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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • 2tiz2tiz Posts: 4
    Has anyone found splash guards for a LTZ TB with fender flares and running boards?

    A part # would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I have posted this message a few weeks ago about the problems I had with my 2002 Enovy. I was having problems with my Envoy after about 2000 miles and first noted the high fan noise and the transmission did not want to downshift when going up steep grades. I took it in multiple times and the service department did the tranny recall and replaced the fan clutch with no inprovements on the problem. The only thing I did notice was that the fan noise did not happen as often. After complaints to the BBB and many trips to the service department I finally took the Envoy to another service department and they found a problem with my transmission. GM at first wanted them to send the transmission to there techs but then recanted because they already had 15 transmissions with similar problems. (this leads me to believe that there are many more faulty transmissions) They replaced my tranny and since then no problems. I was also given an extended warranty of 5 yrs 75000 miles with no deductable (probably due to my complaint to the BBB). The tranny that was removed had a bad pump and was noted to have metal fragments throughout the tranny due to the failure of #2 and #4 gears. My guess is that the recall work for the tranny only is a temp fix and that the reprogram of the PCM increases the temp at which the fan engages which of course is a big problem now that your tranny overheats. I hope that this message helps anyone having these similar problems. Please email me if anyone needs more info.
  • dyatesdyates Posts: 13
    Hi Everyone,

    I just purchased a new Indigo Blue Bravada about two weeks ago. It now has about 800 miles on it. I am very pleased with the overall value, and how quiet and refined it seems.

    Anyway, does GM have an accessories book for consumers that would list the bike rack, running boards, mud flaps, floor mats, etc.? I've followed some of the earlier links, and they all seem to refer to 2001 models.

    If anybody has installed factory accessories, please let me know how much you like them and what it cost. I'd be especially interested in hearing from other Bravada owners.

    Just curious, do people pay more for oil changes since it holds 7 quarts?

    Some other comments, If anyone is having excess wind noise, please follow the instructions in the owners manual supplement pages. It tells you to move the luggage rack brackets. The rear one all the way to the back. The second one over top of the rear door opening when not in use. It works great.
  • Hi dyates.

        GM does have a 2002 accessories book for Bravada consumers. It just came out I think, so it will be hard to find. For GM accessories the best prices seem to be at versus the dealers. Here's a short list of items for the Bravada. There is a lot more than this list though. Side note, most of the accessories I'm listing are tailored towards a Pewter Bravada with Pewter interior. Let me know what color interior you got and I'll post specific items for your color.

    12497747 Pewter Front vinyl floor mats $32.90

    12497716 Pewter rear vinyl floor mats $25.20

    12497762 All 4 Doors VENTVISOR $50.40

    12497616 Front End Cover/Bug Deflector$35.00

    12497680 clear anodized Side Steps$300.30

    12497681 black anodized Side Steps$300.30

    12497610 Front Splash Guards Bravada Logo $20.30

    12497611 Rear Splash Guards Bravada Logo $15.40

    Additionally has some bug deflectors for the Bravada that come in matching paint colors.

    Part No: 25257-11 Description: Bugflector II; Stone & Bug Deflector; Light Pewter

    Also, have some ventvisors called WeatherFlectors that fit into the window channel instead of sticking to your paint job with 3M tape.

    TrailBlazer/Envoy/Bravada WeatherFlectors

    Set: Front & Rear Set

    Part No: 72278 Price $79.95 Shipping $9.00

    For Brush Guards and Tail light guards see Manik Motors Inc. at the SP at the end of the item numbers designates Stainless Steel, for black omit the SP.

    168250SP 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada 2/4 TBA Front Bar 1-Piece

    168259SP 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada 2/4 RT2 Taillight Guards 3/4" Tube Style

    This is what I've found so far, and it took me a little while to find it all. If you've got any questions let me know.

