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Honda Odyssey vs Dodge/Chrysler minivans



  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
    As you asked me in one of many posts you deleted I checked your profile( like I have before and it has not changed since I entered Edmonds) and I'm possitive Edmonds has verified it is correct is that right? I think not. what you are asking me is to believe who you say you are? am I not correct? You and I or anyone for that matter would be a fool to believe anyone on the internet. There for I judge you by your actions which is delete,delete, delete.And yes carl I deleted to only that my posts would not seem out of context. ;)) Which was not to run and hide because I was scarred someone might see. Which is apparently what you are doing.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    #1. We put $500 deposit on Ody LX-C on 3/16/99.
    #2. We bought NEW GC SE 3/20/99.
    #3. 1999 GC has had ZERO problems. Compare these zero problems with the many problems reported in Odyssey XXX forum by an owner of a 1999 Odyssey.
    #4. I happen to like the "Magic Seat" and would prefer it to my GC SE 3rd seat.
    #5. I also like Odyssey 2nd row seating flexibility.
    #6. I also like Dual Zone Temp and Trip Computer in 99 GC SE that is not available in an Ody.
    #7. I prefer panel doors, larger 27 gal fuel tank, 4.3L V6, GM 4 speed Automatic of Astro to comparable item on either GC or Odyssey.
    #8. In my opinion, each minivan has distinct advantages...makes it difficult to make final selection.
  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
    I think not. BTW #8 not by some of your comments. :)))
  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
    Ody lx 2000 for 19k brand new who says I didn't. All you got to do is paint a story. It's the internet come on people get real. IF WE CAN. ;))
  • I used to enjoy reading the messages here but lately it's getting hard. Comparing noise levels, magic seats,trip computers and pre 2001 vehicles seem trivial to me. I have 50k on a 98 G/C sport,
    the dealer replacing the battery in 1998 has been the only problem, it rides quiet and is comfortable. If there is an option I missed on this vehicle I will get it on the next one I buy. It is only a piece of machinery, fill it with gas,insert the key and go.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    But Mrbizness, this is a comparison topic not really limited to sspecific model years, so compare away! It's not trivial at all.


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  • johng14johng14 Posts: 31
    If you think noise level is trivial, why do you "rides quiet" in your post?
  • i've worked in public relations and "turning a negative into a positive" and "planting niggling seeds of doubt about the competition" is basic training (the latter of which requires no proof). of course, going into it, chrysler engineers knew they were going to catch flak for not incorporating a disappearing 3rd-row seat (they OWN the AWD minivan market so who can blame them?) so why not turn that criticism around and make it into a selling point, all-the-while taking a swipe at the minivan many point to as the the class-leader? i can almost guarantee you D-C engineers were instructed to bring this up before they went out to meet the media.

    instead of comparing just the ody to the T&C for noise, wouldn't it be helpful to also throw the mazda MPV into the mix since that also has the "noisy" disappearing 3rd-row seat?
  • that's good marketing on D-C's part! look how many it has convinced that the odyssey is noisy...kind of like a reverse placebo-effect. regarding the AMCI stuff, i think they could have pulled that off a little better. i mean, "the best minivans EVER"! is like saying, "the most super-duper-est minivans ever invented by mankind!"...a little too heavy-handed, imho, especially when they hide what "AMCI" stands for and don't disclose what the basis for scores under each of the criteria were.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    And offer discounts, rebates, incentives, etc?Why don't the others lower their prices since they save all that money Chrysler spends on advertising, disounts, rebates, and incentives?
    Is Chrysler generous or is it a case of other makers being greedy?
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    We finally took the plunge last night (gulp!) after hemming and hawing and doing extensive research on pricing, options, etc, as well as test driving Toyota, Honda and Chrysler. We purchased a 2001 Chrysler LXi with 3.8 Litre engine, Power Liftgate, U Package, Traction Control, Side Air bags, Heated Front Seats, & CD/Equalizer. MSRP was $33,845. We purchased for $31,645 + TTL. They also agreed to sell me the roof rack (which it did not have) at dealer cost. Dealer invoice was about $31,275 which included $475 in advertising association fees. We also traded in our '94 Subaru Legacy L AWD Wagon for $3,200 which was less than the $4,000 I wanted but it was worth not having to try and sell it on my own and deal with all the hassles that go with that. We got to the dealer at 8:30 and started negotiating at 9:30 (half hour after close). They accepted my first offer so I basically decided what I would pay. I suppose I should have tried for a few hundred less but when the financing is 1.9% over 4 years, I think it would have saved me a buck or two a month....not worth the effort.

