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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • quarquequarque Posts: 41
    I think the model was AMV-5 or AMV-10. Do a web search for "AMV-10" and you will find many suppliers of Case Logic gear.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I am wondering about something i have 77000 miles on my t blazer I have oem shock and struts on. Besides replacing shocks and struts is there something i can do to take away from all the bumps i am feeling on the road now? If the tread on your tires is geting worn down and/or you are running over 32 lbs pressure, those things would make the ride quality harsher. Nice thick rubber tread on a set of new tires will make it smoother. Replacement HD Bilstein shocks will give you much better bounce control than the weak stock Bilsteins that came on it.
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    Mine was the regular length I-6 SLT model with the rear air suspension. It would stall when stopped at the first or second stoplight after sitting for 8+ hours. When it was about to stall, it would sometimes idle rough for a second while trying to recover. Other times it felt like the ignition just got turned off. It stalled a few times when fully warmed up too, but the majority of the time when it was still cold.

    If I recall correctly, the tailgate module was sending garbage on the data bus, which confused some of the connected computers. They replaced it but the stalling continued.

    The NTSB contacted me for information, and I think they opened an investigation. They were looking at triplets that stalled at highway speeds, with the rear air suspension.
  • jr222jr222 Posts: 15
    I just found out today that the front struts are bad on my '03 Bravada with 51,000 mis. on it. It has been bouncing quite a bit and handling a little squirrely over the last couple of months. The mechanic who looked at it told me that they shouldn't wear out so soon and suggested I take it to the dealer for warranty coverage. I've got Major Guard but haven't read the fine print but have some doubts it will cover the struts.

    If I'm replacing the struts, I may go ahead and replace the shocks as well and wonder what brands & models I should consider. I remember there have been discussions about certain Bilstein shocks that will give the truck a firmer and more predictable ride without making it too stiff or uncomfortable. I tow a boat from time to time and the soft suspension causes a lot of pitching front to back.

    Thanks for any help. JR
  • carpro3carpro3 Posts: 10
    Hi yes it sound the same. The dealer had it stall on them twice once after the clean the upper end of the engine then the GM Tech line told the to replace the ign switch then it stall after that was on a Sat. then they let it set still Monday and would not stall or on Tuesday then they call me and changed their story said they mite have hit the ign key Sat when they road test it and want me to take it back. They also said Gm Tech line had know more idea for then to try.

    How had was it to get them to buy back you Envoy? I call GM customer service they have not got back to me yet also call NHTSA and filed a complant with them.

    P.s I forgot to tell you they are also trying to tell me that my K&N air filter mite me causing the stalling I have had that filter in sines the second week after i bought the Envoy I had one in my 98 S-10 can't you belive the thing they try to tell you.

    Anymore info you can thing that mite help please let me know.
  • deanodeano Posts: 11
    Major Guard DOES cover struts. Not shocks, but struts.

    My '02 EXT just started making a metallic creaking noise as the nose dives on harder stops. Then as the nose starts rising, it makes another metallic creaking sound. It only does this occasionally and only after making a 90 degree turn. I suspect strut/strut bearing wear, but the dealer just lubed the stopper and said it's good to go. We'll see...

  • jr222jr222 Posts: 15
    I figured struts weren't covered by Major Guard, though if they are bad makes you wonder why after only 51k mis.

    I've already resigned myself to buying new ones and want something that will make the truck stiffer.
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    At least you had it stall for the dealer; my dealer could never reproduce the stall. I still give them an "A" for trying, and they always had a professional attitude. They replaced the ignition switch and throttle body too. I had no aftermarket parts except running boards and PIAA headlight bulbs.

    I've never used K&N air filters before, but I've read if there's too much oil on it, some sensors could get messed up and make the engine idle rough or stall. You may want to search the forums or K&N for that info.

    Make sure you open and get a case number from GM customer service. Also, make sure you videotape the stalling. I rode around with a camcorder for a few months until I figured out how to make it stall 50% of the time (start it cold, drive it a few hundred yards, idle in park for a minute, give it some gas for a second, then watch it stall a few seconds later). I focused on the RPM's going to zero and DIC display to show the stall. The DIC was handy when it displayed "Low oil pressure, shut off engine" or something like that.

    I don't know what year your Envoy is, but if it's still under warranty you have a good chance for a buyback either under your state's lemon laws or Magneson-Moss. Which state are you in? If you are in AZ I can refer you to the attorney I used. Aftermarket parts should not void the warranty, unless installed incorrectly or not maintained properly. The lemon law attorney may have an independent mechanic determine that. They will also need to look at all of your service records. BTW, good lemon law attorneys only accept cases they know they will win, so they should not charge you anything up front. They collect when you settle. My settlement took about 4 months. All my attorney had to do was write a demand letter, and a few months later we got a settlement offer. No inspection required, no court room drama.

