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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    you failed to mention the year of your TB. I had a 2001 TB that had a similar problem. Had to have the TB towed to the dealer and was told an underhood wire feed to the selonoid shorted to an engine part. The repair was covered under warranty.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    We faced the same issue. Ended up buying the two kids their own portable DVD players vs installing one in the Envoy. We bought 2 of them in late 2002 for $350 each. They are cheaper now. 7" screens with AC, battery, or DC power. All adapters were included. We already had 2 sets of headphones from the rear audio system on the Envoy, so we were set. No fighting over which movie to watch as they each can choose one. We bought black carrying bags for each unit so we can taken them inside when traveling. We can also use them to connect to hotel TV's so we can watch DVD's in the hotels and on planes. Best yet, we can take them from car to car. It was a no brainer for us to go with the portable units. Why spend at leat twice as much for a built in single unit that you will lose when you trade or sell the car?
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195

    How did you get your vehicle into the dealer? Did you have to be towed, or were you able to reach down in there with something and press the release?
  • hschehsche Posts: 9
    I had the problem on my Suzuki Verona - so I'm not sure that it is analagous. Anyway, broght the Suzuki to the dealer only to be told that the brake lights were out (probably a short) and because the brake lights were not working, I could not shift out of Park.
  • bobbiesbobbies Posts: 34
    I like the look of the dual exhaust on your white Envoy. Where did you get it done and cost?

  • m1icemanm1iceman Posts: 11
    Sorry had to change the name from M2Iceman to M1Iceman

    sorry for the lack of info. I own a 2002 LT and it was towed to the dealership. I dont have a warrenty with it, at 42,000 ended at 36,000. I looked on this site prior to having it towed and saw some responses. I was unable to check the selonid, but did check the wires near the shifter and everything was connected. I had someone check the brakelights to make sure they were working and they are. I could not use the orange override switch because I already had it taken out from the recall. No one, as of yet, had looked at it so I dont know what they will find or say they have found. I have to call in the morning and find out, getting ready for the deep pocket drill from the dealer. Other things, checked the tranny fluid and it was fine, pushed the car to see if it was torque lock, no good either. All I know is my wife parked the truck and then came back in 30 secs and it wouldnt coomu out of park.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Dual exhaust is the Boral cat back system that can be had from several sources for about $785.00 It is a little steep in price, but it is all stainless steel with a million mile warranty.
    The kit fits together very well, according to the muffler shop that did the install for $100.00 and an hour of their time. Installer was Al's Big Muffler and Brake in Centerville OH. If you elect to install the Boral system, be aware that there will be increased noise or drone in the cabin interior.

  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    The shift lock solenoid can be accessed from the passenger side of the console. Pull the front bottom edge of the console towards the passenger side and using a flashlight look up under the console and back towards the parking brake. You'll see a silver "button" with wires attached, looks sort of like a door bell button. Pushing the button towards the drivers side will allow you to disengage the shifter from park and allow the vehicle to roll so make sure the parking brake is on.hth
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Here's a picture to go with the above description.

  • sildogsildog Posts: 50
    Whatever happened to the good old days where you just fought with your brother for 2 solid days on that drive from Chicago to Florida???? Many of life's most important lessons were learned in the back of the car on long vacations!!!

    By the way, I have been away a while, so I will give an update:

    My 02 TB LS 2WD is still the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned! 60K miles WITH NO OFF ROAD and the front end makes enough noise going around right turns that the neighbors all stare. Already replaced tie rod ends at 50K.
  • kgbkahnkkgbkahnk Posts: 89
    I, too, have been away for awhile, so I'll give an update as well....

    Took our '02 TB LTZ 4WD out of town for the Holiday weekend. I-6, w/ 3.73 rear end). Two adults, two kids, one dog, not packed *real* full. A/C on the whole way home. 38 psi in fronts. 36 psi in rears. Strong winds, but blowing at about our 4:00 position, so probably helped some. Averaged 23.5 mpg for the 240 mile trip, cruising about 4-5 mph over the limit. Absolutely thrilled!!

    Purchased new in Jan '02. Several recalls, and a few very minor warranty items that I've had addressed while in for scheduled oil changes. Otherwise, no problems in 2+ years. I love my TB.

