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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • 41564156 Posts: 31
    Good idea ficuss. I have already started a notebook that I keep in the TB glovebox for my wife (She's the one stuck with driving the TB.) My first entry was re not being able to get the gearshift out of the park position. "Squeeze bottom of shift lever boot, lift up boot and push orange colored lever forward while moving gearshift out of park."
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    I'll race you to the patent office.
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    AC, had low pressure switch replaced, Delphi makes this system for GM, Parts are most likely made in mexico or china, Electronic switches

    Clink, I have it, I believe its a design function, .125 of a second delay in transfer of power due to "The Auto 4wd Function" Gives time for the pins to lock in in case wheels slip.

    Gear ratio explained!!

    3.42 @65MPH 2100 RPMS
    3.71 @65MPH 2300 RPMS
    4.10 @65 MPH 2500 RPMS Closer to the high point of torque curve!!! used for towing, higher the ratio the more times your engine spins!!!

    So with 3.71 you will get to the red light faster and with more power than the 3.42, or beat him into a parking spot at the starbucks, you get the point.
  • "Squeeze bottom of shift lever boot, lift up boot and push orange colored lever forward while moving gearshift out of park."

    Anyone know the part number for this orange lever? My dealer wouldn't give me mine back when he removed it. I think I'll order one from to keep in my glovebox.
  • The A/C problem found my TB (02 @ 25,000) this morning. Blowing warm air only (compressor not engaging). Posts here indicate a cycling switch malfunction. Anyone found another reason for the ubiquitous A/C problem.

    I had the same problem back in April. Had the low pressure cycle switch replaced and all was well until a few weeks ago when the A/C started going in and out again. I contacted GM customer service and opened a case file on my vehicle for this problem. GM got the service manager at my dealership involved. They did some research and determined that the switch replaced in April was the old version, and he told me to come in and get it replaced, which I did yesterday. Here is the part number info:

    Switch replaced in April - FP# 1132749
    Switch replaced yesterday - FP# 89040362

    Description - Updated switch re-replace low pressure switch with even newer updated switch

    This information was taken off of my invoice.
  • i now have a front end suspension noise also.after my mechanic looked at it he said to take it back to gmc service.he suspects a bad strut as do i.i have a 2002 envoy sle with only 16k miles.quality has to improve.and by the way this noise started after taking my car for dashboard+shift lever recalls.hmmm
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    3.42 @65MPH 2100 RPMS

    Curious how you came up with that. My TB with 3.42 gears turns about 1900-1925 RPM at 70 mph. A friend with 3.73 runs 10% higher than mine- about 2100 @ 70. Numbers with the torque converter in full-lock, no slippage.
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    With 3.73 axle & 17" off-road Goodrich, rpm=2000, VSS=66 mph -'03 Envoy.
  • Thanks to all that wrote in about my broken antenna. I bought a replacement antenna and base from the dealer for $52 + tax. Only needed the mast and the female holder, not the stick-on base.

    As for car washes, I'll know better to unscrew the antenna now.

    A big thank you to who ever wrote in about the front sway bar links! I am making a list of the items needing attention under warranty. I have 27K on my Envoy XL SLT. I still love it but I am going to get that low speed front end noise fixed once and for all. Also, I've got the rear license plate gasket problem.

  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    Its just an example, people have no idea what gear ratio does!!! Of course you guys do, those were not real world numbers just an example, I think mine is exactly like yours Tblazed, around 1850 @ 65
  • 41564156 Posts: 31
    A/C back to normal operation. No action taken. If it happens again I will ask for switch replacement with part number given by redline65.

    I did have low a battery this morning and had to jump it to get to dealer for replacement (would not hold a charge). No charge of course, still under warranty. 21 mos. old and 25,000 miles seems a little soon for a battery to go, even here in Phoenix. Anyone else have a battery go this soon?
  • Does anybody know how to remove/replace the boot that covers the gear shift lever? My gear shift knob comes loose from time to time - and I'm positive I could tighten it myself. I simply don't want to rip up the cover on my way in...
  • Mine started leaking acid around that time, does that count?

  • haven't posted for awhile but thought this was worth sharing.traded in 02 tb lt on 04 tb lt.was afraid to keep it any longer,first problem with the 02 was the hood chirp or squeak took service dept.4 find it and grease the 2 rubber hood stops.i guess thats what they are called well the 1st thing i heard when i drove onto a gravel road in the 04 was the hood i bought a 97 cent tube of grease at wal-mart and stopped the chirp.i thought there was a washer to fix this problem.must of forgot to put it on my vehicle.anyway the 04 with the 17in.wheels feels a lot better in curves,lot less body roll.going to get throttle checked out seems to be to much delay.also i noticed the recirculate cycles on and off automaticly didn't on the 02.will post problems as they happen as i have kept up with the board since 6-02
  • Finally got my TB today from the dealer. They kept it for a couple of days. The water leak was sealed properly, they had to remove the right fender to get to the seam that was leaking. Also, the rugs were removed and cleaned. What a job, this cost chevy a pretty penney for not getting it right the first time.

    Also, the rear end clunk was investigated and they reprogrammed the PCM. I have noticed that the drive train seems to respond a little better when I step on it, but I can still make it clunk at low speed. I will admit, it is harder now to make it do that. I suppose the reprogramming changed some of the timing on the transmission shifts and drive train engagement time. I will keep a close eye on it incase this gets worse than it is.

    So far, the repairs done to my vehicle under warranty this year have been around $2K+ based on what I have seen written up by the dealer for billing to GM, plus rental expenses. I just do not see how they can make money off these vehicles with the rebates going and warranty repairs. Low margin business I guess.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Does anybody know how to remove/replace the boot that covers the gear shift lever? My gear shift knob comes loose from time to time - and I'm positive I could tighten it myself. I simply don't want to rip up the cover on my way in...

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------
    On my 03 Envoy, the shift knob was loose. I found a small set screw in front of the knob to tighten. Did not have to bother boot.
  • 41564156 Posts: 31
    This is where I found my hood squeak (actually thought is was coming from the front suspension) to be originating from. The round metal u shaped bracket that attaches to the hood and catches in the hood latch when the hood is closed, was in need of lubricant. A little white grease solved the problem.
  • jr45jr45 Posts: 45
    A Oldsmobile Zone Rep is supposed to contact me about the drivetrain problems I am having with my '03 Bravada.

    I'm curious as to what the Zone Rep does and how much authority he has. What I really want at this point is for Oldsmobile to oversee a final repair attempt to see if the shudding can be fixed or at least minimized. I figure this will be Olds' last shot at fixing the problem before I see a lawyer.

    BTW, it's pretty clear that at least some of the problems I'm having stem from the Smart Trak AWL system, which is exclusive to the Bravada. Hopefully, owners of the other triplets won't get this problem.
  • Does anybody know how to adjust the fog lights? and My heated seat and the memory save buttons are not working, could this be a fuse or are the switches dead?
  • I use the "auto-on/auto-off" feature in my 02 Trailblazer. I set it in that position a year ago and haven't touched it since - until yesterday. When I turned the car off, I heard the "Light's On" warning bell for the first time. The warning bell will only stop if I cycle the switch to "dedicated off" and then back to "auto-on/auto-off" after shutdown. This has become a permanent condition. Anybody else experienced this?
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