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Honda Odyssey vs Dodge/Chrysler minivans



  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    The DC crash dummy had bigger feet.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    pat84 nice sense of humor. Odyssey much more luggage space and more power than DC minivan. DC minivan nice looking. Both much better mileage than some smaller minivan with less power.
  • JPhamJPham Posts: 148

    You need to put -conclusions- to your blurbs.
    "Odyssey much more luggage space and more power than DC minivan. DC minivan nice looking. Both much better mileage than some smaller minivan with less power." yeah, and so?????
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Conclusion: Odyssey best minivan. Chrysler close 2nd. Odyssey most power, most space, very good gas mileage. Chrysler most attractive, have more nice feature, 2nd most power, good gas mileage.
    Chrysler need Magic Seat to tie Odyssey best minivan.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    It just may be that personal choice determines which minivan is best for that individual.
    Insignificant differences in gas mileage, magic seats, HP ratings may really be very low on some peoples requirements priorities Just a thought..
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    You could put down questionable reliablily instead of magic seats. Many people don't need magic seats
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Odyssey and Chrysler most desireable minivan but no recent minivan bad. All minivans better than any SUV. Many companies make nice minivans. Minivans more interior space, use less gas, cost less money unless person get too small SUV. Large SUV pollute air, waste resources, danger to most vehicle. Government needs gas guzzler tax on large SUV.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    ahem, I think I have just the topic for you, Ody01 . (maybe two of them!).

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • jasonrupjasonrup Posts: 13
    I have worked at the Canadian plant that builds the minivans for about four years now and I have seen what kind of product has gone through the lines with the old generation and the new. Needless to say, quality has improved greatly (of materials and build quality) and I would not hesitate whatsoever to purchase one for myself. Sure it doesn't have a fold down rear seat like some of the competition, but it's not that necessary and you are left with a nice sound resonating chamber when the seats are not folded down, and you are carrying all the extra seat weight around with you when they are folded under which reduces fuel economy. Chrysler has been unduly criticised for not having a small feature like this (meanwhile people have made due for 15+ years without it). The vans have great quality, no other manufacturer can match the number of features or variations in models that Chrysler can (there is a Caravan/Voyager/T&C for everyone); and no other manufacturer has the experience that Chrysler has in the minivan market. These are good products that are only getting better.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Only you forgot to mention that the longer wheelbase, models, e.g. Grand Caravan, that most families want are made in St. Louis, not Canada.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I have never heard any sound coming from the rear of our Odyssey with or without the seat up or down. Also do you really think that 100 lbs. means anything in the gas mileage. Well maybe 1/20 of a percent or so which I would gladly give up not to get a hernia or worse lifting out that heavy DC seat.
    You also said "while people have made due for 15+ years without it." That could also be said for the lack of padded armrest, or the 3rd zone heating/cooling that Odyssey don't have that the DC fans like to throw up in our face. What you did say that the DC fans backup and I for one am glad to hear is that the quality is getting better and better. Everyone wins on that.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    Canadian friend:

    Well done. I have had a 2002 T&C AWD for three months now. You folks did an excellent job. Beautifully assembled. I measured the body seams and the worst fit was off by only 1 mm, most were fractions of a mm off. The trip computer is reporting 19 mpg in suburban driving, better than I expected.

    I have wanted a minivan for years, but I did not want to give up the good ride and handling of a modern sedan. This latest generation of Chrysler minvan, as well as the Ody, deliver a sedan driving experience combined with a versatility that no sedan can match.

    Please pass on a well done to your fellow workers who are doing such a terrific job. It is appreciated.

  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    My 2001 Odyssey also made in Canada. Love Magic Seat, most space passenger and luggage, most power any minivan, better gas mileage than any Chrysler, Ford, Kia, Mazda, Mercury, Nissan V6 minivan. GM only minivan better gas mileage but engine much less power.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Looked at Chyrlser and Dodge minivans at dealer. All Town and Country Chyrlser minivan and most Grand Caravan made in Canada. SE only Grand Caravan model dealer lot made in Fenton, MO. Voyager and Caravan made in Fenton, MO.
  • bdaddybdaddy Posts: 171
    "Sure it doesn't have a fold down rear seat like some of the competition, but it's not that necessary and you are left with a nice sound resonating chamber when the seats are not folded down" snip.

