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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • I have the auto climate control. I have two instances of failure to blow cold. both were after unit had been used for about 45 minutes on warm day and then allowed to sit for about 45 min. both were "cured" by engine shutdown and restart.

    Seems to me that a failure while the unit is in service might be a different phenomenon. I also think I remember that someone reported a "low (or high) pressure cutout switch being the cause. An intermittent switch type failure would seem to fit my circumstances better than excess refrigerant, because it always goes away when you shut down and restart.
  • Jurassic3k asked about the Bose CD. It does have a separate amp, located behind the panel behind the right rear door.
  • I have a 2002 TB EXT LT (with manual AC temp). This is a recap of some of the issues I have had:

    1) Service 4WD Light: When the TV/DVD player was installed they cross-wired the ACC 12v with the full-time 12 volts. This caused the vehicle to "diesel" or run-on. All the dash lights flickered quite a bit while the run-on was happening. After this, the "Service 4WD" came on and stayed on for a while. The dealer found diagnostic codes logged but was not able to duplicate the problem. We wrote it off as being part of the miss-wire.

    2) 4WD: I would look down at the selector switch and notice that it was in the 2HI position but the indicator light would either be A4WD or 4HI. This one happened after the miss-wire listed in 1. This was fixed by replacing the 4WD Selector switch. I did not have the multi-failure indicated in some of the other posts.

    3) AC: I live in Phoenix and have not been happy with the AC issues. My dealer did some kind of "pressure switch splice" as he called it and reduced the charge a bit. It is better but there are many times when the vehicle is heat-soaked that the AC doesn't start working for a while. The service manager says he has done all he can do. I plan to place a complaint call with the Chevy Customer Assistance Center.

    4) My fuel ecomony SUCKS (12-14 MPG). My 1990 Suburban did 14 MPG). I did some initial complaining but have not been able to push the issue yet because I have been towing my trailer up the big hill (to Flagstaff) every weekend and haven't calculated the MPG without the trailer tow part recently. I was also more concerned with getting the other stuff fixed.

    Hope this helps people.
    Any more advice on fuel economy would be nice!!
  • It happened after i drove with the a/c on and working fine and then parked for about an hour, no a/c on the ride home. it was over 90 degrees outside. I did not try the shutdown and restart, if it happens again I will try. I let the truck sit for a few hours after I got home and it worked fine. I think it has to do with the high temps and presuure issues
  • I just placed my order with summit racing for my k & n filter and husky liners floor mats, front and back. The filter was $54.99 and the liners were $56.99 front and $56.99 back, cheapest I found anywhere and free shipping and no tax, the only charge is $7.95 handling. I also ordered the McGard locking lugnuts.

    I will have pictures and part #'s on my website.
  • Our problems are listed on post 6902.

    We have the auto A/C and "knock on wood" have not had another incident since they recharged the unit. I hope I did not jinks it. We are expecting a cool down tonight after our 85th straight 80 degree or above day in a row with 35 days above 90. This is Indiana. Our rear A/C control is suppose to be replaced, but the right unit still has not come in. (Post 7211). I did have to replace a tire due to road hazard. The inside side wall was punctured. Not off road, just Delaware County roads in Indiana. After hearing it was not a warranty issue I took it elsewhere for replacement.

    Still have the vibration issues at 57-60 mph.
  • Have you had the tires re-balanced and what is yout tire pressure. I run 35 psi, it calls for 32 but my old blazer used 35 psi and the tires wore better and so far I like it. When I picked up my TB, the tires had 40 psi, it rode alittle bouncy.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    As I get ready to retire for the evening, I can't help as many of you all I'm sure, but shed a tear for the many lives that were lost the day our world changed.

    With all the good and all the bad and fun we share here regarding our vehicles, life gave us all a reality check just one year ago.

    Pet your dog, hug your kids, thank a fireman or even kiss your SUV goodnight tonight, but take a moment of silence sometime Wednesday for those so dearly missed.

    I found this slideshow on the web back then in a photography forum I visit and while it is 7mb in size, it's well worth the wait. Thanks to the author who's credits appear at the end.


  • Does anyone know if there is an easy way to connect an auxiliary audio (line out/line in) to the stereo? Just curios before I start digging around looking in there...

    thanks in advance.

  • I have a PDF of the pinouts for this head unit.
    if you want it email me.
    enkrypted at hotmail dot com
  • Does anyone have a part number for the wiper blades?. I'd like to find out how much they cost a and/or dealer before I go to Autozone and buy the best aftermarket wiper blades they have on the shelf.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Those of you that are posting complaints about your fuel economy - what are your axle ratios? 3.42, 3.73, & 4.10 are available.
  • Mine is 3.73. I am unclear on the different ratios and what they mean to fuel economy vs. towing capacity.
  • The ratio is the number of times the driveshaft turns to the number of times the wheels move.
    A higher number means the engine is geared lower so it is better for towing and will accelerate quicker off the line.

    The penalty for a higher ratio is that the engine will be revving higher during highway cruising. That is less efficent leading to worse gas mileage.

    Hoever, I would think that the speed you drive on the highway is a more important factor in gas mileage than the gears you have. Being that SUV's aren't very aerodynamic, if you drive 80mph you're not going to get good has mileage period.
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    Actually, I've found you'll see much more of a gas mileage hit if you drive in a lot of stop and go traffic and are a leadfoot off the line, since it takes a lot more oomph to get a heavy vehicle moving. I can routinely get 19-21mpg on the highway at 80mph, but around town I've gotten as low as 13.5mpg. My combined total with about 3/4 of my driving being city is roughly 16mpg. That's with the 3.73.
  • All the TSBs and advisories talk in terms of what month the vehicle was made. I don't remember seeing that listed anywhere.

    I know it is probably staring me in the face but would someone mind telling me. Thanks!
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Look on the label on the drivers door above the door latch mechanism. It's there on the upper right corner of that label.
  • I would have to agree with tim, and I have taken a few moments to remember those who passed on this day a year ago. I will always remember it as long as I own my SUV because I bought it the day before. =o( Then the rebates, 0% and everything else came out. Oh, well prices went up too, still think I got a good deal... =o) BTW, I talked to my service advisor yesterday, and he said that its "usually" the 4wd selector switch going bad... huh? I was like "what the *%*#$ do you mean "usually"?????!!" oh, here's the thing, it rarely happens... WHAT?!?!?! how can something that rarely happens have a usual cause? sounds kinda like an oxymoron... arrggh. well, anyways, since the code was gone when I restarted, he says to sit tight and drive the beast over there with the light on so they can read the DTC from the ECU. It really frustrates me when a "rare" problem comes up that has a 10min solution.... if its a rare problem that has a usual source, maybe they should just improve on that usual source and fix the problem all together... ho hum, job security at its finest I guess...
  • K&N just came out with an aircharger kit for the TB. Has anybody heard anything about it? Is it street legal?
  • Many posts back I and a few others commented on the wind shear noise that seemed to when driving at freeway speeds and a strong crosswind occurs. Well, today I was driving on the freeway with all four of my windows down about 3 inches with gusty crosswinds blowing and heard that startling noise from my driver side door. Sooo, I guess it isn't coming from the door/window seal, but sounded more like from the door hinge area. Just thought I'd post this.
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