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GMC Acadia Transmission Problems



  • Please ensure that you file a complaint through Good luck with the rest.
  • Already started the process of the complaint, Thanks Scott!
  • I am absolutely unhappy with all of the problems and the lack of help I am now receiving from the dealership. I purchased this used acadia in Jan of THIS year! I've already had to take it in for a leaky and faulty sunroof, and a water pump going out, and now merely 2 months after my power train warranty is now void, and am currently only sitting at 76k miles, I am being told there is nothing they can do to help the transmission problems that suddenly from one day to the next appeared! There should be some sort of recall on this as I have read through and almost ever one of these unsatisfied customers are experiencing the same problem! Needless to say I will NEVER EVER purchase another GM product. This is a huge let down as reliability was the main contributor to me purchasing this vehicle.
  • Hello ALL - is this an avenue for finding support from GM on the same problem as below?

    We have just had our 2007 Acadia experience the same problem and GM is not supporting us at all. we are less than 6 months out of warranty BUT only 124k (way under the 160 powertrain warranty) and we have had a terrible week trying to get a response from GM and when we finally did, they told us too bad - no support on a $4,700 bill for a new transmission to replace the one that failed due to the poorly engineered waive plate that is causing everyone who owns these SUV's with major headaches....ACADIACHES

    Our bill will be close to $5,000 after tax. We are furious that this is a known problem and GM will not stand tall on an obvious flaw that they should be accountable for.

    I can assure you, GM is NOT a consideration moving forward because of the way they have treated us.

    We have spoke with many (GM) people on this 3-5 reverse waive plate failure issue and they all feel GM is not supporting the clients on this by telling me they will not help at all with any costs.

    Have you ever heard of so many transmission issues and no support? 124K currently on the truck and GM says too bad?? Nice.
  • GM Canada 1-800-268-6800

    there is a bullitin 309-07-30-012-F on the web apparently on this also - from GM
  • Here is my story. I bought a used 2007 Acadia with 8000 miles back in April of 2008. From day 1, I hated the lag when trying to pass a car. But my wife loved the style and she drives it most so I bit my tounge. This engine is undersized for this heavy vehicle. My windshild wipers went out in a heavy snowstorm within a month of owning this thing. They recalled the heated windshield wiper fluid feature and told me GM would send us a $100 check for our trouble. I know it was BS and laughed it off and of course never received it. Had to have timing chains replaced right before a long trip to the beach and caused a stressful situation when it should have been a relaxing trip. Most recently, on Nov. 11 of this year, my 2010 Chevy Cobalt (bought brand new) got a cracked engine block and broke down. We got it to the dealership. I took the Acadia for the day and my wife took our old trusty 1998 Dodge Ram pickup to work. The same day, the Acadia transmission goes completely out leaving me and kids stranded on the highway. My wife comes in the truck to rescue us and we leave Acadia along the road. I get the Acadia to the dealership and now it is Nov. 21st and they still have not looked at the car. My Cobalt is in their shop and they just got the engine in today. Of course Thanksgiving is tomorrow so they won't work on it. Cobalt covered under warranty, however the Acadia, although it only has 68,000 miles, warranty ran out 8 months ago. The dealer gave me quotes to fix it even tho they havent even looked at the tranny yet. $2660 to 'repair' trany and $3400 to get a rebuilt one installed. I called GM and went back and forth about the cost and how this 'professional' grade vehicle tranny should have lasted longer. The GM rep says, she might be able to get 40% off the repairs for me. Today I looked at the Kia Sorento and the Hyundai Santa Fe and I was impressed. I already have a deal worked out with the Kia dealer if I ever get this Acadia back. The Santa Fe doesnt come out with a 7 seater til January so I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of it. You can get these vehicles loaded with a fantastic warranty for the base model price of GMC pieces of 'professional' crap.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    You're complaining about a 5 year old vehicle that you bought 4 years ago? Why didn't you sell it 4 years ago instead of putting yourself through all the drama?

