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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • jbossertjbossert Posts: 38
    Bill Kay Chevrolet in Downers Grove Illinois has over 100 Trailblazers in stock!! It looks like Illinois was on the top of the list of shipments.
  • dschugdschug Posts: 1
    Debating between the 2, have driven the MDX twice and husband has driven both vehicles. Any opinions on the 2?
  • lyndellwlyndellw Posts: 31
    My local dealer has a Bravada and Envoy. I wanted to order an Envoy with the 3.73 axle,but after driving the Bravada with 3.73,and the Envoy with the 4.10,I changed my mind. There is a lot of difference in accelaration! The 4.10 axle is only available with the Premium Preferred Equipment Group. Since I wanted a black one, my dealer found me one 100 miles away. Due to arrive in about 2 weeks. The best deal I could make was 3% over invoice.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Which will give better gas mileage? Which is better for towing? Performance is important, which is better?

    Comments PLEASE!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Buy whatever you like better. The Acura is a nice vehicle and so is the Envoy. Personally I would go Envoy, but both will probably do what you need.
  • lyndellwlyndellw Posts: 31
    The 4.10 axle is the one for towing and quicker at the light if thats your choice. The 3.73 axle will give you a little better MPG, probally 1 to 3 MPG, depending on your driving style. I don't plan on doing any towing, so my preference is better accelaration if I need it. The big disadvantage to the 4.10 axle is the cost to get it. To get it on the SLT 4WD, you have to opt for the high dollar pkg which gives you all options except runningboards and sunroof.
  • Note that the 4.10 axle is a _no charge_ option on an ordered Bravada......
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I was driving down the highway this afternoon and saw the first 2002 Bravada I've seen here in Delaware. It was at First State Chevy-Olds in Georgetown. I guess it must have arrived during the day because it wasn't there in the morning. In the magazines I thought that they looked kind of goofy but in fact they're not that bad. The one I saw was a very deep blue color and I think it had the gold emblems option. I currently drive a five month old 2000 Chrysler 300M that at a little over 5,000 miles rattles and creaks all over. Previously I had a 97 Grand Voyager and before that I only ever had GM cars. All of them were trouble-free. Two different Chrysler dealers and three visits later no one can find a problem in my hunk of good-looking metal. I've seen, read, and heard good things about the new GM utes. Maybe I should test drive one sometime.

    I probably would be more interested in the Trailblazer or Envoy but what kind of deals has anyone been finding on any of the three? Is there any good discounts on the Bravada yet because of Old's death? What's the build quality like? I really can't stand constant rattles, creaks, and misfitting pieces.
  • There is an earlier post of someone buying a Envoy (I think) at 3 % over invoice. I think that is a great deal this early in the model run. Saw the CM and Chevvy models at AC auto show. Envoy was touchy-feel, couldn't get in TB. Quality looks excellent IMO. I tried to compare apples etc. to Explorer and I think the GIs are a little (under 1K) pricker but you have a lot more under the hood.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The models at the auto show looked solid. My past two GM cars have been rattle free. If you like the Trailblazer, go for it. Chrysler is one of the few makes I will probably never buy again.
  • jim4444jim4444 Posts: 124
    AWD should be best for have traction to all the wheels 100% of the time.
  • Anyone know for sure when the 3rd seat versions will be available? The GMC dealer said
    he thought they would be available late summer or early fall. I've read they won't be available
    until next spring.
  • scottnscscottnsc Posts: 4
    My local dealer has 1 Envoy. It is a real looker, and the interior is beautiful. Very well done, GMC.

    Haven't seen the Bravada or Trailblazer yet though.

    I made 7 calls to GM and nobody can give me details on the lease program or an estimated payment. Surely, someone in this country has leased this vehicle through GMAC?

    As far as price, my local dealer has an Envoy, but he does not have a price for it, so he is useless.

    However, I am working with an dealer about 100 miles away (near Asheville, NC) that sells it's vehicles for $98 over factory invoice all the time - even special orders. Try . They have been very friendly and helpful so far, and you don't have to play those 'what's my price' games. Their price for a loaded (2 WD, no sunroof) Envoy SLT is approximately $30,400 (window sticker is $33K+).

