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GMC Acadia Transmission Problems



  • ok_acadiaok_acadia Posts: 3
    This is the first GM vehicle I have ever owned.

    My transmission just went out at 71,000. The water pump went out as a result of overheating due to the transmission issue. My warranty expired last month. Dealership has to rehaul the transmission. They've had my car for a week and a half already. Looking at $3,100 for the transmission and $500 for the water pump. This is after I had a steering issue that took over a week to fix. I noticed that day that the steering was having the issue all over again.

    After reading so many people having similar issues, it seems GM should consider some type of major recall on this vehicle. I had been considering purchasing their Terrain, but I doubt I will go with another GM vehicle. Despite all the recalls (which I have had done), I really loved this car up until the last year. I'm very disappointed.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    What is your Service Request Number (71-**********)? We can look into the case if you would like to send either that number or the last 8 of the VIN to

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    I can understand your disappointment given the situation with your transmission. If we can look into this further with you, we'd be happy to do so. Please send us the following information to your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current address, and the name of your involved dealership.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • fharoonfharoon Posts: 1
    Dear All

    I bought a GMC Acadia 2008 when it was at about 70,000 KM, after a few thousand kilometers the transmission broke, I went through a transmission repair (complete overhaul) for about 2,500 US$. The workshop doing the repair gave a 6month/10K warranty.

    During the warranty, the link b/w the transmission and the engine leaked (red fluid), that was fixed within the warranty. Also have the vent/purge solenoid related emission issues, which I'm ignoring....

    Now I am at about 88,000 KM and the problem is starting to happen again, the reverse gear has started to become very unresponsive and gerky at times.

    I am really fed-up with this GMC Acadia transmission. Sami-ali has already posted his experience about this card in Saudi Arabia, so I don't know if someone will help me.

    I want to immediately sell this car if I have to get the transmission repaired again.

    CAUTION to buyers, THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY an Acadia.....particularly in the Middle East where you won't get the full 100k coverage.

    This is really unfair from GMC, that they are continuing to ship this car without correcting the issue or doing a recall.
  • regnumregnum Posts: 2
    I can see every one has had the same 2 issues - jerking while accelerating and freezing in one gear. I drive my 2007 Acadia in UAE. The jerking is caused by faulty engine mounting. The freezing in one gear is caused by overheating of the overspeed sensor. I observed that it happens after long low-speed trips around the city in hot weather.
    My 3 friends bought Acadias following me, and all three have sold them with huge smiles on their faces and switched to Toyotas. I have been luckier so far...
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I can understand why you're frustrated! Have you spoken with Customer Assistance in your region already? If not, you can likely find information on how tho contact them by visiting =SA/

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • djmygodjmygo Posts: 1
    Call GMC directly and ask to speak to the director of service. Tell them you feel that the vehicle is dangerous to drive express your concerns. As well look up lemon law in your state
  • ok_acadiaok_acadia Posts: 3
    So, they've had my car for three weeks now. They rebuilt the transmission and my car was finally returned to me after two weeks. It ran fine going home that afternoon. On my way in to work the NEXT morning, I started having problems again. I took it back in. They pulled the transmission again. A week later, they tell me they can't find the problem so they are going to put in a whole new transmission.

    I'm trading this car as soon as I get it back. I didn't have any problems with it until the warranty ran out. This has been a nightmare, especially since I live and work outside of the city.
  • ok_acadiaok_acadia Posts: 3
    So, now, they are saying because they had my car on the lift for so long, the struts went out and they had to order new ones to replace. Just another thing to be aware of, folks.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,250
    Thank you for your post. Please let me know how things go at the dealer. Please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
  • jjthkjjthk Posts: 4
    So GM Customer Service, I just took my Acadia back in today, June 26, for - yes- the transmission AGAIN!! Same problem just as I predicted. It's been about 3 weeks since I got the car back.

    It seems the bean counters are dictating how cars are to be repaired. This is just mind boggling that GM refused again to install a new transmission after the second failure. I voiced all my concerns to the service people at Bill Deluca Chevrolet about the fact that they would not be able to get all dirt, metal shavings, etc out of the cooling system and transmission. Looks like I was right. The car is back in Bill Deluca Chevrolet (Haverhill MA). The car was bucking when it tried to shift. By the time I got it to the dealer it was stuck in 3rd gear and wouldn't shift at all.

    I want the Acadia fixed the right way now that it has failed THREE times now in 6 months. This means:

    New transmission
    New cooling lines
    New transmission cooler
    New Torque converter

    This is the ONLY way to keep this thing from failing again. I'll be done with GM forever if this doesn't get resolved the right way this time.