    As far as comparison to the Odyssey, I noticed several things. Everyone knows T&C wins the luxury battle (although you do get nickel and dimed for every option - no standard CD? come on!). However, I think the real surprise was seating. I am 6'2" and actually had room to spare on the driver's seat. I was able to sit comfortably with plenty of leg room in the 2nd row and third row seats, something I did not expect, given how Honda brags about space. The glove box in the Honda majorly imposed on my leg room in the passenger's front seat, even when I was in the fully extended position. Tons of passenger leg room in the LXi front passenger's seat though. The tilt wheel in the LXi is much more user friendly and has more flexibility than the Honda's stiff lever arm. Let's not forget about that hideous, and I mean 'fun house' terrifying fabric in the Honda is no comparison to the rich leather upholstery in the LXi. That's an option I am willing to pay for and will be much easier to keep clean. The Infinity speaker system in the LXi is amazing and the stereo beats the weak Honda hands down. Finally the ease of mobility and flexibility of the 2nd and 3rd row seats in the LXi really sold us. We thought of 3 different configurations we would use regularly, depending on where we were going and with who. I suppose I could come back here crying in 8 months that I have contracted one of those dreaded Chrysler tranny problems but I have confidence. CR expected reliability to be considerably improved in the redesigned T&C and from all the reviews I read, it seems to be a great car. I certainly hope so, since it is way more than I've ever spent on a car before. However, since the financing was so great, I was able to get everything I wanted in a much nicer van for a difference of about $60 a month over the Honda. A premium I will gladly pay. Time may prove me the wrong but I think the LXi is a winner.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    And an ad in today's paper for a Honda dealership stated 11 Odyssey to choose from. Colors, 5 granite green, 3 silver, 2 white, 1 beige.
    A different dealership told my sister there would be a wait of slightly over 1 month for their Taffeta White 2001 Odyssey EX which is due in later this month.
  • carleton: the previous 4 weekends, i have been seeing local ads (northern california) of one or two chyrsler or dodge dealers advertising all 2001 town & countrys and grand caravans in stock for $5500 under MSRP (that includes the $1500 cash back)...i've checked and they say they have dozens in stock to choose from. that puts the price thousands UNDER can that be possible? anyway, i was wondering how much they're going for where you are since the ody's are so, ody's are still msrp+ or you still have to wait a couple of months.
  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
    FYI I was at our local mall this morning and a Chrystler dealer had a town and country lx out front on desplay. What a beautiful machine it was silver with a dark leather interior I'm sure it had all the bells and whistles that could be provided. Anyway asking price was $34,210 but if you knock off that $ 5,000 + you were talking about thats not a bad deal. P.S. this is in northern California.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    And it is between $100 and $200. Just sufficient so they can say "Odyssey below MSRP". Not in the same ballpark as DC at about $4500 below MSRP but does put the actual selling price of the two in about the same ball park with comparable equipment.
    I am tempted to drive to the Ody dealership to find out what the "small print" is since they have 11 Odyssey in stock. I have never seen any Odyssey that was not one that had been ordered by a customer at any of the 4 dealerships in this area except for one demonstrator at Ken Garff Honda.
  • dz6tdz6t Posts: 18
    If you throw in the MPV, it just proved the DC's point. The MPV is VERY noisey. The main reason I passes on the MPV is its noisey FORD (can you believe it?) engine.
  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
  • by my estimates, that is thousands below invoice...there must be some serious factory to dealer kickbacks and other incentives! anyway, i too love that silver/navy leather combo...absolutely striking.

    DZ6T: the oft-quoted popular mechanics minivan comparo has the MPV quieter than both the chrysler and honda minivans. JFYI
  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
    I took a look at my saterday morning paper all I could find was $5,000 off MSRP after factory rebate or 3.9 finance 60 mo. but only one van with this discount which is a Grand Caravan ES. There was nothing accross the board for all vans or a particular model.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    Minivans face off

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