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Honda Odyssey vs Dodge/Chrysler minivans



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    lol, something tells me I'll manage to find a few either way!

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  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    E-mail me, please.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Nice, attractive, powerful, comfortable, fuel efficient Odyssey for UGLY, gas-guzzling Avalanche with cheap plastic on lower half of side.
    Lucky to get half cost of Avalanche on trade in 2 years. Chrysler minivan depreciation less than most GM vehicle.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Odyssey only minivan with waiting list. Honda will double production at Alabama assembly plant.
    Many people bought Volkswagen years ago. Some Honda dealer rude like Volkswagen dealer but Honda not build junk like Volkswagen.
    Chrysler copy Volkswagen idea but call bus a minivan. Chrysler add comfort item like heater, air conditioner, quality stereo, adequate power. Chrysler never build junk like Volkswagen.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Maybe Dmathews3 knew something about the Ody that the rest of you Ody owners don't.
    Time to SELL, SELL, SELL!!
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 237
    Ody01 need talk in complete sentences or does need to go back 2nd grade school?

    Sorry but you come off ill educated when you write.
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    My wife and I are about to start looking at T&Cs and Odysseys. Need some honest opinions on which is better. Normally, I would go straight to the Honda dealer but Chrysler's new 7yr/70k mile warranty is impressive I want to spend $25k to $ that crazy?
    Any help out there?
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    You question is highly subjective, but I would not be too impressed by DC's 7/70 warranty because:

    1) It doesn't cover many problem-prone items such as AC system or window actuators.

    2)DC's customer service leaves something to be desired: you may have to live with a problem until you can convince them there is one, unless you want to pay for it yourself.

    If you want seven year protection, you might look at mechanical breakdown insurance such as GEICO's which may be more economical than an extended warranty and more flexible as far as who can do the repair.

    My 2 cents.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    It really depends on what you want/need from your money. There must be something you like about the DC vans besides the 7yr/100K. Are those things important to you? Do you plan to sell your car in a couple of years? If so, you don't need to think about the 7yr/100k. Do you carry 5 people all the time? If so, the magic seat in the Ody and the bench seat in the DC van will not help you to increase cargo space.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    The DC van offers better seats than Ody IMO, if you get the split rear seat which is comfortable for an adult. Magic seat is for kids, IMO. Ody front seat cushion not comfortable for me, so check it out. The flimsy plastic table in the front seat of the Ody makes it hard for me to believe this is a $25-30K vehicle. BTW I never had to remove a rear bench seat anyway, lots of room if you just fold the back of the DC straight rear bench. If I need a supply of building materials, etc., makes more sense to get a truck or have cargo delivered than overload a passenger van.

    Add the road noise of the Ody (from the well for the Magic seat?) and you have a not too enjoyable ride IMO. But if you're a Honda fan, you will never be satisfied with the DC van (which is not perfect, either) so it's really a question of brand preference IMO. Anyway, DC parts are cheap!
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Prefer firm Odyssey seat soft Chrysler minivan driver seat. Magic Seat convenient haul large, bulky not heavy item. Love automatic temperature in Odyssey EX. Honda very reliable, not need extended warranty.
    Agree best use pickup heavy items. Use Nissan King Cab haul cement blocks, heavy fence posts, heavy garden supplies.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Marjoe great Odyssey defender. Suspect marjoe trade 99 Odyssey for new Chrysler minivan.
  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    ... own DC minivan, like very much, sit up high, split air condition, haul concrete block and brick pallet, sometimes highway divider
  • geh86geh86 Posts: 11
    I am in the exact same predicament. Sienna and MPV are too small. Regarding the 7/70k warranty, I spoke to a DC/T&C dealer about the 'small' deductible that comes with the warranty. It is $100 a wack...beware of the fine print!
  • maple49maple49 Posts: 66
    I have had two DC products (Jeep Grand Cherokees) and now have a 2002 Odyssey EX-L. Don't believe the same stuff told over and over above. The 2002 seats are very comfortable. The van is very quick, responsive and quiet. Build quality is excellent. The folding center tray is convient and by no means flimsy. The magic seat is just as comfortable as the bench seats in DC & Ford and is a wonderful feature. I know 8 people who own Odysseys from 1999-2002 and they all love them. No one has had any problems. The only two people I know who have DC vans (one Dodge, one Chrysler) have had multiple problems. I have heard stories of bad Honda dealers but my delear has been great. Also, fake wood does not make the T&C a luxury vehicle.