    The other thing to consider: GM has spent more $$ on labor & part rebuilding the transmission twice than it would have cost to replace it the first time as I had requested!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I am unsure if you set up a Service Request through us as the incoming emails are generally answered by Christina. Please send us your case number or the last 8 digits of your VIN and we'll be sure to let your agent know of the situation.

    GM Customer Service
  • jjthkjjthk Posts: 4
    I sent an e-mail to the socialmedia address you gave in a previous reply. It contains all the information you had asked for.
  • jenknjjenknj Posts: 1
    We have had nothing but trouble since the purchase of our "certified new" 2007 GMC Acadia last April. Twelve days after we bought it, it was in the shop for a shorted headlight and a squeaking noise in the steering column. It needed a new power steering rack assembly. Then, just 5 months later I needed new front and rear brakes. And that's when the water leaks started- in the front, in the middle, in the rear- at some points it felt like it was raining in my car! Between November and January (2011-2012) the car was at the dealership 5 times while the service department tried to identify the cause of the leak. It's finally been resolved, but who knows what type of damage the water did to the interior controls, electrical system, etc.

    Then it was in again in June for the front sway bar and brake rotors. The dealership tried to tell me I needed new brakes, but when I reminded them that I had just gotten new brakes in October- he "double checked" and then told me that "actually, they are fine." C'mon!!

    Now it is in again for the TRANSMISSION! At 54,000 miles and only two months out of the "certified used" warranty, the 3-5 wave plate broke, and apparently I need a complete transmission rebuild. So another 2 weeks with out my car. If I added up all the days I haven't been able to drive it because it's been in the shop, it would probably equal a month's time. Plus, we have spent over $700 (before the cost of rebuilding the transmission!) on maintaining this car- and it's only been out of warranty for two months!!

    I will NEVER purchase another GMC vehicle, and I will warn everyone who will listen that purchasing from this company is a mistake. With all of the transmission problems reported on this site, I am shocked that no one has brought a class action law suit against GM for this issue.
    It's a shame because I really love this car, when it's working. But I will never trust it again.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,250
    Thank you for taking your time to post your concerns. Have you spoke with Customer Assistance regarding your concerns? Can you please email me with your VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer? I would like to look into this further for you. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • I do have a case number but don't feel like the dealership is very concerned with fixing my car just giving me excuses. "If we paint where the molding don't have paint then the paint might not match the rest of the car because the diamond tri-coat is hard to match." "the car rolls back on inclines because the horse power isn't strong enough to keep the car from rolling back into who ever is behind you on the hill coming out of wal-mart, etc." So far we have had the wheel molding repainted because they were peeling within 4 months of getting car, the car was delivered to me after waiting 3+ weeks for the car to arrive with the door off track. The gear shift had to be completely replaced at 4 months because you had to force it down into gear, the chrome just peeled off the side of my car and scratched the door, the steering wheel was just replaced for squeaking when you turned, none of the door moldings had the paint completely to the edges. Sometimes it will die after starting but there is no way to figure that out unless it does it at the dealership, Sometimes it makes a loud whining noise but hasn't repeated it the last 2 weeks at the dealership. Sometimes when I'm driving down the road and I accelerate to pass it's like I'm in neutral and the car just whines instead of speeding up, then it will catch and then accelerate. I think the transmission is going out. I paid $50K for this piece of junk and I don't want it anymore. The lemon laws in Texas are 1 yr or warranty. Does that mean which ever comes first or what? We have had it 1 year this month and I have 14k on it. So disappointed in my "dream car"
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    You could file a complaint online with the BBB to initiate a buyback or contact a lemon law attorney. As you know complaining gets no where fast especially at the dealership.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good evening hatemydenali,

    If you were to email your case number (or the last 8 of your VIN) to us at, we'd be happy to check into the progress there.

    GM Customer Service
  • simbimbosimbimbo Posts: 4
    So far I have had almost all of the issues listed on this forum

    Sunroof recall. Drop headliner and fix drain hoses
    Transmission shifting issues. Reprogram TCMA
    Stretched timing chains. Drop engine and replace
    Headlight burnout. Replace connectors
    Squeaky Drivers seat, seat moves. Replace seat mounting rails.
    Weird A/C control issues. Hard to control temperature. Reprogram control modules
    Steering noise. Replace steering hoses
    A/C makes hissing noise. Replace A/C hoses
    Brake pedal noise. Replace brake fluid
    Wheel bearing failure. Replace hub assembly
    Erratic shifting, no reverse. Waveplate failure. Rebuild transmission.

    The latest is the transmission failure, let me elaborate.

