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GMC Acadia Transmission Problems



  • My 2007 Acadia Transmission Died with under 50,000 miles on it in August of 2011. Had it fixed and the day I picked it up I drove to an infiniti dealer and traded it in. Once fixed, if under warranty or not, get rid of it and buy something other than GM. I am glad I did.
  • I got rid of mine 3 days after the tranny was fixed. Mine was 2 months off of warranty and the tranny went out and GM would only help if they get recalled. Those things are a crappy product from a crappy company and they lost my business for good over a $2500 repair bill. They lost a hell of a lot more than that in business. I own 3 GM vehicles and I got rid of one, just have to get rid of the other two and I'm done with them! Oh yeah and it doesn't help me at all that my GM customer service rep is sorry for my problems!
  • Apologies can only go so far. I've was getting apologized to for 2 weeks by you "customer care" reps. I had my Acadia for a year and it cost me $8000 between repairs and what I lost when I traded it off recently. I hated to go with a foreign manufacturer for my next vehicle, but the customer reviews were very good. I do believe in the American Car Manufacturers, but when you get burned by one, it's easy to turn away. You need to recall that POS Acadia for the Wave Plates. It's already lost you a lot a business and will continue to do so as long as nothing is done about it. I'm not sure if they're waiting for people to die in accidents? When you have such a massive failure the company should help their customers or their customers will be turning away in masses. I doubt you get another bailout....
  • UPDATE: Took my local dealer 3 days to get back to me to tell my the trans was smoked on the Acadia, my 5yr 100k warranty had already expired.
    3 options

    1. Repair what is broken 3100
    2. Full rebuild 3600
    3. Re certified GM trans with full warranty 3700

    I told my service rep no way, I am not forking out any money, and that I wont trust that any repair will last, hell the original trans didn't, why would a rebuild. She spoke with some of her managers, etc. I now get to pay a 1k deductible as if I had a extended warranty and they are repairing it. I told her go for it, priced what its worth on trade. And plan to sell it immediately. We may even stop by the VW or Honda dealer as soon as I get it back. My wife's father worked for Gm for over 30 years, we have a combined count of about 12 GM cars, I have owned nothing but GM cars, I work for Chrysler and still drive GM cars. But now, I don't know, my wife has sworn off domestic's. So we will see!
  • chrisfloydchrisfloyd Posts: 17
    Everyone needs to go to this Govement website and file a complaint. The last time I checked, there have only been 196 official complaints which is not enough to get any movement from the government on the issue.

    Please go to;jsessionid=tM1GRkLCf6yn- vhvTz2YC5jB6T0MQQtLWcnnzKNqvN0CLQgclTrG4!543230671

    today and file a complaint. I don't care if GMC cut you a deal on a repair or if you have already sold the vehicle, file the complaint to help all the other owners out there and lets put GMC in their place.

    File a compliant today.
  • I will, I have no problems doing so, but your link isn't working.
  • I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and they have advised me to contact the Attorney General's consumer affairs division in my state. This would be another outlet for everyone, in addition to the NHTSA complaints. Please have proof of other contacts regarding your problem (i.e. letter from GM), any receipts, etc. We need to do whatever we need to do so that we can be heard and to get this information out in the open since GM claims that they have no knowledge of this matter. I am nervous and afraid each day that I drive my vehicle, thinking that it may quit again at anytime and anywhere leaving my children and I stranded. Let's band together and try to get something done, because no one should feel this way.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    The NHTSA link at the top of the forum should get you to the complaints page.
  • miked88miked88 Posts: 3
    My wife was driving our 2007 Acadia home yesterday with our 3 kids and the car :sick: would not shift out of 1st gear. This has not happened in the 2 and half years we have owned the car but I noticed several complaints about this problem on talk forums. Once home and in the drive it would not shift to reverse. We pushed it out of the drive and I drove it to the shop. The car would not shift out of 1st gear the entire way to the shop. Once at the shop I could not get the car to shift into reverse. I'm gong to go talk to the mechanic now. Sounds like this a common problem Amber. Can you help me as welll?
  • miked88miked88 Posts: 3
    Code 0776 and after running recommended tests, mechanic confirmed transmission failure on 07 GMC Acadia. Transmission will take a week to get here and then 11 hours labor to install.
  • bmer916bmer916 Posts: 1
    Just like everyone else - power steering problems, rack & pinion replaced, leaky roof, failed water pump. Now, at 78,000 miles my transmission failed. Broke the reverse and slipping between gears. 3 months out of warranty. Decided to have local shop do it because it was too expensive at GMC dealership where we bought it. $3200 out the door.