  • I have a Black Envoy SLT. I've been lucky in that my vehicle has not experienced many of the problems that I've read about on this forum. Overall, this has been a really good running truck and I've put 12,000 miles on it since August. I do however have the paint chip problem that the dealer does not seem to want to deal with. I took my Envoy into the dealer this past week for an oil and lube service and when they removed the drain plug the heli coil came with it. I'm unfamiliar with the heli coil. They retapped the hole and installed a new heli coil with loctite. The service rep said this happens often. He also said they ran oil through the system to clean it. Has anyone else had this happen to them and are there any future problems that might arise from this? I'm not sure I trust the dealer at this point.
  • dyatesdyates Posts: 13

    Thanks for the accessory listing. I also would like to hear if anyone has installed any of these accessories and how they like them.

    For the Black Envoy owner---> Helicoil is a thread maker tool. I learned about this a few years ago when I stripped a spark plug hole.

    It sounds like the shop stripped the drain plug. Then, fixed it using a Helicoil plug. When you do this some metal shavings can occur, that's why they flushed it. If they did it right it should be as good as new. At least they didn't try to hide the mistake. Aluminum can be real easy to strip.

    I think a quick lube place would have tried to hide it.
  • cwhawkcwhawk Posts: 38
    My TB LTZ had a whistle sound coming from the drivers side outside mirror between 35-45 mph. It took a while to determine the cause, but the noise was from the air rushing over the small indention about 1" from the front edge of the mirror.

    I masked the indention (seam) with tape and filled in the indention with clear silicon caulk. After curing and removing the tape, the appearance is the same because it looks like there is an indention, but it is filled in and smooth. The whistle disappeared. Try this and let other know if it works.

    Has anyone found a part number for the front seat inner support bracket covers? My dealer tell me there is no such part, but I saw them in another TB.
  • tpellowtpellow Posts: 21
    mchance13 -

    Aluminum can either be tapped or have a helicoil installed. A helicoil is nothing more than a steel spring-like insert that is installed into a larger drilled and tapped hole. Helicoils are typically stronger than simply tapped aluminum. Also, helicoils are an industry standard repair procedure for stripped aluminum threads. To give you a little reassurance, typically helicoils give a much stronger thread than straight aluminum threads but this assumes the aluminum does not have a lot of porosity. Helicoils don't just back out though, unless the service tech cross-threaded the drain plug.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    02 TB LTZ
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    I removed my outer front seat bracket covers and snapped them on to the inner front seat brackets - just to see if they would fit. If you get the part number for the outer seat bracket covers, then order them and use them for the inner seat covers. My plan is to tell the dealer that my outer seat bracket covers are missing (which they are now) during my next warranty visit. I was told, like you, that there is not a part number for the inner seat bracket covers. This is a silly situation...the inner seat bracket and adjoining carpet were made to accept the covers, but yet they are not installed.
  • fpluttfplutt Posts: 1
    Thinking about buying new Envoy or Bravada. Leaning towards a AWD Bravada. Appears that there are better deals on AWD Bravada's locally (up to $6k off including the $2k rebate). Anyway would like to be able to occasionally (maybe 4-5 times for a total of 2000 miles or so per year) tow my 3800 lb GMC Typhoon and a trailer without a problem. Anybody using the SUV's to tow 5000 lbs plus. If so, what is your impression of the SUV's towing ability. Any comments would be appreciated. Also would prefer not to have to get the 410 gears (since it will be difficult to find one on a dealers lot).
  • iwsiws Posts: 12
    I have an 02 TB LT with 3:73 axle ratio. I pull a Terry 825Y Travel Trailer, weight approx 4400lbs dry and about 5200lbs loaded (measured at scales). I have towed this combo from Ottawa Canada to Mt. Washington and I will say the TB is a tremendous hauling machine even in the mountains...The torque is available right from has plenty of pulling power. Also very stabile due to the 113 inch wheelbase. I tow this combo in 3rd unless on flat ground where I will pop it into OD. The shifter location in the centre console rather than on the column makes it real easy to shift when required. I usually go to second for downhill engine braking in the mountains.

