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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • One morning a few days after I got my TB LTZ, I started it and applied the brake. I heard the clicking relay, and was surprised because I had not heard it before.

    I let up on the brake thinking maybe I broke something. I pushed it down again and heard the same noise. I immediately let up, sat for a minute and decided to go. I tried to shift the lever out of park but it wouldn't budge. I turned the truck off and back on but still couldn't shift the thing out of park.

    About two minutes later I finally realized that I had not been pushing the brake to get out of park. The loud clicking noise had confused, hypnotized, or mesmerized me into not remembering how to drive my truck. What an idiot.

    I pushed the brake, heard the click, and shifted smoothly to reverse.

    Sorry for the long story. I just wanted you to know I have a loud brake relay, too. Loud enough to break my concentration.

    Turning the radio up shortly after starting the truck usually helps.
  • iwsiws Posts: 12
    Coolsly2---List of recalls and TSB's available at Then you call your dealer with your VIN and ensure they were done.
  • mgrcmmgrcm Posts: 53
    agenteleven:I have that same clicking noise in my Envoy every time I push on the brake to get out of park.Going in for first oil change next week,maybe have them look at it with all my other complaints,I'm sure they'll tell me its normal.I've had the engine knock since the beginning,my plastic center caps on the wheels are turning green around the edges(paint fading away),liftgate window leaks water and air compressor seems to run a lot.I,ve had it since Sep. and a couple of weeks ago the battery died,had to be towed to nearest dealer and nobody came up with a believable reason why,also had recall done while there,notice no change in transission still plenty of slop.Most of the other problems I had I fixed myself,I see when they towed it in someone put a big scratch in the front bumper so anytime I can keep it from going in for service the better,believe me these service people could care less about your car.
  • I agree with your opinion of the service people! I get frustrated whenever I have to deal with them. I'm due for an oil change soon, and I think I'd rather do it myself than take it in.

    How many miles are on your Envoy?

    By the way, My rear window leaked a very small trickle at the top in heavy rain. I cleaned the window and the rubber gasket/weatherstrip. It seemed to help. If your Envoy is like my TB, the back glass has a texture on the inside that doesn't seem to seal well.
  • mgrcmmgrcm Posts: 53
    I've got 3200 miles on my Envoy.I changed the oil already at 500 miles myself,now I've got a few things that need to be taken care of and I'll get my free oil change done with and hopefully I won't have to go back again HA HA HA.I noticed the window leaking the other day when I was washing it,I didn't think it was that bad till I saw all the streaks in the film on the inside of the glass.I still don't know how to rate this thing,it is better in some ways worse in others compared to my Durango,and I hate that stinkin small gas tank,a little over 200 miles and you gotta start thinking about a gas station.

  • I feel your pain about the small gas tank.

    Did you change your oil filter yourself, as well? I haven't looked at it yet, and don't know how hard it will be to get to.
  • I haven't changed my oil yet but I have checked out the filter location. On a 4x4, under the front axle is a composite skid plate, in the middle of it is a rectangular plate with 2 self retaining screws. Remove the screws(~1/2 turn) and swing the plate out of the way to reveal the oil drain plug and oil filter, looks like an easy job to me. Tim
  • I found an Envoy with every option I want on it except it only has the standard stereo in it.I realize the Bose is an upgrade but in my past GM experience stock radios were horrible.Does anyone have the standard stereo and if so do you like the sound?I hope it does not break up easily when turned up loud or with any bass.
  • Thanks quickdtoo. I found that swing-away plate under mine, too. Mine's not a 4x4 by the way.

    I located what I believe to be the drain plug there, but wasn't far enough under the vehicle to see the filter at that location, I guess.

    I did see the filter from the passenger's wheelwell, but it looked like a difficult job to break my arm in three places to get to it from there. That access cover would make more sense. I'll check that tonight.
  • I recently bought an Envoy. So far I do not have any dissapointment. Right now I am thinking of getting an extended warranty. I would appreciate if someone can shed some light on this issue - what is covered, whether it is good or bad for this vehicle. Thanks in advance.
  • I have the non-Bose stereo in my TB LTZ. I'm happy with it. It plays loud and sounds good doing it. I haven't noticed any distortion or break up with any of my bass-heavy material.

    The one thing I wish it had were speakers/tweeters in the dash. There are speaker grills up there, and for a long time, I thought there were speakers under them. But the six-speaker specification refers to one each in the back doors and two each (woofer and tweeter) in the front doors. It sounds good, but the highs would be a lot crisper with speakers at the dash. I think the Bose adds these.

    I don't know if Envoy's have the same setup
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I've been away for a while but read through all of the posts I had missed. Here are some questions?

    I've posted before about the strange happenings with my transmission - HARD downshifts while sitting at a stoplight while cold, HARD up and downshifts while driving when cold, no power but a large "growl" when cold. Has anyone with a Bravada had a problem like this and, if so, have they had a problem getting it taken care of?

    Also, I have a loud, high pitched, hum that occurs all of the time, even with the stereo off. Does anyone know what this could be?

    I also have many, many squeaks and rattles that are "repaired" and then reappear. I guess GM just doesn't build them to withstand the terrible Atlanta roads!
  • I'll bet that high pitched hum is your inside rearview mirror. Mine squeals like a stuck pig and drives me nuts. I think the electronics for the compass or electrochromatic function are resonating against the glass.