    This car has cost me a fortune.
  • Stay away from this Vehicle. Too many problems to report. some covered by GM, most are just sent back home as Not Able to reproduce, which means they couldn't or wouldn't fix it. Now the Transmission is slipping. 49000 miles on it. Unbelievable on such a high cost vehicle that is driven on flat land and doesn't tow anything. We have a extended warranty with USAA, maybe I can get Aamco to fix it using the warranty.
  • miked88miked88 Posts: 3
    The transmission in our 07 Acadia went out while my wife and kids were just driving down the highway. Our mechanic diagnosed it was out and needed replaced. I contacted GM and asked for their assistance since I had been reading about so many transmission failures on the 07 model with the wave plate. They directed me to take it to a GM technician for diagnostics so I did and they confirmed wave plate failure. GM was unable to provide any cost assistance because the vehicle is out of warranty by 10k miles even though this is a very common issue. I am also filing a safety complaint about it and will trade it off after it is fixed.
  • I put nearly 100k miles on my '07 Acadia, 75k miles on my 2010 Chevy Traverse with no transmission problems.....However, I always order the Trailer-Towing package which includes an extra transmission oil I am curious if these failed transmissions are on vehicles with Factory Towing packages.

    I ran into this with problem on my Dodge Caravans which did NOT have the extra transmission cooling and did a serial replacement of transmissions. If they had simply replaced the entire radiator which includes the transmission oil cooler, I don't think any of the new transmissions would have failed.

    So if you are having a transmission changed, I recommend changing your radiator to a NEW one at the same time....because it is likely a major contributing cause of the failure.
  • zewmanzewman Posts: 7
    My acadia had the towing package from factory on it, however it was never once used. It was not 4wheel drive either. So I doubt the problem is the cooling system. It is a fault with the cheap wave plates that GM would rather sacrafice future customers than make the issue right... I was so happy the day I no longer needed to look at that vehicle in my garage and wonder what would go wrong next!
  • Towing kit here, but never tow anything. They just use inferior components. It is all related to a faulty valve block, and that is common to all transmissions in this series. GM thinks we are too stupid to figure this out, but nonwtheless, they wield the power until the death rate gets high enough to care. They can say otherwise, but until that hits the watermark, we're stuck with the bill.
  • Mine has the tow package also, but had never seen a receiver hitch as far as I could tell. Most of the tranny's I believe went out under warranty, but some lasted longer and still others haven't gone out yet. I personally think they must have changed something (such as a parts vendor) in 2007 sometime that had a negative impact on the transmission. I've got a couple friends that have 2007's that haven't had trouble either. I always though a transmission would last as long as you took care of it. These had a fatal defective part that I don't think anything could help. In my opinion, the gear ratio was screwy... mine shifted a lot on the highway up a down hills. I think this put more pressure on the defective part. It's gone now, thank goodness! Never going to buy a GM again after this experience. Not the failure of the transmission, but the companies lack of handling the situation.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi lightning1977,

    I'm sorry that this experience with your vehicle has caused you to feel this way. If you have any concerns in the future please let us know and we will work to address them in a timely fashion.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • My wife and I purchased our Acadia new in 07. The first year with the vehicle was a dream come true. However, in year 2 that dream became a nightmare! It started with steering issues, then the air conditioner went out EVERY year starting with year 2. We took it to multiple dealerships with no luck. The air conditioner problem was finally diagnosed approximately 10,000 miles after the warranty expired. Go figure... The steering still isn't right. After fighting tooth and nail with GM and showing all the service records concerning the air conditioner they finally agreed to fix it. (They insisted it was a separate issue)... Last week my wife was traveling on a local highway when the transmission went out. Thank the Lord she was near her sister's house when it happened. We only have a little over 88,000 miles on the car. We have taken good care of the vehicle getting it serviced regularly. I am terribly disappointed in GMC. After reading several of the posts I totally expect to have to pay out of pocket for the repairs. GM BACK UP YOUR PRODUCT!!!!! If they make it right, which they won't, I'll remain a loyal customer and buy my 8th GM vehicle, but from the posts I've read I probably should start looking for a nice Toyota. (which I already have)
  • Well you can add me to the growing list of unhappy Acadia owners! Coming home from vacation yesterday, my '08 Acadia started having transmission issues. Slipping and revving between gears and making a horrible noise! Luckily we made it home but calling the mechanic in the morning! I have 66,000 miles on this car...should not have to replace the transmission. I have already gone through new radio/nav system, headlight issue (recalled after we fixed it), rear power lift gate repaired, water pump replaced (paid out of pocket $600) and now transmission issues??? Completely unacceptable on a vehicle with 66,000 miles! And what will GM do about it? Probably nothing. I am 8 months past my power train warranty! There must be a reason that all of these people are having transmission issues...GM issue a recall! So mad!!
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