    Well, I was at the dealership. for a front wheel bearing failure and the tech and I took it for a ride.. While on a test drive the car experienced a very hard shift into 3rd gear. The tech took it into the bay and topped off the transmission fluid, took it for a ride and said it seemed better..

    I left the dealership and got on the on ramp to the highway and the car revved really high on a downhill ramp then banged into gear. I thought that was strange, so I continued on the highway. I then noticed some very erratic shifting and some more banging into gears, so I got off the highway. On the back roads I could hear a scraping noise in second gear and more hard shifting. I immediately called the dealership and told them I was heading right back, but may not make it.

    When I arrived I grabbed the tech and we started to go for a ride, but when he put it into reverse, it began bucking and grinding. We didn't even try to take the test ride because it was so bad.

    I'm sitting I the waiting room trying to figure out how I'm going to get a car that can tow my popup camper for our weekend camping/tubing trip.

    P.S. this was going to be the first time I towed with this car, it has the tow package, I thought maybe it would be immune to the 3,5,R waveplate failure, but I guess I was wrong.

    Once again, I can't tell you how happy I am with Vendetti Motors in Franklin, MA.... They have been extremely helpful with everything, but I'm becoming more and more concerned that this car may be a lemon. :lemon:

    I would really like someone from GM to help me make sure a NEW transmission is installed, not merely rebuilt.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 51,348
    edited July 2012
    What year is your Acadia? Someone was having problems with their Mustang transmission over in Edmunds Answers and the OEM replacement looks to be a reman. I think that most replacement transmissions are remanufactured, not "new".

    Remanufactured is a lot different (in a good way) than a "rebuilt" transmission.

    Moderator - Buying questions? Please include city or zip code and trim you are shopping, FWD or AWD, etc.

  • simbimbosimbimbo Posts: 4
    After reading more posts about the transmission failures and associated failed repair/rebuild attempts at various dealerships on this forum and on Edmunds forum, I began to worry that this repair would be the beginning of a long, drawn-out problem, so I called GM customer service to see if anyone there could help me. I was in contact with a regional specialist named Matt who told me he was going to contact the dealership to find out what was going on then get back to me; that was yesterday around 2pm. After 2 calls placed into him; I heard from him today, but there seems to be a huge disconnect between what he and I are discussing and what the dealer is doing, let me explain. Matt and I are discussing a new transmission for the car, but the dealer has no information on that from Matt, so whenever I talk to Matt, he tells me he is working on a new transmission, but when I talk to the dealer they keep telling me the rebuild is going great and I should have the car back soon… I'm really getting frustrated.

    Skip to yesterday afternoon....

    I received a call from Matt who was sorry to tell me that the GM rep responsible for my area worked with the dealer, and that the decision was made to rebuild the transmission instead of installing a new transmission because "It was in GM's best interest". I find this to be insulting.. with all of the issues I have had, I have been without this car for just under 3 weeks out of the past 6 months.

    Skip to this morning..

    The dealership called me to tell me the rebuild was going well, and the transmission was going into the car today and they were going to test it extensively before I would be able to pick it up. I told 3 service writers at the dealership that I hope they take the time to do things right because this car was going on a 500 mile trip this weekend including a run to the top of Mount Washington as part of my companies "Summer Outing". I told them unlike the other repairs they have made, on this one there is no option to "get it right the second time".

    I just would like to say, although the GM reps on this forum and on the phone are very polite, and the dealership is also very nice, I feel as if all of the posturing and attempts at helping me with this issue, from the initial failure, the camping weekend, new transmission, etc.. resulted in, well, nothing. I have received plenty of lip service, and promises to "look into it", but the fact is, I had to borrow a friends car for the camping weekend, and I'm still getting a dealer rebuilt transmission, so it was all for nothing. I'm very underwhelmed..

    I can only hope that the transmission is rebuilt correctly, and doesn't fail again.
  • gpettitgpettit Posts: 3
    My dealer rebuilt transmission failed again within two weeks of getting it back. They ended up replacing it with a "GM Certified Rebuilt" transmission. I've had no further transmissions problems since then.
  • simbimbosimbimbo Posts: 4
    I just called the dealership to find out what time I should pick up my car and I was informed that they are keeping it another day because now there is something wrong with the control section of the transmission and it gets stuck in 5th gear. This tells me that they didn't do a good job of cleaning all of the metal from the transmission and some found its way into the area with the control solenoids, etc...

    This really is beginning to piss me off. I knew this was going to be a problem. I just placed a call to Matt the GM Customer Service person for my area and demanded a new transmission and told him I don't want this one back.

