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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • They moved my office about a year and a half ago and I am only 3 miles from work now. I am lucky to put 6k a year on the TB, should last a long time. I just replaced my tires with uniroyal laredo Cross country, I read some good reviews on them and they were $112 a piece at BJ's wholesale Club including everything. Rides much better.
  • Does anyone know where I can find the build sheet for my 05 trailblazer? It's usually under the back seat, but I can't find it.
  • I would like to install a temperature gauge to tell me the outside temp. on my 05 trailblazer. any thoughts on how.
  • One idea: either Kmart or Walmart sells a digital temp gauge with a 10-foot lead to the external sensor. You could stick on the dash and run the lead through the firewall. To get a reasonable reading I think the sensor will need to be as far forward as you can get it so it won't pick up engine/radiator heat. Anyone know where GM puts their sensor?
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    RPO Codes are located inside the glove box on a sticker. The paint code will also be there. You can give your VIN to the GM parts or service dept and they can print a no cost complete build sheet.
  • It's a tiny little clip on guage attached to the driver's side of the radiator housing. It is just behind the grill. A pretty cheap and simple fix.
  • I am going to be changing my spark plugs in a few days. I have good info on changing them, but I cannot find recommendations on changing plug wires. I've actually read that you do not need to change them on some websites. What's the scoop? :confuse:

    I have a 2002 Envoy w/ 102k miles

  • 2004 GMC Envoy with standard equipment wiper system. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if there is a known problem. Sometimes the windshield wipers work, other times they don't. Sounds like an intermittent open somewhere in the wiring or the motor.
  • Plug wires only need to be changed if they are bad. They age more with time than mileage. The usual failures are cracks in the insulation and gaps in the conductive core. You should inspect them for cracks visually but internal faults can't be seen except on an analyzer at a repair shop. Most wires last well past 5 years & 150k miles.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    There was a recall on the wiper system.
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    Good news for you. There isn't any plug wires on the I-6. Each cylinder has a spark coil that sets on top of the plug eliminating the need for wires.
  • Does anyone know if an anchor for child seats is available for the 3rd row of seats on an Envoy XL? If so, where or how does a person get the part?

  • Now I suppost they will lay off my Rainier and I will have a collectors item! Should have keep the Accord or gotten the Pilot I wanted. SNOKING
  • Does anyone happen to know how to disable, disconnect, or turn down those damed seat belt chimes? They're way too loud and are driving me nuts. Thanks!
  • With your radio turned off, hold down the number 6 button until you hear the chime sound and then you can adjust the volume.
  • I tried doing a search on this but found too many responses and none of them pertained to my question. I was wondering if anyone has found a way to disable the feature on the DVD navigation that does not allow you to input information unless you are at a complete stop. My wife REALLY hates this feature and wants to disable it if at all possible.

    Also, any chance of modding and playing a DVD movie in the main dash unit?
  • ross1962ross1962 Posts: 229
    The recall 01_hoe refers to involved an opening in the wiper motor housing that allowed water to enter. Sounds like it could be your problem.
  • ross1962ross1962 Posts: 229
    I didn't see the commercial, but I haven't seen anyone use a drawing board to design anything in about 15 years. It's all CAD now.
  • I thought that was pretty funny myself until my son enrolled at a technical college this fall in technical drawing program. His first class is using pencil and paper for drawing! I Guess they want to make sure that you can do something useful when the power goes out at your first drafting job. :shades:
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 306
    That would explain the 1/2" panel gaps on my truck.....
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