    I used to tow with a 98 Astro 4.3, 3:42 axle and this is like night and day in comparison. Not enough power for this trailer and the column shifter was clumsy to use.

    Hope this helps
  • I have recently noticed that my 2002 Envoy SLT 4x4 with 10,000 miles is listing to the right (when viewed from behind, so listing to the passenger side.)

    Measuring the distance between the rim and the wheel well on each wheel shows a 1 - 2 inch difference in height and a noticable difference in the angle it sits at while driving.

    I DO have the air shocks package and the compressor still fires up like it has since I got the truck.

    This problem seems to be intermittant, but increasing in frequency. Has anyone else seen this or talked to a dealer about it?

    I love my truck, but I gotta say I am a little tired of taking it in. so far the engine died at 400 miles while going 75 mph on the expressway (took 2 weeks to fix), the rear-end had to be replaced at 2000 miles, the air conditioning died at 3000 miles, and now this.

  • In my 2002 Envoy SLT with the standard CD/Cassette stereo I have been having an intermittent problem with a popping noise/electrical feedback from the stereo. It sounds like either a speaker connection could be loose or a problem with the amplifier?? What is also strange is that at some times the noise happens upon startup or when I round a corner or hit a bump.

    Has any one had the same problem and if so any solutions?

  • kimodokimodo Posts: 44
    Had a question about the roof rack. It's suppose to hold 200 lbs or something like that. But does that mean the crossbars, or 200 lbs on the roof? Those crossbars don't seem like they can hold that much weight. Also a previous question, but can you lock the liftgate with the key, or must you use the powerdoor lock button to lock it. Thanks.
  • On my 2002 Bravada I had a similar problem. The audio cable from the amp had been run under the seats and had been crushed. The amp was replaced by GM. (The amp cost about $700)
  • I purchased a 2002 TrailBlazer LS about a month ago. I'd like to add to my TB the factory deluxe overhead console (typically found on the LT and LTZ models). Has anyone had any experience with this? If so, I'd like to learn what it will take to do this work myself. Thanks!
  • I have a 2002 Majestic Red LT TB with factory running boards. I have 15k trouble free miles and I love driving this thing! Sunday I went to Mt Hood in Oregon where it was snowing better than 1" an hour. My TB got me there and back with NO troubles. I passed many 4wd vehicles that had lost traction and found themselves stuck. With just my factory tires I was able to drive EVERYWHERE I wanted without any problems. I bought chains but never had to put them on. At one point, I was driving in +14 inches of snow plowing snow with the front end but never had a problem. Just wanted you TB owners to know that when you take your TB to the snow, you will not be disappointed. I have owned many other 4wd and NONE of them can compare to the TB.
  • boz151boz151 Posts: 11
    Does anyone out there have any experience with the cargo tray from for the 2002 Bravada? I see there is one listed but there is no year indicated. Does it fit the dims of the 2002 exactly? FYI, I just got the winter mats and they look great.

  • spdmtr5spdmtr5 Posts: 111
    thanks for the positive review.My[really the wife's]TB has done all that has been asked of it in an outstanding manner.Snow,ice,off road and high speed interstate travel.The dealer is good and has fixed the small problems I've had.The TB is a winner-now let's hear of modifications that make it better.Has any one seen a spoiler to keep crud off the rear window?
  • conredconred Posts: 1
    dgarriso, I had the same problem, the rear drivers side was all the way up in the air and the passanger side was down. This happened the day after I took delivery of my Envoy. They installed new load leveling sensors. Which seemed to resolve the issue for a few weeks before the load leveling compressor went out and the entire rear end of the Envoy hit the ground. Pray this doesn't happen to you, because my Envoy was in the shop for 3 weeks waiting for the part on National backorder. Apparently this is becoming a common problem that required a reengineer of the compressor. As a matter of fact, the day I took the Envoy in for the first suspension problem, the Service Manager pointed out an Envoy in the shop on its rear for the same compressor problem. Unfortunatly, it happened to me two weeks later.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem.
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