    I hope this helps.
  • lyndellwlyndellw Posts: 31
    Just wondering where the Envoy is built. I know that the Bravada is built in Ohio. Not sure on the Envoy. Thanks.
  • fsmasekfsmasek Posts: 14
    The 2002 vehicles are finally arriving in CA. I have driven the Bravada (Irvine Olds-GMC has several Bravadas and Envoys, and Corona Chevy Olds has a Bravada) and am very impressed with it. The seats are comfortable and the seating position is excellent. The large tires and wheels are a real plus compared to other SUVs. I like it far better than the GMC Denali, which is 800 lbs heavier and $8,000 more. I would buy the Bravada if the Denali was the same price. The GMC Envoy is not as nice on the outside (the large side moldings with the ENVOY lettering, the rear bumper and lights, and the entire front end are not pleasing to me), but the inside is nice and better than in the photos. The aluminum around the round vents is actually nice, but the aluminum around the gauges is a distraction. I want to see Sandalwood color before I place my order. I saw a 2002 Ford Explorer and a 2002 Mercury mountaineer today and they seem more cramped inside from the driver's seat. My knee hits the sharp edge on the arm rest on the door. The Explorer 2nd row seat splits into three parts, but the two outer parts are very narrow with the center portion folded down. They only had the V6 versions, and I did not bother to drive them. The Olds and GMC are nicer in every way except for the independent rear suspension. I want to drive a Bradava longer, so may wait until I can rent one. My one concern is that it bounced on the expansion joints in the concrete freeway, and concrete freeways are very common in California. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • Checked out the Envoy and 2002 Explorer yesterday. Here's what I came away with for each vehicle

    Powertrain: While the Envoy's engine had good power, it did not feel like
    270hp more like 240. It was very smooth though. The tranny did not shift as seemlessly as I whould have thought The Explorer's V6 did a good job of moving it out, and the 5-speed auto shifted very smoothly. I would opt for the V8 though.

    Suspension: The Envoy showed little body roll and the ride was firm but compliant. The Ford was much smoother and controled The independent rear susp. has done wonders

    Interior: The Envoy's dash was atractive, liked the crome accents, but the fake wood looked, well, fake the interior felt more cramped than the Ford though. The Bose stereo sounded great but you can only get it on the SLT model The only ergonomic flaw saw was the switch for the 4 wheel drive. Its low on the dash and a little had to manipulate. The Ford's dash, while not as flashy was very clean looking. The ergnomics are perfect. I was concerned the gear shift would get in the way of the radio but it didn't The materials seemed to be of a higher quality also. The Explorer also has more cargo space than the Envoy

    Styling: While both are atractive, the Envoy wins hands down here.

    My pick? Have to go with the Explorer for more room?cargo, better ergonomics, opt V8 (I tow) and options like the infra-red reverse sensing system, (every SUV should have this) and the AdvanceTrac traction/stability system
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    My GMC dealer said that the EXT version will not be out until next model year 2003. He also said the 3rd row seat may be out this fall/winter, but probably not untill 2003. He also said to expect it to be very cramped back there and you will loose most of your rear cargo area. The seat will only allow for one row of grocery bags, if that, and forget about a thick suitcase. I hope it will at least fold down, or if they get really brave, have the whole seat drop into the floor, like a couple of imports I have seen. He also said that the EXT version will have the same 3rd row seat position but the rear cargo area will be the same as the 2 row seating that is currently in production. 3rd row seat is only good for kids, no adults due to the floor to seat level, and they say that's only good to 5-6 years old. I have not stopped to pick the brain of the Chevy dealer near me, but have seen as many as 10 on the lot at once. My GMC dealer has had a steady stream of them coming in for about 3-4 weeks now.

    I live in the Detroit metro area in Michigan if it helps any of you. If you live in the area and want to check out a GMC Envoy, call Jody Smith at 1-734-282-1010, at Southgate Pontiac/GMC, he sold me my Yukon XL, and tell him John M. with the Indigo Blue 3/4 ton Yukon XL sent you. Very good salesman!
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    I had nearly the same impression as David in #164 (above) when I compared the 2002 Envoy and the 2002 Explorer. My mind was almost made up before going to the dealerships...I wanted the Envoy to win. All of the information that I had gathered and my GM Card Rebate had me going for the Envoy. However, my first disappointment was that the engine didn't have the power that I expected and it was loud!

    The front passenger and rear seating is uncomfortable (to narrow in the footwell areas). The A-pillars create a huge blind-spot and the wind noise coming from them is the worst of any vehicle that I can recall. I did think that the driver seat was very comfortable and the controls are logical.

    The Explorer is still missing several items that I could get on the Envoy (for less money). However, it's a pleasure to ride and drive. It's rear hatch, seating areas, and under floor storage is far superior to the Envoy.

    I guess that I'll just keep my GM Card rebate for a few more years. I'll also order a 2002 Explorer when the V-8 and stability control is available. I hope that both vehicles do well, but the Envoy has to much against it for me to purchase.
  • suprised to here you think it is so loud and slow, all the reviews I have read have been great. Did you try a trailblazer? these vehicles are actually differnt between them, you might want to give it a try, the olds bravad might have more insulation too.
  • bkjohnsonbkjohnson Posts: 17
    The dealer near me (Apply Chevy in Midlothian, Illinois) has approximately 27 Trailblazers ranging in price from $35 to $33. My husband is very impressed with them, however, I think the price is rather high. For $35, I could get a Tahoe. I just don't know that they're worth the price. Any opinions?

    I will admit, they are sharp!
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