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Honda Odyssey vs Dodge/Chrysler minivans



  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    In 99, Odyssey had 2 shades of gray. Granite Green(dark gray) and Canyon Stone Silver (light grey) I found a dealer that had bought out a previous dealer. There were 2 Odyssey's on order by the previous dealer which were coming in 2 weeks with no waiting buyers. I got the 2nd. The first was dark gray, mine was light gray. BTW at that time there was a 3-5 month wait for the Odyssey. That was over 61,000 miles ago. It still runs like new.
    I owned a 96 DC van and frequently rent DC vans on business trips. They have really improved their vans, especially in fit and finish.
    One problem with the Odyssey is there are few, if any, of them available for test drives.

    I do believe that this forum can be mellow, non aggressive, and an assistance to those that are considering buying either minivan. I do appreciate humor, as well. Just my $ .02
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I do believe that this forum can be mellow, non aggressive, and an assistance to those that are considering buying either minivan.

    Pat, has nobody told you that Santa isn't real?
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    No need owner get mad other owner also drive nice minivan. Odyssey good value sticker price. Chrysler now copy with "e" models no discount, fair price. Chrysler need more copy Honda: Magic Seat, large engine standard all Chrysler minivan.
    Odyssey best minivan, all Odyssey standard 3.5L V6 most power, good mileage. Some Chrysler also good large 3.8L V6 some model lots power, high mileage almost same Odyssey.
    Need forum Honda Odyssey vs Chrysler/Dodge vs Kia Sedona. Smaller, less expensive Sedona same size 3.5L V6 Odyssey use more fuel much less power. Sedona same size short Chrysler Voyager and Dodge Caravan.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Magic seat is not for everyone, especially when you need to carrry five people all the time. Also, these are Minivans not sports cars. Most of the minivans out in the market have enough power to get you on the highway without any problem.
  • bdaddybdaddy Posts: 171
    "A little life and fun in these fora would go a long way towards making them palatable while exchanging info and points-of-view."

    Agree 100% with Bigwhammy. All of my posts on the subject of the superiority of the Ody minivan were interspersed with a certain amount of self deprecating humor. I certainly do not believe that the Honda is by all means a perfect vehicle. I apologize to all of the other van owners if my humor was lost on them. ("I'm shakin the tree boss, shakin the tree").

    Whammy - no need to keep an eye on me. I've certainly learned my lesson and won't stray off the topic again. ("What we have a failya to communicate.")
  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    I saw you sneaK in that self-de***cating humor comment.

    You ain't foolin' me none, no sir, no how, no way!

    I've decided to let you slide this time, and won't rat you out to the Hosts, all of whom snap-to immediately to ameliorate any complaint I might have. image

    Now then, how 'bout them Hondas? How 'bout them D/C's? image
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Magic seat is not for everyone, especially when you need to carrry five people all the time

    Explain! When the Honda will carry 7 adults which means you could carry 2 in front, 2 in middle and 1 in rear or 3 in rear and take out the 2 middle seats.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    Now this heah is yo Honda magic seat. Any man don't have a magic seat, spends da night in the box. Any man don't have 240 HP, spends da night in the box.
    Any man doesn't have an infinity sound system, spends a night in da box. Any man doesn't have a driver's arm rest, speds da night in da box.
    I think whambam can eat 8 dozen hard boiled eggs in an hour.
  • xafxaf Posts: 37
    The only magic to the seat is the fact that it folds.

    If you have ever slept on a fold away cot, you will understand that comfort is not the priority in design.

