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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • baltychenbaltychen Posts: 50
    After you have reset your Change Engine oil system, did your Change Engine Oil light flashes to signal that the computer has been reset?
  • envoysleenvoysle Posts: 20
    vtrip7, you are not alone... I have an Envoy SLE 4x4 with cloth seating. And I have the same problem, driver AND passenger seat squeak when braking and accelerating.

    I'm going to tell the dealer about this during my next checkup, witch should be very soon.

    I don't have any other problem with it, running great, so far. 4500km on it, checkup at 5000.

    I did not get the Bose sound system, and regret it now. the sound of the standard delco is good but the bases are so un-natural. I'm renting the thing, so i can't do big modification on it.... Any suggestions ? Thanks!
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    Has anyone taken the time to switch to synthetic with their triplet and get the oil analysis performed? What kind of extended drain interval pattern did you see? I'm weighing the benefits of switching over to synth for my Bravada, but I'm leaning toward sticking with dino and 3k oil changes. Also if you switched, when did you switch and did it have any effect on oil consumption?

  • gam2gam2 Posts: 306
    I've read that adding a quart (or maybe two in this case as the engine hold 7 qts) of synthetic
    to the regular oil gives many of the benefits of pure synthetic at reduced cost. I can't imagine using synthetics if I change my oil every 3000 miles. I think I will add a quart of synthetic and change at 5000 miles (or before if the oil life sensor tells me to). I know people who go 10-12000 miles between oil changes with synthetics.
    I can't imagine the filter lasting that long!

  • Hey Gang,

    I remember awhile ago, we touched base on purchasing the HID Xenon bulbs for our triplets. Someone on this forum recommended and stated that this is the "best buy/value" for the money and also the "closest to true HID lights on the market today."

    Well, after carefully researching the various brands, I decided to give these bulbs a shot on my 02 Pontiac Grand AM GT1 before purchasing the bulbs for my Envoy. I installed the bulbs today and BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE they make! The stock bulbs are VERY yellow in comparison to these lights. The new lights give off a much more "brilliant" white light without having that cheap blue effect that you notice on the road today. If anyone would like to see before and after pics, please let me know. I will be more than happy to forward you copies of the pics that I have on file.

    I am going to test these lights for the next 30 days before buying some for my 02 Envoy. The bulbs cost $39.95 for a pair, so I decided to start with the Grand Am first since there is only one pair of headlight bulbs in the housing unit.


    Dennis D.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    GAM2 WROTE:"I've read that adding a quart (or maybe two in this case as the engine hold 7 qts) of synthetic to the regular oil gives many of the benefits of pure synthetic at reduced cost."

    I wouldn't say that just adding a part of the oil as synthetic is going to add the same benefit. I use strictly synthetic oils just due to the fact that I run most of my vehicles pretty hard on the road and at the track for 1/4 mile runs. Again, synthetic will flow better, stay consistant and extend the oil change intervals.

    GAM2 WROTE:"I can't imagine using synthetics if I change my oil every 3000 miles.... know people who go 10-12000 miles between oil changes with synthetics.....I can't imagine the filter lasting that long!"

    Well, on my GTP since it's at the track quite often and I do have some heavier performance mods done to it, I tend to change the oil between 3-5k miles. But then the oil life monitor will reflect the runs at the track pretty well. Without running the 1/4 mile in the winter, it will tell me about every 7,500 miles. In the summer it will bump me to 3-5k miles between changes. Works well.

    My wifes Toyota back in 97 went 12,000 miles between changes and today has over 105,000 miles on it with the new owner doing the same. Her current Alero like the GTP, runs at the track and now has 18k miles on it with 7,500 miles between changes.

    My LTZ only has about 7000 miles on it and I did change it at 6,000 with the next at about 12,000 or so.

    Just my nickels worth.

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Since I've received so many emails regarding how to get dealers to resolve the mirror issue, I've since hunkered down and updated my site. Check out for more information.

    Also, here are the part numbers that I've also outlined on my web site.

    Replace the control modules you have having issues on with:

    Special Order 15097470
    Special Order 15097471

    These should be the same for all the triplets, but for the record, I have an 02 Trailblazer LTZ.

    Email me with any questions. Happy to help.

    1999 GTP @ 13.689
    2000 Alero "GT" @ 15.591
    2002 Trailblazer LTZ @ 15.675
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Olds Still Alive And Kicking With Bravada

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    Is it just me, or do the rear ends of your vehicles always attract dirt? I have four coats of Zaino on my Bravada and the rear end still attracts dirt right by the step and sill area.

    gam2 - I think I'm going to go with a 5/2 split with Mobil/Mobil 1 and stick with 3K changes. Maybe I'll eventually switch to full synth, but for now I'd rather change every 3K.
  • icojonesicojones Posts: 61
    Whenever I go over a bump (or pothole) in my TB LTZ, there is a squeak that seems to come from the back passenger side. The best way to describe the sound is that it sounds like sneakers squealing on a basketball court.

