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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • zeenzeen Posts: 390
    Overall we love the Envoy. It's smooth and powerful. Loaded it up this past weekend with 3 bikes and a bunch of junk and it handled it all quite well.
    It has, however, been to the dealer a few times. It needed a new front shock and alignment. The dealer could not fix the brake light molding problem. It lifted up again.
    The rattle in the headliner also could not be fixed so I did it myself by removing the compartments and stuffing foam up in the roof and around the wires. There is a TSB on this but the dealers don't know it yet.
    The center console latch issue is also not fixable as of yet.
    Side rear doors have alignment problems that they are still working on.
    High revving of engine when cold is programmed and is not a defect. My BMW does the same thing. You will appreciate that in the winter as the heat will be available sooner.
    All that being said, it's a great vehicle.
    GMC called me in response to a survey I completed noting some of these issues. They seemed concerned and interested in knowing whether they were getting resolved.
  • djmurfdjmurf Posts: 6
    I ordered a sage green Envoy this weekend with an oak interior. The dealer checked and found four sage green Envoys in California, but none with oak interiors. Easiest transaction I have ever experienced. Purchased at dealer invoice. Having all of the information this site provides made negotiation a breeze. Thanks to everyone for sharing their information and experiences.
  • allenrallenr Posts: 83

    How do you get the door lights out? Do they pop out or is there something you have to remove?


  • imototoimototo Posts: 22
    Hey, guys, for those of us new to this group, could someone say what a TSB is? And, I've seen mention of dealing with the GM regional does one find that person if they run into problems? Apologies if these are dumb questions. Still waiting to take delivery of my new Bravada....starting to get excited.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,915
    Hi imototo, we've all been there :-). Welcome to Town Hall. Someone else should hop in with the skinny on the GM reps.

    You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

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  • jw4gmjw4gm Posts: 27
    Picked up my Envoy Monday. I want running boards and have the number 12497885 from previous posts. I'm ready to order from as directed, but have a couple of last concerns. I'd like to hear from someone who has actually gone this route, are there two per box? are they factory equipment? are they difficult to mount? Please tell me they are like the ones mounted by GM......thanks...
  • fltrsei2fltrsei2 Posts: 9
    My wifes Envoy with air shocks noticably sags in the rear after sitting for a day or longer. After starting, the suspension inflates and rises at least 5 inches. Is this a normal characteristic of these vehicles or does she have a leak? There is nothing in the the owners manual to confirm this. I would appreciate all opinions.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    I have ordered them from GMParts Direct. They are Flow Chevy. They are located in Winston-Salem, NC. Everything was handled first rate. They come in a set of 2 and have the bolts. took 1.5 hours to install. Good Luck. BTW they are factory and fit TB and Envoys according to the paperwork. They are black.
  • babramsbabrams Posts: 8
    Can anyone tell me if their running board compensation came from the dealer level or from GM. GM is telling me "no can do".

    Thanks. . .
  • zeenzeen Posts: 390
    Allenr: I didn't have any door light problems. Do you mean dome light? I don't have any dome lights in the middle of the headliner. I only have 2 storage compartments in the headliner including the one with the garage door buttons. I have no sunroof.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    In case anyone is wondering the part #s for mudflaps is/are Rear Molded Splash Guards 12497608 GUARD PKG 1 $20.30 plus shipping of 9.95 and the rear is Front Molded Splash Guards 12497609 Same price as the rear and as a second shipping item they charge 4.95. And there is no tax because I am out of state. Total cost is around $55.00. I installed the running boards hoping that it would stop rocks from hitting the rear wheel well, but alas, it can still do this. So the final solution is mudflaps. Gravel roads are killers on the paint! Oh, this is at GMParts Direct.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    All my gauges died today!.. Yesterday they reprogrammed the computer that controls this and today after I had driven about 20 miles, ran an errand and then restarted none of the gauges worked. No speedo, tach, odometer or the others. Happened to be across the street from the dealer and brought it in. The mechanic checked the codes and says it is the "Body Module". They have ordered one and they think this will fix it....., checks in the mail etc... They checked the parts database and there are only 5 of these available in the US. It should be in Monday. We'll keep you informed.
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    A number of owners on this board have logged complaints about the moulding around the 3rd taillight lifting off. Is this an Envoy issue only? I have a TB and the 3rd light doesn't have a moulding around it. There is the top body color painted piece (the width of the tailgate) that mounts to the tailgate and the 3rd light is inset to that piece. I vaguely remember seeing a black part, the width of the 3rd light, mounted to the 3rd light months ago...perhaps that was Envoys I was looking at.

    I am mentioning this because I wonder if there has been a slight design change in the 3rd light. My TB was built in June.
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    flyguy: Do have to drill holes to mount these? Are they black or body color? Got any digital pictures you can send with them installed?
  • channel79channel79 Posts: 1
    Have yet to completely understand the ECAS system, but it clearly does not settle five inches. I checked its rise upon startup and found the following: Measured at the trailer hitch receiver the truck rose 7/8" upon initial startup. The truck had sat only about an hour prior to test, but appeared the same as the "overnight" settling. Mine appears to inflate at startup, then lets some air out and reinflates four minutes later. I have not been able to tell the cycle time after the first one. I too am not certain that there are not leaks. Climbing underneath didn't help much, I couldn't even find prospective fitting to tighten. The compressor is obvious, but airlines and sensors escaped me.
  • fltrsei2fltrsei2 Posts: 9
    I'm going to contact the dealer tomorrow and have them give an opinion after they look at it. I think there is a problem. The post about the failed air bladder that trashed the suspension scares me. Although his occured at highway speed, I'm guessing that if the air shocks are deflated then there might be other suspension components being stressed out of their design specifications. Also if there is a small leak then the compressor is being cycled more, possibly in excess of the typical periodic operation, therefore shortening it lifespan. New vehicle bugs can drive one crazy!
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    Just put the order in. Don't know when I'll get them. I'll get a Pic up when I have them.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    My Envoy arrived at the dealer late today and I pick it up tomorrow. Can't wait. Ordered May 16th, Built June 23rd, shipped July 3rd and delivered July 19th. Indigo Blue with Med. Pewter Leather. 4WD SLT with 1SH, Moonroof & running boards. Will give an initial report this weekend.
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