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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • It helps so much to get the inside story from owners!

    There's some great incentives on until Jan. 1 - 6,000 off MSRP on TB with 3 yrs 0 financing, and I'm finding invoice plus $500 on Envoy with 5 years at 0, and 3 mos. no payment.

    We're probably going to focus on Envoy, as we're looking to trade a Rendevouz, and the GM dealer we've used for service has been great, as is the vehicle, but the RDV turned out to be way too small in the third row for full size high schoolers I transport.

    The one feature that RDV's have that is missing from Envoy/TB is the built in sensor for parking. Has anyone installed these aftermarket? It's a great feature, more useful than I imagined - takes all the stress out of parallel park.

    Redline65 - there's alot of 4wd Envoy's out here - don't know if you can dealer trade from Northern CA to Texas - if so, you'll have your choice with the features you mentioned -

    Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone!
  • which is a compromise between the "old-school" 3000 miles and the newer technology of improved oils and filters and oil life monitors that purport to tell you how hard you're using the oil.

    I just didn't want to go to 100% (about 11,500 miles for me). I change it myself and if I watch for sales it only costs about $12 for a change. Awfully small compared to the price of an engine.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    7 quarts of oil and a filter for $12???
    What are you using?
  • May be a series of dumb questions here so apologies if that's the case. Oil change over the weekend and the oil (Mobil 1) was pretty dirty. 5500 miles in between last change (did not intend for it to be that long). Oil sensor light had just come on but it was still pretty black. Only have 11000 miles on it. I did the CAI revisision referenced here and elsewhere... do you think opening up the front of the air box (literally scooped out the guts and cut out the front of the box letting air flow in directly) and exposing the KN air filter contributed to this (if so I'll be getting a new box and just scooping out the 'innerds').

    The other thing is that I know we are to use 7 quarts. The Walmart folks swear they put in 6 and that it was full on the dipstick. Perhaps they miscounted the quarts they put in because as I look at the dipstick it is past the stamped F and almost into the little dimple above the F mark. Is it possible that they did only put in 6 and that it registers that high on the stick?
  • Perhaps in the interest of time the Wal-Mart folks didn't completely drain all of your old oil.
  • The title sounds ominous - really not that bad, just interested in your opinion.

    SAFETY INSPECTION: Inspector "buzzed" over the car in just a few minutes, then announced to me that it failed because of headlight alignment. He said, "this is common in new cars (they don't check it) and I can fix it for 6 bucks". No thanks, I'll take it to the dealer. Has anyone else experienced this? Of course, he stated 2 or 3 times what a nice truck it is! and it is!

    STEERING: My Envoy has 13,000 miles on it. I've noticed recently that there is a "rubbing" feeling in the front end (steering). Makes you think of a bearing or misalignment of some sort. It is on the driver's side. Has anyone else experienced this? Doesn't seem as smooth straight-away as it did; also noticed a pronounced "bind" when turning.

    SUSPENSION: Each time I start the car, the "load leveling suspension" does it's thing (you can hear it and actually see the rear of the car raising). Yes, I know, that's what it's for and it makes for a great ride. But, is this normal (to happen with every start and periodically while I'm driving....conditions unchanged)?

    Very happy with my Envoy!
  • "7 quarts of oil and a filter for $12???
    What are you using?"

    Another thing I decided long ago and have stuck to is to buy the cheapest oil I can find that meets the latest SAE standard. I would rather have less expensive oil and relatively frequent changes than vice versa. My theory is that blow-by, mechanical particles and other "additions" to the oil occur regardless what oil you're using and a change takes care of that.
    You can get into days-long discussions about what oil is best, including the my brother-in-law's cousin's wife's uncle used to work for xyz who found brand x sludging after just y miles, etc. I prefer an objective standard and test such as the SAE rating.

    Last quite a few changes (across 4 vehicles) have been Wal-Mart Fram filters at $2.49 and Wal-Mart house brand oil at approximately $11.00 for a half-case of 12. My theory is that Wal-Mart (or other house brands) obviously isn't refining oil so the oil is produced by one of the large oil companies, meets the same standard, and is sold cheaply due to no advertising, volume, etc.
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    Well guys, a year and 14K Miles later, I'm happy to report that I'm still very pleased with the Bravada. Besides the initial TSB stuff... I've had little to no problems with it! I do see they have the fix for the electrical outlit lip on the center console interfering with the folded rear seat though, so I'm going to have them fix that!