    So it is convienent, but would you want to sit on one for 4 hours.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    Kids are pretty resilient. Even their little tushes are resilient.
  • steelengsteeleng Posts: 71
    I agree with tomtomtom that the magic seat is not nearly as useful if you carry 5 people all of the time. In both of the scenarios that you mentioned it would be impossible to fold down the magic seat therefore making it no more useful than a bench. I happen to be in the situation where I have 2 carseats strapped into the rear bench in my DGC and another in the middle row (carseats are too wide to get three into one row). If I want to take out the bench (or fold down a magic seat if I had one) I would have to remove both carseats in the first place. Yeah after that the magic seat is more useful but either way I would have to plan ahead to use that space.
  • bdaddybdaddy Posts: 171
    Yes, the magic seat is not as soft and supple (I surmise) as the DC barcolounger seat. Yes, the folding design is not of importance if you've got car seats strapped to it, or you need to transport 5. But if you've never made a midnight run back from Tiajuana, hauling in a couple of keys in the magic seat-well.....
    Well, you just wouldn't understand.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    Nothing up my sleeves, now watch closely. My magic seat.
    My 18 year old daughter sits in the first rear seat position in my Odyssey's magic seat . She stretches her feet out along side the middle seats, that I have hooked together like a single bench She has the most leg room of any one in the van. She has never complained about being uncomfortable.
    However, we know all teenagers are silent as they accept life's unfair adversities.. Teenagers accept their lot without a word of complaint, much less a sarcastic comment.
  • xafxaf Posts: 37
    it seems everyone knows someone who has sat on a magic seat.

    I was curious have any of you done the long trip with 3 people on that "seat", 1 adult and two children.

    Let's just say I was pretty numb after the long drive.

    You can stick kids in a cardboard box and they will be comfortable.

    Adults need a little more than "magic"
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Sorry, I was wrong...with the magic seat folded down the mighty Ody will be able to fit like 14 people in there. 2 in front, 2 in middle and 10 people can lay on top of each others in the cargo area...this is a teenager dream car...
  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    8 pickled egg, quart watermellon wine.

    Now need D/C 2-zone air condition, good feature.

    Ody van now smell like Hersbird goat.
  • The one piece sliding rear bench seat of DC minivans is more comfortable for 3 than is the newer DC 50/50 split rear "fold-and-tumble" seating or the Ody Magic Seat. The Magic Seat and new DC 50/50 seats are really comfortable for only 2 adults as the side hinges of Magic Seat and middle hinges of DC 50/50 create discomfort for the person(s) sitting on top of them.
    Having had both DC configurations I would prefer the Odyssey Magic Seat to either DC 3rd row seating.
    The Odyssey driver's seat is much more comfortable for me than the driver's seat in either our former 1999 GC SE or current 2002 T&C eL. The 2002 Odyssey seats are NOT as comfortable for me as were the 1999-2001 Odyssey seats.
    I have not sat on any of the 3 rear seats for an over an hour or two at any given time. All were comfortable for me for that length of time.
  • bdaddybdaddy Posts: 171
    Hungarian breakfast not to my liking. Stick with Polish fare - pork tails, sour kraut, perogies and wash down with dandelion wine.

    DC have triple zone AC? Just want to know from someone who has it - is it really possible to have the driver cooled/warmed to say 72 and the front passenger cooled/warmed to 78? Doesn't ambient air temp even out in an open enclosure with a volume of some 200 cubic feet?

    Not to sound like a sexist...OK, to sound like a sexist - I always thought the dual front zone was a chick feature. After all, it's common knowledge that males have a much greater span in their personal comfort level with regard to the environment. My personal comfort level span ranges from 60 - 80 degrees. Within this range, I can comfortably operate with one layer of clothing and no supplemental heating or cooling. My wife's comfort span on the other hand, ranges from 72-78 degrees. Cooler than 72 and we're heating, warmer than 78 and we're cooling. Bdaddy's own extensive research on this subject confirms this is a universally accepted fact.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I owned a 96 DC with the dual zone heating A/C . My wife really liked it.
    Of course, she married me. What does she know ?
  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    Garlic keep smell away.

    Ody nice EX feature dial temp 68 degree. Wife want different, must employ advanced engineer technique known as vent diddling.

    After eat pickled egg, wife open all window, rear vents, rear hatch, drive through car wash
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