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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • cf52cf52 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Envoy was whining between 45-60 mph, but loudest at 50 mph.

    I took it to the dealer last Thursday, and was told they would need it until Friday (waiting on parts).

    On Friday, the dealer called, saying the ring and pinion needed to be replaced due to a factory installation problem. However, they didn't have the parts. In fact, there weren't any parts in all of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    Apparently, there's a process the dealer can use to notify GM when they have a vehicle down due to parts availability. This initiates a nationwide search for the needed parts.

    Monday, the dealer called saying GM would have to "make the parts", and it would probably be next week before they would arrive.

    Tuesday at 4:00 pm, the dealer called saying my Envoy was ready! The dealer said he was surprised when the FedEx package showed up Tuesday morning with the needed parts.

    The whine is gone. Life is good.
  • jwinkyjwinky Posts: 59
    I just wanted to find out from everyone when talking about the roaring engine/fan with delayed acceleration and high RPM's, what you are considering to be high RPM's. I have noticed on cold starts with my one and a half week old Envoy that there is some elevated noise levels coming from the engine area and that RPM's are elevated but not what I would consider high.

    I am talking about 1200-1300 versus the normal 700-800 when the engine is warm. Is this what you are considering high, or is the engine really racing? I am not noticing any delayed acceleration.

    I wouldn't say that the noise I am experiencing is a 'roar', but the fan is definitely running.

    The reason I ask, and I am not trying to downplay the issues folks are experiencing, is all of the cars that I have owned have had an increase in RPM's on cold start-up until the engine reaches operating temperature.

    If I am way off-base, let me know, and I will shut my pie-hole.

  • saknstlsaknstl Posts: 4
    The "high RPM" is in the 1200 RPM range.... and the engine doesn't really make much noise at 1200 RPM.

    If you ever experience the "Roar" from the coolant fan, you will know it. It sounds as if it is an airplane is ready to take off.

    The coolant fan is just another of the many items that are controlled by the PCM. Micro-processor controlled devices are great .... if the programming is correct.

  • mytrip2mytrip2 Posts: 12
    I heard the same thing on my Envoy last Sunday while driving in some hilly country. I can cut it in and out with the throttle. Figured it was the rear end, but it's not doing it on level road that I can here. Will have to wait till it get's worse before I take it in. It's in the shop now for air suspension leak down. Replaced the compressor last week,still the same air loss.
  • medolarkmedolark Posts: 93
    When my envoy is cold it doesn't shift from first to second until about 2700 rpm. I have seen it go to about 3500. That only happened once, and it definitely seems too high. After it warms up a bit it will shift at much lower rpm, but not usually as low as 1200-1300 unless I encourage a shift by releasing the accelerator.
  • rbaker377rbaker377 Posts: 7
    I am also getting the rear end whine between 50 and 60. I posted this a few weeks ago and there were no other comments. I haven't gotten around to taking it in; but plan to soon. Its good to know at least one dealer agreed to fix it. It only happens during acceleration or deceleration; if you let off the gas gently it goes away.

    This is the only significant problem I'm having at 4000 miles.
  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    Per GMDRONE"S post recently, if the pcm is not "reset/cleared" during the reprogramming, it looks like the default settings will return, of course non of us know if this was done correctly. Unless of course the problems never re-occur.
    The noise at 50, whining, is distinctly a differential noise, but the growl felt in the body of the truck at 58-62 appears to be exhaust resonance or engine harmonics, transmitted thru the engine mounts or of course the exhaust system.
  • bdschmidtbdschmidt Posts: 3
    In my experience, when this intermittent problem happens on my envoy there is an huge increase in fan noise and it simply doesn't go anywhere when you push accelerator. I can be at 3000 rpms and barely be going 10-15 mph. I am not experiencing the hesitation either, as I would define hesitation. That is, the vehicle definitely has no power when you give it gas, but it continues to go no where until the problem magically corrects within a minute. In will know if it happens.
  • biggie4852biggie4852 Posts: 37
    Envoyenvy1 please post the link for check Vin#.
  • byrd17byrd17 Posts: 4
    Could someone please help me. Took my Envoy to the dealer today for a couple of TSB issues. I do not have running boards, but do have front stone guards. Told service advisor about paint on leading edge of rear wheel opening. I believe this problem was previously discussed, but I can't find it. I suggested re-painting area and a protective covering (Rhino Guard?). They told me good idea, however I would have to pay for it. Told me that this type of stone chipping is normal and GM would NEVER pay for it. This is my families'9th car from this dealership. Called GM cust. serv. and got a number. Awaiting their reply. Has anyone else gotten GM to pay for this type of repair? If so please advise, I need the ammo to blast my dealer with. Thanks!
  • jwinkyjwinky Posts: 59
    You are absolutely right, you WILL know when it happens. I leave work and head to the parking garage. I get in to my Envoy, turn the key, it starts, and I feel like I have a jet engine.

