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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Perhaps I'm missing something but isn't On Star included as standard equipment on most of the mid and upper trim levels (and all Bravadas)? I'm sure the equipment isn't free, but I don't think it's adding $850 to the price.

    If you are trying to buy a base Trailblazer LS with a sun roof, I don't see anywhere that they force you to buy On Star either?


    Drove by the local lot on my way home tonight. Still nothing. :-(
  • earlcearlc Posts: 34
    Does anyone know what the cost is from GM on the 5 year-60000 mile extended warranty??
  • Dindak,
    On Star is definitely a required option on the LS when ordering the sunroof. On Star is standard equipment on the LT and LTZ, but the cost is reflected in the base price of those vehicles, which is significantly more than a similarly equipped LS. A temperature readout and compass along with a self-dimming rearview mirror are included with the On Star, so the $850 gets you more than just the On Star.
  • 9t9wu89t9wu8 Posts: 36
    98% sure we will take the one our dealer has on order with our name on it.

    I will share this vehicle with my wife so features like the 2 driver memory are very important to us. Power seems good, turning circle is incredibly tight, she gets a power passenger seat, I get lots of toys (DIC, etc)

    Looked at a Highlander and it is missing those features and tow capacity for the same price.

    I agree that the bigger tires on the Bravada should also be available on the Envoy as well as a roof rack delete option and an AWD system like the C3 and Denali get.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Sounds like it is all one module that they have to install together. I can't see where it says you have to buy all that on the web site, but I have not been to a dealer so you probably know better than I. I guess the best option is to go with an after market sunroof if you really don't want On Star. Not good.
  • Can anyone tell me what REAL perks I get for paying the subscription fee to Onstar that goes beyond my regular PCS phone? I just need to rationalize this because I do really like bells and whistles! Thanks!
  • 9t9wu89t9wu8 Posts: 36
    Go to for a pretty good description of the basic and deluxe On Star Packages ... kinda cool ... but expensive.
  • ducky87ducky87 Posts: 11
    figures quoted from dealer for no deduct. warranty on envoy
    5/75 1505
    5/50 1025
    6/60 1280
    i was able to negotiate the price down by 50 percent when i told the dealer i'd go to olds if they couldn't at least match the olds warranty. gm product is improving but the dealers are still low life car salesmen.
  • Here it is directly from the Chevy dealer. To get the sunroof, you MUST purchase the communication system:

    CF5 Sun Roof, Power $800.00
    (Req's Console-DK7, Communication System-UE1 & Mirrors-DF5 on LS)

    UE1 Communication System, OnStar - LS $965.00

    So i was a little off, it actually adds $965 to the price. I understand adding the console and mirror, that's cosmetic, but I dont get why you need a cellular transmitter and a GPS receiver to have a sunroof? This is only evident on the LS model, which is the only model in my price range.

    Mainly what I'm complaining about is the option "packaging". What's next, "sorry no power windows/doors unless you buy the garage door opener and brush guard"? Also, I don't want a non-functioning option in my 1 year old vehicle? What happens if you let the subscription run out and you need help? "Yes Mr. Smith, we'll send the ambulance right away, but first I need to authorize your credit card number please?"
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    tonysracing : Ya.. I see what you are saying. I don't care for sun roofs so I don't care much, but if you want one I can see that it's not a fair package for you. If they bundled it with other safety options it would make more sense.

    netsolstice : I think because On Star is satellite based, you need the power of an external antenna. Like you said, Mercedes does it also. There isn't anything better yet.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Can remove rather easily. It is only stuck to the glass with 2 way 3M tape. A PLASTIC putty knife will peel it off. Then get some goof off or similar adhesive remover to get the leftovers off. Make sure not to get any of the remover on the paint, most of them will strip the wax off, making a dull spot in the finish. My GMC dealer offered to disconnect and remove the OnStar ant. at delivery for no charge if I didn't want it, I didn't ask how much after the fact though. I unlike you was stuck with it because of the option pkg. I choose, not because of the standard equipment on the truck.

    Did you notice the Trailblazers radio ant. is very similar to the buick, it is in the rear windows on both sides. It looks like a defogger.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The link is being blocked by my company. Will it work on my 56K modem at home?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I will try it out.

    Where did everyone go??
  • roderacerroderacer Posts: 311
    I checked out the commercial. *Thanks to the job's T1* Does that Maroon LTZ look sharp or what?! I love the color coded grill piece that replaces the chrome one on the other trims...

  • earlcearlc Posts: 34
    When I click on this site I get a screen stating "Invalid Metafile" and I can't open it . Any suggestions?
  • sactokensactoken Posts: 10
    General Motors has quit putting federal rollover-warning labels on redesigned, midsize sport-utility vehicles, the TB, Bravada and Envoy, hoping that will make them seem safer and sell faster. The move comes after prickly internal debate between those who don't want the new SUVs tainted by rollover warnings and those who see the labels as appropriate consumer information. GM says its 2002-model SUVs are long enough to escape the warning requirement. GM's decision could help its dealers in showroom comparisons against SUVs just launched by Ford Motor and Toyota, which will display the warning labels even though they don't have to. The regulation, enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that warning labels aren't required on SUVs with wheelbases longer than 110 inches or SUVs based on car platforms, or chassis. Wheelbase is the length between the center of the front wheel and the center of the back wheel.

    Still no TB's or Bravada's here in Sacramento. Very few Envoys.
  • bkjohnsonbkjohnson Posts: 17
    Just checking in to see how your new Bravadas are doing....any complaints, observations?
  • blake777blake777 Posts: 6
    I've had my 2002 Envoy SLT for about 3 weeks now, and have very few complaints. Good power, nice ride, much more solid feeling than the previous models. I do wish, though, I had ordered a sunroof.....does anyone know of any good after-market vendors?
  • Another newsgroup reported 12 MPH on the trailblazer. Has anyone been driving these new suvs long enough for a realistic figure.
  • troyy2ktroyy2k Posts: 91
    I am considering purchasing an MDX - which is about the same price as the Envoy SLT. What advantages does the Envoy offer over the MDX? The lease is definitely better for the MDX.
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