    Good luck!
  • quarquequarque Posts: 41
    I had some trouble with stalling and surging on my '05 Rainier a few months after I bought it. It was intermittent but got more and more frequent. It always happened shortly after starting up (either cold or hot, but mostly hot). I took it to my dealer and they checked a whole raft of things. The fix appears to have been some type of "reprogramming" on one of the computers that deals with throttle/fuel system. They did not replace any parts at all. The problem has never returned.
  • carpro3carpro3 Posts: 10
    I wish our was that easy they update my computer at least 10 times clean the injector, throttle body and valve and replace ignition switch. Last Thursday they insisted it was fix and so we pick it up I change the air in the parking lot of the dealer to a stock filter. I took Envoy next morning headed to work needed gas stop and fuel went to start Envoy started but ran very rough for a couple then smooth out went down the street about a half mile to the drug store ran fine came out of the drug store drove about a mile and half way sitting at a light and it stall again. It restarted fine like it all was does after it stall, call GM Customer service becauce dealer was not open yet big help the were they just told me to talk it back to the dealer so I took it to back to the dealer the look on the service writer face was priceless. Now it sits at the dealer their drive with their computer on it see if it will stall. I think it time to consult attorney and see what the next step is.
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    I forgot to mention several software updates didn't help.

    I'm surprised the dealer hasn't hooked up a data recorder to your Envoy. It's like a flight data recorder on an airplane, but monitors all the data and traffic going on in the Envoy between the various computers. There is a button you push when an "event" happens, so it saves a snapshot of the data from 30 seconds before to 30 seconds after you push the button. They should be able to diagnose what's going on by analyzing the data.

    After I had the data recorder installed, I drove home (uneventful), and parked it overnight in the garage. The next morning the battery was dead, because the data recorder drained the battery. I called a tow truck for a jumpstart, drove back to the dealer (uneventful again), and had them take the thing out. After that I called my lemon law attorney.
  • carpro3carpro3 Posts: 10
    The two times it stall on them they didn't have the data recorder now evertime they have the data recorder on the Envoy it has not stall. I Think it time for be to talk to a lemon law attorney and see if he think I have a good buyback case.

    Thanks for all the help I will let yopu know and new information.
  • nuyorkahnuyorkah Posts: 100
    2003 Bravada has shocks Front & Rear, not struts.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I had been wondering when someone would finally point that out!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    If this is the wrong place to post, I hope someone will suggest a better place:

    My wife and I started kicking around the idea of a third vehicle for a variety of reasons that are not relevant at this point.

    When my wife's BMW X3 was in the body shop for a door ding that turned out to be two week days a weekend and one more week day, the body shop and insurance company provided her with a "free" rental. The rental was a vanilla 2006 4WD Chevy Trailblazer with what must be pretty much the lowest level of options you would ever expect to find on such a vehicle.

    While it could not hide its truck underpinnings (apparently), the vehicle was pretty nice, more car-like than we would have ever imagined and, well, it WAS an American machine and we simply felt it would probably be a very good bargain.

    The media is full of this that and the other deals currently -- so, I went to the web site and configured a very highly equipped Trailblazer SS -- then the web site says "search local dealer inventories for something remotely close to your configured vehicle."

    Other than color, there seemed to be several to choose from, so I went with the one that would be an OK color (Black with Ebony leather.)

    Let me say, I had no expectations other than one of my co-workers and one of my neighbors recent experiences which led me to believe a 5% discount was not uncommon and that discounts and rebates and deals and and and meant 15% off MSRP for a current model year version are not rare.

    The MSRP of this car was $$39,810 including shipping. The current "deal" is -$1,000 rebate.

    In ROUND numbers as close to the real numbers as will make sense on this blog here is the response I got within 24 hours:

    "We are pleased to inform you that the 2006 Black SS Trailblazer, VIN# XXXXXXXXXXX, is still available. Prior to Chevrolet's adjustment, it had a MSRP of $42,350.

    Your special GM Certified Special Sale Price is $38,097.03, plus tax and fees."

    The vehicle's window sticker is on the Internet and it is $39,810. So here is what has happened, I guess:

    The price was raised $2,540, then discounted $4,253.

    The car's window sticker was first marked up 6% then discounted off of that price 10%.

    You know, if they would've come back with a $-1,000 rebate "take it or leave it" OFF of the $39,810, I think I would have felt LESS, somehow, like something smelled.

    Now, however, this is a 10% discount but off of a car that has first been marked up 6%.

    I guess the game is played this way -- I guess I now counter with what $36,023 (15% off) and see how it plays?

    My wife and I are spoiled, or dazed and confused (both are likely) after dealing with Audi and BMW since 1977.

    For some reason, this strikes me as having a reasonably high "crap quotient" with this Chevy dealer (not necessarily that it is THE dealer who is making it up as she goes along -- although that thought has crossed my mind.)

    I don't even know if I want to do this now, but I am willing to listen to the replies from y'all.

    And, thanks! :shades:
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    This can be easy. :shades:

    TMV it, cross check the number with others in Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy/Olds Bravada: Prices Paid & Buying Experience, get quotes from dealers via the page and focus only on the out the door price.

    Shouldn't take more than two hours, tops. :D

    Here's a role model: Edmunds Buys a Miata MX-5

    Steve, Host
  • nuyorkahnuyorkah Posts: 100
    Just incase you didn't know a Trailblazer SS is a performance vehicle and will drive nothing like the Trailblazer you rented. Firmer ride and much faster. :)
  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    I am in Texas and have checked Ebay, found ONE. Checked Trader Online, within 300 miles of me, found ONE and it was '06 brand new. Any other car sites out there I can search?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    There's a "Find local cars for sale" link on the main page that's affiliated with AutoTrader. Click on the Edmunds tab at the top right of this page for an easy shortcut. Good luck!

    Steve, Host
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