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2011 Chevy Equinox



  • Sarah;
    My Equinox has been repaired of the engine noise by our wonderful dealer. They had the vehicle for two weeks, but provided a loaner for the duration. No problems now and we are very happy that we bought a Chevrolet!
  • Nice that you had the noise fixed...
    but I am guessing the rest of us would like to know what the cause of the noise was? And what was done to fix it that took 2 weeks? Especially since most get the "no one else has complained" company line.
    Do I like my E'nox... absolutely. But I have heard the start-up noise and still wonder about the recall notice I never received.... Add that to the horrible OnStar phone service and I do wish I had test driven the Kia Sorrento one more time... Maybe a touch of buyer's remorse. Especially since my 'hometown' dealer has shown no interest in keeping my business. Kind of sad when the brand you didn't buy contacts you more than the brand you did buy. Oil change specials, etc from everyone but my dealer. Great marketing!
  • The "noise" was at start up (4 cylinder) and was caused by cam tension idlers. Also involved a reprogram of the computer. The two weeks was because of ordering parts. I would guess that with this being either a recall or a bulletin update, parts might be in short supply.
    Anyway, the vehicle is as it sould be. NO strange noises at startup and great gas mileage!
    As I said in my last post, we are very happy with the tech department at GM and our dealer.
  • Thank you. Knowing what the repair may be is very helpful.
    Did you have to "nag" the dealer to get it fixed ?
    I ask because my start-up noise is intermittent... might be days or maybe a week between incidents. My wife drives the E'nox nearly 90% of the time so it hasn't been a priority. I would call the dealer but I'm afraid I will have to go the old "Never heard of that problem" BS. To date I still have received nothing suggesting my 4 cyl is on a recall or service bulletin list.
    Followup: Is the cam tension idlers a serious issue? Will it do engine damage now or down the line? Or is it more of a nuisance issue that I can wait to get fixed? thanks.
  • I'd love to know: What is your "great gas mileage"?
  • Don't know about 'slvrd2" but my mileage has improved around town. Went from a barely 20 to a solid 22+ which I account to not using the AC now that it is cold. Possibly 'break in' period did have something to do with it as well? I am now at 6000 miles. On the road has stayed about the same near 28mpg on trips. Hills are definitely the killer! Overall I would say I am disappointed with MPG, especially since GM isn't bashful about promoting their "best in class" mileage claim. I seriously can not ever see anyone getting 32 mpg. Who ever certified that claim must be enjoying an early retirement on a private island somewhere spending their payoff. And yes, the claimed mpg did influence my decision!
  • slvrld2slvrld2 Posts: 5
    edited December 2011
    I don't know the answer to engine damage. i figured a noise of metal or whatever rubbing against something could only cause damage to the engine. The dealer did not know of the recall. They had to be educated by the GM tech staff.
    My gas mileage is roughly 24-26 in town and 30+ on the highway. Mileage on the vehicle is 7,400.

    Hope this helps.
  • I mention that my nox was doing that shortly after I brought it in April of this yr. I have not gotten any recall notice either... The 1st time it done it, I thought the engine was coming apart. Now its down to about 1/2 dozen times since then but with less noise. Now it sounds like something spinning then catches in the motor. I have also had on separte times a blogging down from a dead stop to a quick go to get across a street, It blogs down for a few seconds then catchs and takes off. Also like an old Carb would do when it was going bad or bad timing..I really enjoy the nox. Outside of those situatations and my tires losing air every month like clock work (4 to 5 lbs each month and its not just one tire its radom). I'm afraid I don't see a bright furture for me and the nox...even though I do like it..But, between the horrible gas mileage and the other things mention. I just don't know. But I didn't pay 30K (LTZ model) for these kind of headaches so early on.
  • By accident I went to the "2011 Chevy Equinox problems " thread on this same Edmunds forum site.
    PLEASE go their to get updated information re: Startup noises, Recalls, Oil pressure problems, etc. While we have been discussing things here there was a larger but parallel thread that was getting more answers than we are. Seems the problem may be bigger than we thought... and it is not getting passed along to all dealers. Sure, I know some posts are likely from hardened complainers but the similarity in the complaints is too strong to not have some basis. NOTE: Be sure to select 2011 thread as 2010 thread is there also.
    One complaint was very interesting. Dealer claimed there is no longer an Engine oil low warning light? We are suppose to be 'monitoring' our own oil using the tech menu... Damn us idiots still need our idiot lights! Really hope this isn't true as I rarely monitor the tech menu.
  • I have search the web and cannot find that recall notice for the nox, however there is one for the front seat belts. The sited recall notice "011195" does fit "Other" makes. (Not chevy) But not the Nox. Would have to see that notice, can it be posted to this site? :confuse:
  • With all the negative remarks about the Equinox over the past 3 model years has anyone not experienced a problem? Maybe I haven't had my car long enough or put as many miles on it as most people have, but I love the car.
  • Hello ................I have had my 2011 Nox since Sept. of 2010. 12,000. Not one problem. Runs quite, great ride excellent car. But.....Ii made sure I did get the six with hrdraulic power steering. This does make a great differance. My millage is more than acceptable. This car is a joy to drive. So far so good...............would I buy another one.....Yes...Richard
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    I'm happy to reply my 2010 LS with the 4 cyl is problem free. I am enjoying it and receive compliments whenever I give friends a ride on how quiet and smooth the ride is. All the problems i read in this forum do give me pause and make me wonder if I'm doomed for major issues down the road. Coming from owning Toyotas for the last 10 yrs, I am not happy with the Chevy dealer's service department and the way they treat you compared to Toyota dealerships. I can relate to the shabby treatment reported here. GM has a long way to go if they want to keep their new customers.
  • No problems here, going on three years. People with problems post about them on the internet, everybody else just drives their car.
  • Thats what this forum is all about, people with problems with this vechile, there are other forums for other vechiles, so what the heck. If you have not had any problems, good for you. But, not all is perfect, so the less perfect gets posted. Took my Nox in for an Oil change and told them about the motor noise and they check the Vin# to see if it was on the recall list and said it wasn't. But, if I wanted to I could leave the Nox over night and they will do a cold start and see it happens. What is strange now is since they did the oil change the vechile appears to be running better and so far no engine noise on start up (Knock on wood). :shades:
  • Rocketent....Do you have a 4 cyl?
  • A would like to back track just a bit...
    Does the "Recall" for the engine noise actually exist?
    It certainly seems more and more posters are saying their dealer knows of no "Recall." I had my wife's Nox in for a short... 15 minute visit. I absolutely could not read the oil dipstick. They politely showed me if you tilt the 'nub' just right you can see the oil on it. Hope I never have to make a living reading Nox dipsticks! I politely asked about the "noise recall" and got the deer in the headlights stare. "What recall?" was the opinion I got. We are due for a oil change this month so I will try a bit harder then. But could it be the whole "Recall" is smoke and mirrors? I too did a Google search got no official GM recall info. Mostly got posts talking about the "Recall"????
  • answered my own question.... Found a new site that had real info regarding the "recall" and fix. IT also had the very first video with sound of a Equinox clearly making the start-up rattle that I have seen anywhere.
    Hopefully the url will post here? 47/index4.html
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    edited January 2012
    Thats what this forum is all about, people with problems with this vechile

    Actually this a general Equinox discussion so it's fine to report that your '11 Nox is running fine or that you love the seats or that you've figured out a way to accessorize something.

    There is a dedicated 2011 Chevy Equinox Problems discussion.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I stand corrected and yes mind is a 4 cyl, won't buy one of those again, Rest of the vehile is just fine.
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