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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • dmarzo1dmarzo1 Posts: 37

    I now have 3600 miles on my GT and still love it. Brought it in for its first service yesterday (simple oil change) and was shocked to get a bill for $37...I dont think I have ever paid more than $25 for an oil change.

    Does $37 seem extreme or is there something about an Elantra GT that makes oil changes pricey?



    PS Best wishes Jofficer
  • wmoseswmoses Posts: 212
    You bet it is.

    If one were to do it themselves, the cost would be around $10. So allowing for twice as much from the dealer, the cost should not be more than $20+tax. That is the most I would pay.

    There is nothing at all special about changing the oil in the GT. It should be a 5 minute job for a shop with a hoist. It will take the DIYer longer since a hoist is not normally available.

    Now if they also [actually] do a complete "x" point inspection, and that is what you have been charged for, then maybe the cost is not too bad. But for just a straight oil change, it is too high.
  • jrs333jrs333 Posts: 10

    You may want to check out They have an oil extractor (make sure you put that in when you search..."oil extractor") for $59.99 + tax. I bought one of these to do oil changes for myself & my wife. It is excellent! You don't have to get under the car to use it, either. You simply put it's tube directly in the dipstick, and it safely pumps your oil out. Then add your new oil and -- voila! -- you're set in less than 10 min.

    It sure beats paying $20-$30 per oil change (especially if you have looooooooooong commutes piling on the mileage like we do).

  • Hi,
    Edmunds lists the dealer wholesale cost on a 2001 GT at $7,500, and the dealer retail that people in my area are actually paying at $9,900. This assumes average mileage. The NADA yellowbook indicates dealers asking prices are around $13,900. The dealers in Milwaukee, WI have the NADA price down really good. The problem: the dealerships won't budge on the price. The lowest I found was one for $12,995 and that had 20k on it! When I show them my data and spread sheets they insult me and tell me that I am out of my mind. One dealership told me they paid $12,800 for the vehicle. Another said they had over $11,000 into the car. And two other dealerships put stickers on the car of $16,999 and $18,999 and then put the cars on "sale". Get real? So my question: who are these people paying $9,900? Am I out of my mind to expect to pay between $10,000 and $11,000 for these usded 2001's? ( I offered one $11,200). And why the obstinant position on these vehicles? They all are willing to rely on dealer holdbacks and factory to dealer incentives on the new 2002's and cut me a "deal" of $600 below invoice. What gives? Advice anyone? Can I get this car (2001) in the range I want, and if so HOW? Help!
  • indomieindomie Posts: 10

    I perused this board for months before I finally
    got around to buying my car, a 2001.5 5-sp GT w/ moonroof and floor mats. Although I live in Jackson, MS, I was willing to fly to St. Louis to get a 2002 at invoice from a dealer over there. In the meantime, I was half-heartedly haggling over the 2001.5 that I eventually bought. I didn't really want it, but I thought, "Let's see how low we can go."

    Long story short, I ended up with the car for $12,550. Total mileage when I bought it - 200 (about 50 of that was miles I put on while testing the car out). So, I still got the full warranty and the car had virtually no miles on it.

    Of interest (perhaps) is the fact that I walked in there with the numbers from in my head for a used 2001 GT. I added the delivery cost and about a hundred bucks and gave them my price (12,200). They acted really weird about it - asking how I got that number, telling me it was way off, etc. Along comes the manager two minutes later who is all smiles and tells me that he has added to his bookmarks on the main computer and that I had come up with a VERY interesting price, but clearly it was way off from the approx. 13.5-14 every other book/site showed. He and everyone else looked so funny, though (almost guilty!), that I think I was within $100 of the actual price of the vehicle. I didn't mind paying 12,550 after that. I still think I got a steal...

    Bad news is, the car has been in the shop for a week getting a new hood and grill after a car in front of me hit a log in the road that went flying into my car. Good thing I only have a $250 deductible.

    I know we have a bright red 2k1.5 auto GT here, sans moonroof, if you want to make the trek. : )

    You know, the manager gave me his card and asked me if I wanted a job after we had finally inked the deal. I laughed at him and said no, but maybe I should reconsider... ; )
  • An oil extractor sounds nice...BUT, what about the filter?
  • I see pretty much all of us, owners of an Elantra GT, get high insurance rates. I also learned here it may be because Insurers are not familiar with the car and therefore they put it under exotic' or whatever they call it... So what do you all think about finding a way to give them more information about the car? anybody has an idea how we can go about trying to lower those rates? any more ideas on this?
  • dant5dant5 Posts: 11
    I just got back from the Atlanta International Auto show. I spent a great deal of time in the Hyundai section chatting with a very friendly and knowledgeable product specialist that told me in June or July Hyundai will be adding a spoiler as a factory option on the GT due to so many requests. She mentioned seeing some "very nice" aftermarket celica spoilers on GTs on the internet :) I spent a lot of time in and out of the car without a salesguy down my neck, and i am convinced that this is the car for me.