    Try this: pinch the mirror on the right side like you were squeezing it back together. When I do this to mine, the squealing gets louder and then gets much softer when I let go.

    It's not a permanent fix, and it may not work with your mirror. I've heard of one or two other people complaining about the squeal.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    Just a note to other Envoy owners out there (especially the ones with the black Envoys), check the paint around the plastic moulding that goes around the area where the license plate goes on the rear door. The plastic appears to expand and contract with heat, causing it to scrape the paint off the rear door where it meets the paint.

    I've had it repainted twice now and the the body shop added more of bevel to the plastic so that it has more room to expand and not scrape the paint. It sounds iffy to me, but I'll have to see the results.

    So far, with 9000 miles on the car, we've been happy, with just minor gripes:

    - Broken pull down strap on rear hatch lid
    - Sagging headliner near sunroof
    - Driver and Passenger seat losing power (loose connection under seats?)
    - Clunking noise when backing up with wheel turned all the way (relubed steering stops?)
    - Seemingly low gas mileage (avg 16.7) in mixed driving
    - That friggin' paint problem on the rear hatch lid!!
    - Annoying noise coming from the left rear when you hit a bump, just behind the driver (turned out to be the plastic panel not installed properly on the I beam, so popped it back in and it hasn't come out since)

  • vplaza, that paint problem is a known issue with both the Envoys and the TBs. I have a TB LS and it has the same problem. The dealer tells me that GM is working on a gasket design that will fix it but they don't know when it will be available. I just got the TB back from the dealer last week and had it repainted for the third time (in addition to recall work, etc.). This time, they ground down that plastic piece, and supposedly they put a piece of 3M clear plastic film for that plastic piece to rub against (although I can't see it or tell if it's there). That was the recommended interim fix from the dealer. They said they would install the gasket when it comes in, so at least someone knows about it. As far as I know, GM customer support doesn't have an open campaign on that problem, though (call them; maybe if enough people bother them, they'll give it a higher priority).
  • allroyallroy Posts: 58
    Are they making you pay for repainting?
  • dyfinedyfine Posts: 11
    Hi all! I just purchased my new Envoy SLE last Saturday and love it so far. I have to admit that I laughed at my brother, who just purchased a new car a few months ago, for religiously checking the "town hall forum" for his car. Now I'm hooked! You have all done a great job documenting/acting as a resource for the little oddities that seem to pop up. I've read through most of the messages posted and almost all of the issues/questions I've had were addressed at some point or another! The only one I haven't read anything about yet is regarding a "shifting" I've seen when I put my car into park. When I do so, the casing surrounding my gear shift visibly moves over. It happens only when it I finally shift into park (no movement in the casing from D into R, etc). Has anyone else seen this? A normal occurance? Anything to be concerned with? Thanks to everyone for the great forum!
  • I have a Envoy and have too experienced these problems with the transmission. The transmission jerks into gear at stops and I get a loss of power and high rpms like the tranmission is not shifting and a loud fan noise is heard. The first time I brought it in they installed a new fan clutch but this did not fix the problem. The second time I brought it in they said it was the computer program that was reprogrammed. I am still having these problems but it does not happen that often and it is hard to get it to duplicate when I bring it in to the service department. I have filed a complaint with the BBB about this problem and would suggest that anyone else with this problem that is not fixed after multiple visits to the service department to contact the customer service for GMC, Chevy etc... The number is in the back of the manual. The next step is to file a complaint with the BBB for failure to comply with the warranty under the lemon laws of your state. If anyone else has had this problem please email me or reply with a post.
  • First off, I love my Envoy. Glad I bought it 3 wks ago. Great car. Only a couple problems so far...

    Has anyone else noticed, now that winter has set in, that their climate control is wacky? I set mine to 75 degrees, and it seems to give me cold air. I'll set it all the way up to 89 degrees, and it's a bit warmer than room temperature. Then, I pop it to 90 degrees, and it blasts me with furnace heat.... ???

    Anyone else experience this?

    Also, someone else posted earlier that their windsheild was leaky. Mine leaked the first rainy day after I bought the car here in LA. The service department re-sealed the windshield.


  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    I'm glad you posted. I just got my LTZ back after a full week of it staying at the dealer for the climate control issue. I personally spent 4 hours there with them the other day watching as they tested and recalibrated the sensors in the dash, under the dash in the pillars. They replaced a few other items to be safe that all was perfect but I still am disappointed.

    I took it home last night and while it wasn't a far drive, the Triplets Auto Climate is nothing like the ones I've had in the past. In the summer it does fine, but in the winter......crudely sucks.

    There is no reason why even now, I should have to set the temps in the mid to high 80's to stay warm. Even with the rear vents on to equalize the temp of the entire truck a bit more, it still isn't what it should be.

    My GTP can be set to 76 and after full warm up and driving, kicks the fan to low...occasionally speeding up and the tempeture even and comfortable.

    My LTZ however, seems to blow cool air and the best way to stay comfortable is to keep the heat at 90 and the fan low in manual mode with heat in from the dash and floor vents.

    I'll post back more feedback as time goes on and temps drop more, but honestly, it's the the thing that bothers me most and if I had known...would have kept me from buying the truck. Otherwise I love it and can't say enough good things. But the darn heater aggrevates me.
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