    My Envoy was built in 4/02, and I have had it exactly 10 days and 360 miles.

    I don't know if it was robbing me of power, because I was afraid to give it any gas -- in a nutshell, the noise is embarrassing. This may just be a coincidence, but when I was able to get enough speed for the tranny to shift from 1st to 2nd, the noise went away.

    Also, because the fan is going bonkers, it seemed to prevent the engine from reaching normal operating temperatures as quickly as normal.

    It would appear as if GM is still searching for an answer. I have yet to contact my dealer, because I want to see if it will rear its ugly head again, but I am sure they will be hearing from me.

    I had a thought. I wonder if there is a bad temperature sensor somewhere, since it has an electronic clutch on the fan. Just I thought.

    This may teach me to not ask questions, as I feel I have jinxed myself. I will try to keep everyone posted.

  • sweiblingsweibling Posts: 5
    Go to and click on Vehicle Calibration Information towards the bottom of the page. You don't need a password for this section of the site.
  • n2sjxn2sjx Posts: 12
    I had the same problem (also no running boards) the dealer said that they would not fix it... And it was caused by stones, etc coming from the front wheels. They intstalled molded mud flaps at $29 per pair, however they neglected to tell me that they charge $64 per hour to install them!! So now I have chipped paint and $131 mud flaps!
  • envoyenvy1envoyenvy1 Posts: 22
    Thanks for posting the web page. I thought I had included it with the original post. DOH!!!
  • envoyenvy1envoyenvy1 Posts: 22
    When I had the fan noise/acceleration problem I was also experiencing the high rpm shifting close to 3000rpm. I haven't seen this since the reprograming.

    Still no repeat of the problems since the reprograming other than two back to back days.
    I guess I just wait and see....
  • baitisjbaitisj Posts: 24
    Hey all --

    I hope that everyone is enjoying their triplets. I've been reading these posts concerning shifting speeds and PCM reprogramming.

    I'm curious what the normal RPM ranges for first to second, second to third are under normal driving conditions, and, if you got the PCM reprogrammed, how have the rpm ranges changed?

    I didn't think 3000 RPM was excessive for a six-cylinder engine -- my last car was an 8 cyl stick-shift Ford Bronco and I tended to drive it in the mid-rpm range as that was where it got the best torque (engine had 180k miles so I needed to push it to get it to go), so I have no idea what acceptable shift ranges on the six should be.

    Thanks for all the information!

  • Hey everyone,

    I am hoping someone can give me some insight regarding some problems that I have noticed with my wife's TB LTZ (Build date 05/01). Let me know if there are any known solutions ...

    1. Loud Clunk when making a tight turn
    2. Loud buzz/whine noticeable from both inside and outside the vehicle (sounds like electrical noise)
    3. Cooling fan is making a load ticking noise when running
    4. Very loud wind noise at highways speeds (crosswind). Sounds like the door is pulling away from the seal. Not the roof rack issue.

    Sorry if these issues have been addressed and I am asking for repeat info, but with no search mechanism on these message boards it is hard to find.

  • sean48sean48 Posts: 37
    Does anyone know of new options/upgrades for the 2003 Envoy? I'm particulary interested in whether a DVD-navigation system will be offered. This and other boards have been helpful to me in narrowing my choices. I'm leaning toward the Envoy, but a nav system is a "must have" for me.

  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    My wife found this by accident. Try turning the key on, no start, wait ten seconds, then start, I found the fan never comes on at this time by doing this, we'll see where this leads. The reprogram does not seem to permanently correct the condition.
  • icojonesicojones Posts: 61
    I put in my VIN and got a list of 17 calibration changes. Does this mean that I need all 17 of these updates?

    Please advise.

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