    You are doing the right thing in asking for opinions. My advice is to drive both and try out the features. Fold the third seat of the Honda and then take out the bench in the DC. Spend time in the seats to determine your comfort level. Talk to friends and make a decision you are comfortable with. Good luck!
  • bdaddybdaddy Posts: 171
    I'd suggest you try and drive both vehicles on the same day. If a 240 H.P. V-Tec engine, 4 wheel disk brake, 5 speed tranny, independent suspension vehicle is what you want, then I'd opt for the Honda.

    On the other hand, DC has been making minivans. for almost 20 years. If you want a 200 H.P. push rod engine, 2 wheel disk rear drum brake, I- beam rear suspension vehicle, buy the DC.
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    I appreciate that you took the time to post. My wife really wants the Odyssey and my own head is telling me to go with Honda. This just made the decision much easier.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Not all DC minivans have drum rear brakes. Rear discs are available or standard on 8 of 14 models on the 2002's
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Our 2000 Grand Caravan is pretty low option, but it had rear disc brakes with antilock standard. It also has a standard auto leveling suspension and that rear 'I' beam axle works excellent when towing our 14' 3000 pound camper with a few weeks worth of gear in the back of the van. Sits just the same as when it's empty, and can stop that camper w/o electric brakes just fine (not to mention cruise the speed limits even on passes of Montana while towing.) The seats can just be folded over to carry pretty large cargo back there, 4x8 sheets of plywood fit back there with all the seats in. Multiple bikes will fit fine just by sliding the rear seat forward, then kids can still sit safely there. Pushrod motors in my experience have peen more reliable then OHC motors. The OHC motors may be a bit smoother and quite, maybe make a few more HP per liter, but they are also more likely to experience smoking and headgasket problems. Some of these advantages and disadvantages are due to the motor being more 'tweaked' from the factory then the normal pushrod motor. Dodge is building a all new motor for the trucks (and later the cars) it is the all new 5.7 Hemi motor, and it's all old-school pushrod. The OHC 4.7 V-8 from Dodge is powerful (up to 270 HP) but actually costs more to make then the new 5.7 which makes 350 HP even in the introductory model. I bet there will be some almost 400 hp versions with in a few years. So if the pushrod motor is kept up to date with current technology, there is no reason it cannot be superior to a OHC motor. I'm sure that Dodge will not sell the 5.7 Hemi trucks for less then the 4.7 trucks even though they cost less to produce, nobody would buy the "technology superior" 4.7 for more. The new 5.7 even gets similar gas mileage to a 4.7, so that's not an advantage. Speaking of Caravan though, the 3.8 was upgraded quite a bit in the 2001 redesign, but out older style 3.8 seems to do the job well. Time will tell if the odysseys will start pushing smoke out the tailpipe at 100-150,000 miles and 10 years like almost every other ohc motor I have seen, of course just like in push rod motors, they constantly improve the OHC motors as well.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Honda Odyssey 3.5L 240 HP 242 Torque. Odyssey 5 speed automatic. Chrysler 4 speed.

    Van sales May 2002:

    #1 Dodge Caravan

    #2 Chrysler Town & Country

    #3 Ford Windstar

    #4 Honda Odyssey

    #6 Toyota Sienna

    #9 Chrysler Voyager

    No discount, no rebate, no gimmick Honda Odyssey. Odyssey many feature, great demand cause waiting list.

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