No word on availability date.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    KBB lists a rebate of $500 expiring 4/30. Good luck.

    Also, traction control comes with ABS on the regular Elantra, but it's not mentioned on the GT. Must be an oversight.
  • liljonsonliljonson Posts: 109
    i don't know why the younger crowd likes auto, i'm young too and i can't understand it. i drive auto now and i hate it. stick in most cases gives you the great accelaration. oh wellz, lazy teens =)
  • sjslosjslo Posts: 16
    I had always wanted a car with stick until I learned how to drive stick. I don't understand why someone would want to put themselves through that. I learned to drive stick on a Ford Escort ZX2, and I would have rather had an automatic than a POS clutch and shifter. Driving for me is about getting from point A to point B with a minimal amount of frustration, adn that's what an automatic gives me. The sales numbers don't lie, there's just not enough demand for stick anymore, Hyundai would be committing suicide if they didn't offer an automatic. Just my two cents...
  • bpb30bpb30 Posts: 10
    Nice to finally see some details. I noticed the GT has heated side mirrors as standard equipment. Does the GLS have these? ABS, traction control(presuming this is included), and heated side mirrors makes for a great Midwestern winter car. It's also nice to see you can open the hatch remotely. The only thing I was hoping to see that I did not was wood trim for the dash board. That would have made it the perfect mini saab otherwise it looks great on paper.

    I'm on a 2-4 month timeframe to buy a car so I can take my time. I'm considering the GT auto($16K MSRP loaded), the Honda Accord Value Package auto($16K discounted), or the new Subaru Impreza Wagon auto($18KMSRP). The honda did better in crash tests (w/side air bags option) but the Elantra GLS is no slouch. You get a lot more for you money with the GT and I like the idea of the hatch. If I can get a GT at a discounted price I will probably go with that unless the Impreza knocks me off my feet (165hp, AWD, more cargo room, but no side airbags and a shorter warranty).

    BTW, not sure if the group has seen these pics of the GT but this looks like the version we are getting. Under owners picture gallery click on the elantra and the first three aross the right top are from an unknown auto show.

  • estoesto Posts: 136 also has prices and specs for the GT. Their site makes it easy to compare GLS features to the GT's.

    Hosts - why doesn't Edmunds have any info posted yet?
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