    BTW: the kids shared a 7" portable DVD player we had sitting on the center console.
  • ross1962ross1962 Posts: 229
    Less than optimal gas mileage is normal for this engine during break in - up to 6000 miles, as is minor oil loss until the rings seat and form a good seal against the cylinder walls. 12.5-13 mpg does sound a little low though. If after 5000-6000 miles you still have that problem, I would take it up with the dealer. I have an '02 2 wheel drive, short wheelbase Trailblazer with the 3.73 rear end and I get 19-21 mpg (And I drive it pretty hard, as compared to the guy in the last message).
    You should know that this is a silky smooth engine and if it vibrates, or shudders at all at idle, then there is something wrong (which could be contributin to the poor mileage)
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    My brother & I did it the old way in our family's 1967 & 1972 Imperials as we hit 47 of the lower 48 by car. Dad kept a wooden paddle beneath his seat so when we started fighting in the back, he would calmly reach down, get the paddle with his right hand, reach back and start swinging. All while having the left hand on the wheel and never taking his eyes off the road. That sent us retreating to each corner of the back seat, far enough away to be clear of the paddle and to bother each other! By the way, dad went with me and my two boys (6 & 9)on a recent 2 hour trip each way. His comment about the DVD's for each kid was "that's the best money you ever spent!"
  • bradrx7bradrx7 Posts: 29
    Kingdo, I've got an 03 TB V8 (not many of us on this board) and haven't had that problem. I get atrocious gas mileage (12 city and 11.5 towing my 5000 lb trailer/track car combo) and have a clunky transmission at partial throttle which the dealer swears "they all do that". Question for you: Does your headliner squeak?
  • allenrallenr Posts: 83
    12mpg when towing 5,000 lbs?? Name one other SUV, one that could tow that load. Two that would get better mpg?

  • kingdokingdo Posts: 3
    No squeak from the headliner, do you have the sunroof? Ours does. Clunky transmission is not a problem that we have experienced.
  • dlaredlare Posts: 43
    bradrx7 said: "clunky transmission at partial throttle"

    What does this mean?

    When towing my 4000# trailer, mine doesn't like to upshift until it revs up to an insanely high rpm, and even then I sometimes have to really baby the throttle to get it to upshift at all. If not, it will just hang in second gear at 4000-4500 rpm all day long on level ground. Frustrating...

  • m1icemanm1iceman Posts: 11
    Well I finally got my TB back and the price tag on the shift lock problem $400!!!!

    I'll be calling Chevy to share my joy of having to pay for something that broke only after 2 years. It was a Shift interlock that had to be replaced, the price for the piece was $170, but they charged 3 hours for labor, 3 hours????? Well thats what the book says, so they charge by the book, but come on 3 hours!.

    Anyway, I love my truck and havent had many problems with it, but it shouldnt be breaking like this. Chevy will be getting an ear full!
  • cparise1cparise1 Posts: 109
    I've got 42K on my '02 Envoy XL. Not showing any wear and looks like the day I drove it home.

    And this info off of GM's website concerning the GM oil life monitoring system...

    "Customers don't have to worry about deciding when the best time is to change their engine oil because our Oil Life System technology adapts to their driving conditions and habits, and determines the right interval," said Peter Lord, executive director, GM Service Operations. "Since the new maintenance schedule is based on oil change intervals determined by this technology, customers can save time and cost."

    System offers significant benefits

    First introduced in 1988, the GM Oil Life System (GMOLS) is a computer-based algorithm that determines when to change the oil and filter based on engine operating conditions. The system enables owners to maximize the performance of their vehicle engine oil by sensing engine speed and temperature. There is no actual oil condition sensor. Rather, the computer continuously monitors engine-operating conditions to determine when to change the oil.

    With the GMOLS, consumers have an accurate and reliable way to monitor engine oil life. When the system notifies the owner that it is time for an oil change, consumers can go to their nearest GM Goodwrench dealer and a technician will change the oil and filter, properly recycle the old oil, then reset the vehicle's oil life system. Overall operating costs for the customer will be lower, because they only have to change the oil when needed, and they can be reassured that their engine is always running with good oil, improving the long term performance and reliability of their GM vehicle.

    Use of the GMOLS will often double or even triple the oil change interval for a typical vehicle when compared to the commonly recommended 3,000-mile oil change.

    The GMOLS will automatically adjust the oil change interval based on engine characteristics, driving habits and the climate in which the vehicle is operated. For instance, mild highway driving in a warm climate will maximize the interval between oil changes. Depending on the vehicle, this could be in excess of 7,000 miles and as high as 12,000 miles. On the other hand, short-trip driving in a cold climate may limit the oil change to 3,000 miles or less. In general, most people that drive a combination of city and highway find that the GMOLS will indicate an oil change every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. GM data shows the OLS extends oil change intervals without risk to the engine.

    The GMOLS can offer significant benefits to the environment by reducing unnecessary use of oil. GM has built more than 20 million vehicles to date with the GMOLS. In the next five years, as the GMOLS is used as intended — oil changes performed only when necessary — hundreds of millions of gallons of oil will be saved.

    The GM Oil Life System is available on all light-duty North American GM cars except for some models of Buick Park Avenue and Le Sabre, Pontiac Bonneville and Sunfire/Sunbird, Chevrolet Tracker, Cavalier and Malibu, S10/Sonoma trucks, Astro/Safari Vans, and the Pontiac Vibe. For more information about the GM Oil Life System, visit

    With more than 7,000 participating dealerships, the GM Goodwrench network is the largest automotive service chain in the industry. Its technicians receive specialized training from General Motors to provide expert care for GM cars and trucks. For more information, visit the GM Goodwrench web site at
  • I had this fixed when I purchased my '02 TB LS over 2 1/2 years ago. The dealer took the headliner off and put in some extra velcro. The headliner hasn't made a sound since then.
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