    Didn't you know that part of owning a GM vehicle is to have Major Guard extended warranty from GM? It is a must have item.
  • I didn't sell it because the wife liked it and she drives it mostly. And I didn't know about about a Major Guard warranty. And yes I am complaining about a 5 year old vehicle. For 30 grand, the tranny of a 'professional grade' vehicle should have lasted longer than 67000 miles. Obviously this is not JUST my misfortune, this is becoming increasingly clear that this car is a piss poor design.
  • Just got ours back from the dealer after a new transmission and now the ABS and traction control lights are coming on! I'm not sure how they screwed this up but I guess its back to the dealership again.
    I think I'm going to go to every car forum I can find and give the Acadia a 1 out of 5 stars and list ALL the problems we've had. Buyers of this vehicle should know what they're getting into and the lack of response from GM BEFORE buying! They've done nothing but assign me a case number and ignored all my email afterwards, (can't get an actual phone number to call)
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    edited November 2012
    The phone number is on the GMC web page.

    You can also reach out to them via Facebook and Twitter. Or even postal mail. Sometimes emails get lost in the ether.

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  • samialisamiali Posts: 11
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    Hello all
    (Mods please delete the above post #393)

    if you check my previous posts in this very thread (page 9)youll know the amount of trouble I had to go through only to not get anything from our local Saudi agency UMA. I thought the worst was behind me when I just gave them the money but boy was I wrong.

    A month later in may. The car started to develop steering wheel problems that I'm not sure if they were known and common enough like the transmission. Since the problem was not that big I just decided not to fix it because it was way too expensive at almost $2400.unfortunately this delayed my plans to sell the car as i wanted to sell it in perfect running condition.

    fast forward till last week. and the car suddenly started to have the same transmission problems again. I took the car to the agency and they said that the same problem is back. And the transmission system is in need of rebuilding again. But I would also need to pay them for they repair as they claim that the transmission parts that broke this time are not exactly the same as the ones from the april repair.!! And they can only weaver the costs of the men hours repair as its still under warranty and they are now asking me for almost the same amount of money as the last time for the spare parts

    This is beyond ridiculous and it is extremely dishonest from the local agency. First they deny me my power train warranty since (Saudi Arabia has none according to the gmcarabia guy on the phone)then I get forced to pay twice for the same problem that I should not have paid in the first place.very classy.

    The car is in the agency now and I'm really hoping I can get GMC to step in and put a stop to this madness by their local Saudi agency.

    ===========from this thread April 2012=======

    Just writing this to provide you with an update for all of you. on our sorry situation. After more than 5 weeks since the transmission went down we have decided to just throw the towel. We coughed out almost $3000 on the repair that that should have clearly been done on GM expense. I already posted an ad for the car as I have absolutely no indication that the transmission on our ’08 Acadia will simply not fail again s and I have no intention of ever dealing with these unprofessional people at our local Agency and GMArabia.

    The car has documented, common and well-known transmission issues (as admitted by the UMA maintenance representative himself) but GM have done a REALLY GREAT job at running away from their responsibilities and screwing up the customer:

    1. Not recalling the car despite the well known transmission problem. And in our region did not even offer any help at all unlike US customers.

    2. Not providing ANY powertrain warranty in our region like everywhere else !!.

    3. Refused to officially reply to all of our emails/letters, they just made some phone calls without any level of accountability of what they say to us no matter how silly, frustrating and incorrect it was.

    4. Handing out some people that bought the car vouchers on new car purchases. They clearly knew they had a broken product.

    5. The company seems to be following a policy to keep the customer the perpetual “run around” just to drive off Saudi customers that are asking for their rights.

    Count yourselves lucky my disgruntled American friends as least you’re getting something. I have no intention of making problem drag on forever ill just sell the car ASAP and promise myself of never ever buying a GM.

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    That means for 30 minutes after posting you may delete your post on your own.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    That too. :-)

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  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057

    We would be happy to check into this further with your dealership if you would please email us more information at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, the name of your dealership, and a summary of the current situation). Alternatively, you can contact the GMC Customer Assistance Center at 800-462-8782

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Good morning mike3290,

    I apologize that my response was not speedier - I had been out of the office for the holiday. Have you had an email back yet? If not, let me know and I will check into this with our agents who respond to the emails from the forum.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Yes I have, Ashley responded with a rebate on a new vehicle. I really just want some assistance to offset the repair cost on this one. It still had 10k miles left on the warranty but a few months overdue.
  • 15 Days since my Acadia (tranny) and Cobalt (engine) both went into the GMC dealership and still no vehicles. They said the Acadia might be done tomorrow but the Cobalt has the new engine in it but it is now leaking oil and they can't find the source. I have so much confidence in these technicians.. let me tell ya. My next vehicle will certainly be GMC!!! (sense the sarcasm?)
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