    It's not just about a fold down seat my friend. There are lots of other differences between Honda and Dodge/Chrysler. Things like engine horsepower, 5 speed transmission, independent suspension, 4 wheel antilock disk brakes, side air bags, etc. Most importantly, there's the resale issue. Like it or not the van will be worth something whenever you decide to sell it. While build quality may be coming up on some vehicles (I'd rather not call them domestic, or U.S. autos because last time I checked, there really aren't any true domestics any more, especially with Diamler Benz in the ownership seat) it still is not enough to support higher resale values at any point in the depreciation curve.

    Lastly, the magic seat is a nice feature. Hard to grasp if you don't have it, but nice. Ever gone on a trip loaded to the max with your seat out, only to wish you had it in once you got to your destination? Ever gone to a store and on the spur of the moment decided to buy something that wouldn't fit in the back with the seat in there? Ever had to lug that seat out of there and pretend it's really no big deal? Features and options while nice to have, don't necessarily appeal to everyone in the same level of intensity. That's why there's a minivan out there for everyone!
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    It is nice to see this topic is alive again.
    does anyone have data on the 0-60 time and the passing on the new Ody and the DC?
    As for magic or non magic, it really depends on the situation that occurs the most in order to pick which vans is a better fit. If the van will carry 5 passengers all the time, I guess the magic seat or the bench seat in DC will lose its edge.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Honda fans are crazy over the 240HP 3.5 V6 in the Odyssey. While it does produces more horespower in numbers, that does not mean it is necessarily the fastest. This is especially true when you consider at what RPM it gets those 240 horses which is almost as important as how much horespower it has in the first place.

    There were many who said back in 2000 that the Chrysler 3.8 while only making 180hp was comparable to the 210hp 3.5 on the Odyssey. And they were right. While the old and new Chrysler 3.8 is less refined than the Ody 3.5, they produce more torque at lower RPMs than the Ody which really gives it an edge and they don't have to work as hard for it either.

    Granted, I have never driven a Honda Odyssey with any of the newer engines. But from my experience with my friend's 2001 Accord EX coupe 4 cyl and review's I've read, I can say with certainty that you have to really steep on a Honda VTEC engine to make it go. Personally, I would rather take it easy on the RPMs with an engine (like Chrysler's) that might not be as sophisticated and refined but doesnt have to roar to 3,500 to 4,000 RPMs to really get going when I want it to.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Depends on what the redline is. Our Odyssey redlines at 6500 and is built to rev. If the 02's make 240 HP at 3500 that means the engine is only running at about 1/2 of what it can. On the other hand the DC engines which are old and outdated can't handle those kinds of revs and knowing all the trouble DC has had in the past with there automatics I doubt you will see any HP increases until they spend some money on a new automatic.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Increased HP and torque in 2002 Odyssey and 2001 Chrylser come at higher RPM than prior models.
    MY 2001 Odyssey 210 HP @ 5200 RPM. 229 Torque @ 4300 RPM with Redline 6200 RPM.
    2002 Chrlyser also need higher RPM than 2000 Chrlyser. 2002 3.8L 215 HP @ 5000 RPM with Redline 6500 RPM (Chrylser brochure) vs 2000 3.8L 180 HP @ 4300 RPM with Redline at 6000 RPM.
    2002 3.8L 245 Torque @ 4000 RPM vs 2000 3.8L 240 Torque @ 3300 RPM.
    According to brochure dash photo, 2002 Chrylser higher redline than 2001 or 2002 Odyssey.
  • bdaddybdaddy Posts: 171
    Ody V-tech kicks in at around 3,800 - 4,000 rpm. There's plenty of revs left as redline is 6500. Zero to 60 for an 02 Odyssey is 7.7 sec. 4aDodge, I'll race you for pink slips any time. Your dad won't be too happy losing his T&C:-). Seriously though, you should really drive an Ody so you have some basis for comparison. Hard to argue too many points if you've never driven the vehicle. BTW - I've driven lots of Dodge/Chrysler minivans. Never owned one though - that says something.

    Here's the link to the 0-60 times if you don't believe me:
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