    Anyone know what that is?
  • dyfinedyfine Posts: 11
    To those of you who have been disappointed with the gas mileage on your triplet - there's hope! I tend to drive 65/35 Hwy/City. I am in MN where recently, the temps have been in the 20s. After 3,000 miles of consistent mid 15MPG performance - my last tank netted me a 19.59 MPG performance! It's probably coincidental (I don't know much about mechanics, but I'm guessing it has no impact), but the increased performance occurred right after my first oil/filter change. Those of you who are guzzling gas - give your car time to "break-in" and it may get better...
  • vindog45vindog45 Posts: 35
    my 02 tb ltz also shook and made loud vibrating noises , when i opened just one back window, and all others shut tight...i dont think theres much GM can do but tell you not to do it...i doubt theres a fix for that..........i also have weather shields on back windows too..........still no problems with date 02/02/02
  • paulpropaulpro Posts: 56
    I think I had the same thing, some times the squeak sounded like the back seat, some times undr the dash. Turns out it was the HOOD! There are a couple adjustable stand-offs at each front corner. when the hood racks as you go over a bump, there is enough friction to generate a squeak. A little grease and it went away

    Hope this helps with yours

    Paul P
  • My ISP finally got it's act together, so my sites back up with updated pics, including the rear air deflector and it's install sheet. For those that are not registered the URL is and all you got to do is click on pics. If anyone encounters errors let me know, and if any one has any questions or advice let me know.
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 306
    Let me clarify, adding a quart of synthetic gives some, not all of the benefits of pure synthetic.
    It will not equal the pure synthetic, but will give added performance compared to straight oil.
    This came from a major oil producer. That's why there are semi-synthetics on the market.

    As to change intervals, I just can't see going 10-12000 miles on an oil change, synthetic or not. I read these long term tests in magazines where their BMW asks for its' first oil change at 10000+ miles. It seems crazy that someone would spend $40000 on a car and try to skimp on oil changes.

    As to synthetics, obviously they must be good. Otherwise GM wouldn't put it in 'Vettes straight from the factory.

  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    It's not a case of skimping on oil changes. The oil simply lasts that long. The only places that recommend changing your oil every 3000 miles are places that make money changing oil.

    I know a lot of people insist on changing oil every 3000 miles and think that anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy, but keep in mind that oil technology has come a long way. Engines last longer than ever nowadays.

    As for synthetics and synthetic blends, the more synthetic you have the better. Basically, regular oil contains a blend of many chemicals, which are comprised of chains of hydrogen and carbon. Some are short chained, thin chemicals, some medium chained, and some longer chained, thicker, more tarlike chemicals. The thicker, long chained chemicals are more prone to breaking into smaller chained chemicals, causing the oil to get thinner over time.

    If you took this regular oil and just kept the medium sized chemicals, you'd have something that would have the same viscosity, but wouldn't have the long chained chemicals to break down. This is synthetic oil.

    I guess none of this is that important if what they say is true, that most of the engine wear occurs at startup when the oil is in the oil pan instead of on bearings, pistons, valvetrain components, etc. It doesn't matter how good the oil is if it's not where it's supposed to be.

    I throw a quart of Slick 50 in every once in a while, but who knows if helps?
  • elt93722elt93722 Posts: 7
    You mentioned your TB exhibited air "drumming" when both rear windows down. Did you try driving with just one rear window all the way down? The vibration is hard enough going at about 40 mph that I don't dare go any faster. Post #4290 indicated that even with weather shields, the vibration exists. I'm concerned about going >70 mph on the freeway and one of the rear windows somehow goes all the way down.
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    Nice photos of your good-looking pewter Bravada. Thanks for the info about part numbers, etc. and the other links.
    And would you please describe the vinyl floor mats you mention. I can't find a picture of them on any of the GM parts sites. Are they the exact size of the carpeted floormats that were standard or are they bigger? And are they heavy duty; i.e. thick? I guess I'm assuming you got them?
  • edl55347edl55347 Posts: 46
    I was just curious after reading post 4273 by johntr how many people have the TB LT and have memory settings for the seats??

    Secondly, I have driven many different rental cars from all the major manufacturers and found that all the cars would have a 'drumming' or 'helicopter' sound when both rear windows were down. So this is not unique to the triplets.
  • edl55347edl55347 Posts: 46
    I ordered the 'factory' look running boards from for my TB, part 12497885. It took about 2 weeks to get them. It took me about 45 minutes to install both. There are 12 bolts for each side so it can take a little while to tighten them all down. I also have the mud guards and did NOT have to remove them to install the boards.
    It looks great now!
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