    I'm beginning to wonder about the competency of this dealership, they may be nice, but they seem to need 2 or more tries to fix something. This may be the end of GM in my household.
  • lclanceylclancey Posts: 8
    I need some help. I have a 2008 Acadia, loved it until it nearly killed my 4 year old and myself on a major highway in MA. Previous to what happened yesterday to us I had brought my Acadia to the dealer 3 x's to pretty much be told I was crazy because what I had experienced was not showing up on the computer when they checked it.
    The best way I can describe it is I will be driving on the highway and the transmission will slip into neutral and I can not get it to move. This has happened to me numerous times the most recent time is what worries me the most because I was going on vacation and driving with my child in the car....... and came to a dead stop in the middle of a major highway. I have also been experiencing my car bucking in reverse, again brought it to a GMC dealer and told nothing came up on the computer. This time after a couple of hours finally got it about 2 miles away to a GMC dealer. WHo had no time for me since it was close to 5:00 and they were in a rush to go home. They told me to leave the car and go on my way....... Again stranded 160 miles from home and not even an offer of a loaner or a rental. Seeing that I have brought it to GMC dealers and to be told it is fine worries me greatly. I know they will put it on the computer 2 days after it has been sitting there and it will be "fine" and how can they expect me to drive it 160 miles home. Called GMC yesterday and today and they seemed very concerned but not one person called me back today. Again I am stranded 160 miles from home. Seeing I almost died yesterday you would think GMC would be more accomodating than that.

    I do not feel safe driving this and need to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so what has been their sollution.

    Thanks- Stranded in MA thanks GMC for caring.......................
  • ken171ken171 Posts: 1
    Wow, sounds like I am not alone!!!!!!!! Our 2007 Acadia has 65,600 miles on it and was purchased on 7-9-07....just 5 years and 16 days ago. Just 16 days past the 5 year/100,000 mile warranty for the transmission ..........we were told today the transmission needs to be rebuilt.

    We were told by the dealership that we would have to use our Zurich warranty and that the only way GMC would pay for part of the repair was if, for some reason, Zurich denied the repair. We were also told that his repair could take up to two weeks.

    This car has really been unreliable and spent a lot of time in the shop. Here is a list of things that we have had go wrong:
    -Power steering unit went out after 2 years and had to be replaced. we were 500 miles form home.
    -Car started to leak water on the people sitting in the back seat. They did something to the drain tubes around our moon roof.
    -Heated washer fluid unit was recalled and fixed. When this fix did not work, GMC paid us $100 and completely removed the fuse on the heated washer fluid so it will never work again. They left an inoperable button on our dash.
    -Massive rattling in the front end. Several parts ins the front end had to be replaced.
    -Car died while sitting on 3 different occasions and had to be jumped. Nothing was left on. Dealership could find nothing wrong.
    -Now the transmission.
    -Problems that are inconsistent and not yet fixed: DVD player working inconsistently, heater/airconditioner "spits out" random hot or cold air when set to a specific temp.

    My wife loves this car but this will be our last GMC. Calling GMC customer is a huge waste of time and, on most occassions, have had a very difficult time communicating because the individual spoke very broken English.
  • simbimbosimbimbo Posts: 4
    I would bring it to the dealer and insist they check for the 3,5,R wave plate failure.
  • lclanceylclancey Posts: 8
    Yes GMC customer service is a waste of time. Numerous people told me they would call me back of course no one did. The dealer is a joke no one has even called me from there and they have had my car for 3 years. Today I broke down and called GM executive in MI- I was in tears. I will let you knwo if I get anywhere with them. All I can say is I am going back to buying foreign for me we almost got killed because mine decided to stop moving in the middle of a highway- and NO ONE from GM cares at all. I will let you know if the corporate office is any better.
  • acadia08tnacadia08tn Posts: 10
    edited July 2012
    I loved my 2008 GMC acadia .... but it has been at the dealership for 2 weeks now having the transmission rebuilt. It has 96, 000 miles and I was 300 miles from home when the trouble started. Apparently, after reading several post from this forum ... it is the 3,5, R wave plate failure. There are also 3 other acadias in this town that just had the same problem. This is so disappointing because I really liked this car but now feel it is not reliable and scared that this will happen again. I am suppose to get the car back tomorrow, but considering selling/trading .....too worried about being on the highway and not feeling safe!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,250
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns. I would definitely recommend asking the dealer about the parts and labor warranty on the transmission. Please keep me updated on what you plan to do. I am happy to assist you in anyway possible. Please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,250
    I apologize for your frustrations and inconvenience. Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns. If you would please email me your VIN and involved dealer I am happy to look into this for you. I look forward to hearing from you.
    GM Customer Service
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