    About insurance, I got a quote from my provider (USAA) @1800 a year. I'm 20 with a totally clean record (no tickets or accidents), a defensive driving course credit, and good student discount. It's a little high, but nowhere near as high as some of my friends driving civic coupes.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I always assumed the reported possible Elantra wagon would be the Lavita.
  • Indomie,
    If you can, give me the name and number of the dealer who might have another 2001 GT. In Milwaukee I can't get them to budge from their lowest quote of $13,200 on a 2001 GT with 12,000 miles on it. I offered them a flat $12,000 which I thought liberal and they laughed in my face.
  • desgdesg Posts: 52
    The Lavita makes sense although it is quite different to the older station waggon and is quite different to the current Elantra. It is more like some of the european waggons/hatches especially cars like the Renault Scenic. You sit rather high and upright in it.

    I've been able to climb all over one and personally I don't like it
  • I went back and forth with a bunch of providers about insurance rates... And I think I got a pretty good rate with Geico. I'm starting out at $580 for 6 months. Next week (after my defensive driving course), that will be lowered to $480 for 6 months. If you haven't looked at Geico before, I highly recommend them! I was paying about $600 every 6 months with just liability on my last car, which was insured through Progressive!

    The main reason I wanted to go with Geico was not their rates though... A few years ago I was hit by someone with Geico insurance. Their claims department was awesome. I just called them up and told them that someone who was insured by them ran me off the road. They had someone deliver a rental car to me with the half hour! Now that's service...
  • On my Elantra GT I just noticed that the little cargo space cover (that rises and falls with the hatchback door) is slightly malformed. It's a little twisted to the right, so it doesn't go down all the way without serious effort. In fact, since I didn't notice it right away, it looks like it's created a slight a abrasion on the plastic molding that's beside it. Has anyone else seen this? Is this covered under warranty (the car is 3 days old!)?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    is that I've seen no other indication that any "normal" wagon is in the pipeline, but yet I've heard occasional listings of an expected Elantra wagon. In some markets the Lavita is Lavita, Elantra Lavita, or Matrix. If the Toyota/Pontiac Matrix/Vibe or other crossovers are wagons, so is a Lavita. Although I'm not in the market for such a car, I'd like to see it brought over. We need more tall cars-crossovers.
  • does anyone have any advice for me? I've had a deposit down on a 5-speed pewter GT with option 11 for 6 weeks. My dealer hasn't found one in the Northeast area. Does anyone know how I can find out if any dealer has one? Could Hyundai help me with that?
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Thanks CJA and dieselhead. I want car #2 to be able to handle bikes easily so I am looking for a wagon like a Focus or Jetta or perhaps a CR-V. Maybe a rumored Elantra wagon will do the trick?
  • desgdesg Posts: 52
    It's called the Elantra Lavita here so fits into the elantra lineup, it's based on the same floorpan and running gear. The version sold here is in GLS trim but only has a 1.8 litre motor

    The different spec levels hyundai uses has me intrigued, even GLS vehicles are different between the markets, this must add to costs
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    My friend is very interested in buying the GT within the next couple of weeks and he was wondering about the temperature of the leather in hot and cold weather. Some people say that the leather can get very hot or cold during hot and cold weather respectively, and some people say it really doesn't make a difference. The colors he is looking at is carbon blue, black, and pewter in that order. He was also wondering if there is a cover that could fit over just the part that you sit on if the temperature is a problem. Thanks for your help.
  • gt_fangt_fan Posts: 159
    A few years ago, Dodge sold a little Misubishi-built wagon/minivan that looked a lot like the Lavita. My recollection is that it didn't sell very well. Times have changed though and I'd bet that more people would be willing to look into a tall wagon as an alternative to those mini-suv's. I kind of like the look of the Lavita, and that sliding rear seat would probably make it one of the few small cars that are truly comfortable for tall adults in the back seat.

  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    maybe I can help, I have a 2001.5 Cobalt Blue GT with the standard greyish black leather interior. A week or two ago we had a few days of 80+ degree sunny days and my car was parked outside where I work. the answer is yes it does get hot in the car, and yes if you touch the steering wheel you will feel like your hand is on the stove. But this is easily remedied by leaving your windows open just a crack when you know you wil be leaving the car for an extended period of time. also you can buy sunshades to cover the front windshield and if you have kids you prob have those that are suction cuppedto the side windows. (ventgaurd for the doors do help if it rains when the windows are cracked open, but I dont know if they make them for the gt yet, you can prob use the GLS front door shades)
    The mini-minivan you were talking about was called the Mitsubishi Expo/ Expo LRV and Eagle summit wagon and maybe even colt wagon if dodge had a version, I dont rememeber. Came out in 1992 only Mitsu carried the version with 3 row seating . mitsu could also be had with AWD, was in no way a luxo minivan like the caravan or the T&C is but a basic form of family transport. the most luxurious things it had were power windows and door locks. Powered by a small engine that put out less than 145 hp. recently discontinued in japan ( know this because in 92 my father chose between the expo LWB version and the diamante LS ( both new at the time)
    Hell... just go to the hyundai korean website... they sell it as the Santamo jsut like they sell the first generation montero 4 door as the galloper... LOL
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