    For Oil changes, I've been going about 5000 miles, and I switched to Mobil 1 on the first change (2700 miles). Oil takes exactly 7 quarts, doesn't burn any noticeable amount in 5K, and is dark amber (still transparent) upon drain.

    I also swapped out the rear diff. fluid for Mobil 1 when I did my 2nd oil change (8K)to clean out the original metal shavings from the gears settling.

    I did the K&N filter mod as well, running a semi modded airbox, similar to what tlauro did, and it definitely makes a difference!

    I plan on keeping this vehicle for at least the 5yr/60K bumper to bumper warranty period, but if she holds up as well as she's been doing, I may keep her a lot longer than that!
  • "I did the K&N filter mod as well, running a semi modded airbox, similar to what tlauro did, and it definitely makes a difference!"

    Do you notice any increase in noise (air induction) running the K&N filter with the modified box? The full kit (open filter) supposedly is quite a bit louder.
  • I watch them change my oil and filter every time I go in there. I go out and visit with the "lads" as they change everything and we talk shop! Regards.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    As per spec page I saved : Peak HP at 6,000 RPM, WOT upshift at 6,100 RPM, RPM limiter at 6,300 RPM.
  • I kind of hate to jump into a new engine. I did this a few years ago with my '99 Intrigue's 3.5L DOHC V6 that is no longer produced. Does anyone know what the longevity of this engine will be like and will it be utilized in other GM applications? I know the 5.3L is available on the XL, but we're already at our budget's limit with the Envoy XL we are looking at.
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    The l6 on the triplets is so quiet to begin with, any changes to intake/exhaust are going to be noticeable. At idle, you'll hear very little or no difference, since even the restrictive air box was able to provide adequate airflow. The more throttle you give it though, the more of a difference you'll hear! It has a very appealing roar once you get up above 4K rpm's! Throttle response is much crisper throughout the range, but again, you feel it more at higher rpm's. It does make an immediate difference off the line though. There used to be a latency from when you'd give it gas to when you'd feel the engine surge. That is all but gone now! Now, if only I can find a nice aftermarket exhaust that doesn't drain the bank as much as the Borla...
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    #9332 Re: $12 Oil Change? by st1100v4

    I agree 100% with that one!

    And for the other post, I assume you meant 1,100 miles, not 11,000 miles; right?

    Heck, anything would be dirty after that long. Who cares if the oil itself hasn't broken down, it is dirty and contaminated!!!
  • yatesdyatesd Posts: 60

    The technology this engine uses is really advanced and it will be the basis of a four & five cylinder variations used in the next generation small pickups.

    Go to this link and look for the 4.2L archived press kit for more info.

  • kimodokimodo Posts: 44
    The other car I have now is a 1998 accord with over 60k miles and headlight are doing fine. Doesn't have daytime running. The other one I had was a 1993 mazda protege with over 150k miles and still had the original headlights. No daytime running again.
    Glad to hear that it is covered under warranty. I have to say though, I switch the drls off all the time when I drive. I never leave them on, so I don't knnow if this affects it at all. I thought I read on this board that others do that as well. Kinda bother me though that it's just the right one, and that someone other than me had a problem with the right one as well. Also, it was commented that the dealer repaired 3 of them recently too. Anyne have the left one go out?
  • Any idea what the HP and torque payback is for the K&N filter and airbox mod? From my perspective, any HP is good HP as long as it gets produced at a usable RPM
    Any impact on gas milage??
    Any impact on warrantee??

    If it is adds so much, why not sell the truck with the engine this way? You would think they could mold the airbox this way for no additional cost plus the filter would be next to a "0" upcharge
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    I'm guessing GM didn't open the air box more, simply because doing so would require more servicing of the air filter (ie more exposed to the elements = more dirt stuck to the filter). You know the deal 100K spark plugs, coolant, etc... In reality, it's probably only a 5hp or so gain, but it definitely makes the engine breath easier. I've never seen a vehicle ship with a K&N stock filter. Not quite sure why though, since they've long been heralded as the champion in air filter technology. As far as warranty claims go, under Magnuson-Moss, they'd have to prove that any modifications were the direct cause of the problem. They'd have a tough time though, since the K&N forms a tight seal around the intake tube and could be run open air!
  • crj1crj1 Posts: 70
    Things are not what they always seem....Your Dodge Avenger was made by Mitsubishi in a Mitsubishi plant, it was the same car as an Eclipse including the same interior and dashboard design.
  • Kind of slow on the board today. Anyways, we are supposed to take delivery of our '03 Envoy XL this afternoon. Anything in particular I need to look for during the inspection?
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