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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • ltz2003ltz2003 Posts: 24
    There is no LTZ model
  • st1100v4st1100v4 Posts: 96
    Not to belabor the point, but if you're talking about your average mpg since new and you're currently at 6000 miles, there's no way your average mpg display is correct. At the point where it says 20mpg, even if your "weekend around town" milage was 10mpg, you'd have to drive 1000 miles at 10mpg before your average dropped to 17.5 mpg. Your average is being recalculated over a relatively short period of time.
  • dlaredlare Posts: 43
    ficuss says: "what does your DIC mileage average read for the entire period you have owned the car. This and only this is your average mileage"

    The DIC and other such readouts are notoriously inaccurate and are really only to be used for reference and entertainment. I've owned 6 different vehicles from 4 different manufacturers that had the "driver information computer" and all 6 displayed optomistic numbers. The computer's calculations are based on a number of operating inputs (rpm, injector duty cycle, MAF, MAP, tranny feedback, etc.) and are NOT really measuring the amount of fuel going through the system.

    The only way to calculate real MPG is to keep a log of fuel usage vs. miles driven, and use a good old calulator.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Going back to your original statement that GM should have inspected all parts for any possible damage 100% before assembly, the point I tried to make was that the way the problem was described, corrosion is what causes the wall of the brake pipe to become weak and thin, and possibly fail. Also, that it is not practical to 100% inspect every part going into a product built for a consumer market. Now if it was built to mil spec where cost is no object, that would be different. The scoring likely scratched thru the plated surface exposing the base metal and then with time and exposure to corrosive salts, air, water, etc., the resulting corrosion (i.e., rust) would cause the wall to get thin. That's how I read it. Apparently you interpret it differently. So be it.
  • seifordseiford Posts: 68
    Apparently the cause of the "freaked out computer" (radio, Onstar, power locks/windows & gages dead, most dash lights on) was traced to an 'open' wire on the ignition switch.

    That problem seems corrected (although the exterior temperature doesn't always update while driving), but the "stutter" at idle remains. It's back in the shop today.

    I think the reasoning behind the dealer's choice of rental vehicles is to make you appreciate your car more when you get it back... it was a Hyundai Santa Fe. No power until you got it up to 3k rpms.. and the turning radius was pathetic. I guess I'm spoiled with the Envoy's great turning radius.

    What's everyone's experience with the DIC display? I like leaving the display blank so I notice any messages that pop up. I thought it was supposed to keep whatever setting it had when the engine was shut off. For about a month I had it working great where it would stay blank, but now it always comes back to Odometer when the car is started. How can I get it to stay blank?
  • badgerpaulbadgerpaul Posts: 219
    It's my understanding that the average fuel used in the DIC only stores a certain number of data points discarding the oldest as it goes. So it really creates a rolling average (no pun intended). All reseting it does is clear out all the old data points.
  • st1100v4st1100v4 Posts: 96
    The fact that the DIC is not precise on mpg has been noted here before. And, as was stated, unless you have an accurate flowmeter in the fuel line, you're not going to get exact numbers. That said, mine has at least been consistent with what I would expect (bigger jumps when travelling).

    I don't know about the moving average idea. I would have expected a bigger jump when I took my first road trip (all expressway), if that was the case. I guess it just depends on the number of data points. I have never had my average go down. When I first paid attention to it at 500 miles, it read 14.2. It has gradually moved to 18.9 at ~17500 miles with the biggest jumps (a few tenths) from the trips.
  • funitsfunits Posts: 55
    Yes, I have experienced unexpected results using the key fob to unlock my Envoy . . . I have had my Envoy since January 2002, the month/year in which it was built.

    During cold/winter months: 1 push of the unlock button on the fob unlocks the driver's door; 2 times unlocks all doors and rear tailgate . . .

    BUT now that hotter/summer months are here: 1 push of the unlock button on the fob MAY OR MAY NOT unlock the drivers door (solution: keeping pushing the button until the door unlocks!).

    I thought the batteries in the fob were low or I was too far away, but it definitely has to do with the temperature outside. Last summer I had problems, but this winter the fob functioned correctly every time. Now that it is warming up, the fob works intermittenly on the 1st try.

    In addition, putting the Envoy in PARK does not necessarily mean the tailgate will be unlocked. I would say that about 25% of the time, putting it in park DOES NOT unlock the tailgate. Also, when I have passengers in the vehicle, at times, one or more of the passenger doors does not unlock when the vehicle is put in PARK.

    The first time I had the service dept. look at the problem, they couldn't reproduce. But now that warmer weather is here, I believe I will be able to reproduce the problem for them. But I do not hold out much hope that they will be able to correct it.
  • seifordseiford Posts: 68
    Funits: What results do you get if you use your other remote? Same intermittant problems?
  • tjcishere1tjcishere1 Posts: 42
    Did anyone else have an axle seal replaced? I had a noise of grinding or rubbing like the brake was rubbing the rotor this happen twice once in the winter , it was very cold but went away after a few miles then it just happen again in warm weather made the noise forward and reverse. Dealer says it is the axle seals, he said they have changed a few on the Envoy. The truck has 14,000 miles on it now.
    Oh yes also they will also replace drvers window due to scratches from dirt getting stuck in the molding around the window anyone else have scratches?
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    dlare: You may be correct in saying the computer ( DIC ) may not be exact. I don't know if the fuel added or used is actually metered at some point. I do know the DIC gives a fairly accurate estimate of driving range with gas left in the tank, if you continue driving the same speed etc. My point in comparing DIC generated gas mileage numbers was to have everyone use the same yardstick per se. I imagine all GM DIC systems use the same algorithms to arrive at the mileage number. That number will at least be a useful comparative figure. I would be more inclined to believe that than thousands of people filling the tank to whatever level they choose and then calculating their mileage in their heads. In baseball, they never give one game batting averages. The stats are lifetime averages.

    tblazed: we are saying the same thing with different words. The brake line scoring is the problem.

    funits: does your remote act up everywhere or just in one location? You may be experiencing radio interference at the location where it takes several attempts to unlock the door. Do you have a new ham radio operator nearby?

  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    I have the truck in the shop now and it seems that the dealerships in the NY/NJ area never have a loaner car . But anyway I am waiting on the scratches since we lease the TB ext I did mention it to the dealership . We will see what they do all the windows seem to have it. It is just the drivers side for you? I will let you all know what happens to it is in for 5 or 6 things this time .
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Could you please post (or email me my email address is in my profile) the specific instuctions as to what the dealer is to do to disable the override that can allow the transmission to be shifted out of PARK? Thanks!
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    jr45 since your Bravada is so new, what you see there is likely what you already have programming-wise. Keep that list for future reference. You will see changes as updates are issued. Check it every couple of months. If anything gets updated then you will have the original list to compare to. That's how I found several updates for my '02 TB. For example: the OS software for my TB has been superceded with 3 updates since my original printout. Otherwise the dealer has to plug in the scan tool, read what you currently have, upload that data to GM and get what versions you currently have and any of updates that apply. Of course if you are having problems it can't hurt to ask the dealer if there are any updates.
  • funitsfunits Posts: 55
    "Funits: What results do you get if you use your other remote? Same intermittant problems?"

    Yes, I have tried remotes 1 & 2, and both work the same -- cold weather/winter everything works great, warm/summer you have to hit the button until it works!

    It may have something to do with sunlight, or the angle/direction of light in reference to the remote/vehicle?
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    I made it a point that i would be returning the car at lease end and did not want to be charged for the scratches . was told by GM and now the service department that there would be no charge we will see. AS for the rest of the problems when I get the car back and get the paper work I will post what they did.
  • 2k_impala_ls2k_impala_ls Posts: 311
    I have the egr in-channel window vents and love them. IMO the stick on vents look cheap. Check out my site to see for yourself.
  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    The alternate transportation program on all GM cars and trucks provides for a loaner or rental if warranty service requires an overnite stay, why don't they get a car from a rental agency, GM reimburses them for this , it is part of your warranty.
  • spdmtr5spdmtr5 Posts: 111
    Just read on the I don't like SUVs thread that the new triplet motor is beginning to break.Is this something new or an anti SUV wish?
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    I've handled investigations on 5 engine failures in our area (PA, NJ, DE). I work with a GM service manager (17 years, out of the business a month), who related the silent recall.

    The 4.2 sounds great, considering hp and torque figures, and there are plenty of engines out there that have sleeved piston bores, but these aren't working, for some reason.

    And, no, you won't see anything published by GM on this - it would kill sales, of course.
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